10 Commandments of Successful Move with Moovick

Moving is always stressful but we are here to help.

To ensure a happy moving experience, please follow 10 simple tips:

  • Clear communication
    Smooth moving is the result of mutual transparency and clear communication. Mover calculates the price/hours according to the request generated by clients, so please make sure no last-minute surprises. Extra items can bring extra costs (prices mentioned below).

  • Time change
    Any change of date and time is only possible with the consent of both parties (service provider & client) at least one week in advance of the originally planned date of the move.

  • Parking
    It is the responsibility of the client to ensure and clearly communicate the parking possibilities in the departure and arrival areas for the service provider. The parking charges, if applicable, need to be borne by the client.

  • Packing & packaging
    -  Before the service provider comes, things have to be packed. Waiting time = working time.
    -  Packaging is the client's responsibility unless a packing service is ordered too. - Mover/helpers have no responsibility for scratches or breakage of fragile items if not packed properly.
    -  Loose items have to be bundled together tightly and securely in the box. It will save time and secure the safety of goods.


  • Loading & unloading services
    -  Even if the client order a loading/unloading service, it's the responsibility of the client to stay next to the service provider/helper to make sure that things are handled properly. Any damages must be reported instantly to the movers and the LP support team with relevant evidence.
    -  Keep in mind that for long-distance moves, if clients do not order loading/unloading services, 1/2 hour of loading time and 1/2 hour of unloading time is considered. In case, the service provider has to wait for you longer to load/unload, the service provider needs to be timely informed and reimbursed as per the hourly charges of the service provider.
    -  When the client book a service provider without a helper, it is considered that the client will help the service provider with loading/unloading.


  • Lift
    Make sure that lifts are big enough to fit the furniture. If some furniture parts are too big and have to be taken by stairs, it needs to be recorded in the order sheet clearly.


  • Extras
    -  While packing if clients realize that there is more stuff than initially communicated, it needs to be informed to Moovick immediately. We can assist with an additional booking for the extra luggage (not guaranteed on short notice though).
    -  While moving, if clients see that time is running out, no worries, talk with the service provider and agree on additional compensation or reach out to LP to make another booking. If the task requires an extension, please request the extra charges by visiting your user account IN PROGRESS > EXTEND. Any payments made outside of the platform, in form of cash or in kind, will be unaccounted and our support team will not be responsible for any kind of conflict resolution in such cases. 


  • Accompanying service provider
    Some service providers have passenger insurance and some do not, so you may or may not be allowed to drive along. Discuss the details with the service provider in advance as it cannot be a reason for the cancellation of the delivery service thereafter.
Standard charges for Extra items (per unit)


It's not guaranteed that your extra items will fit in the vehicle. However, whatever fits goes.

Have a move, project or a task in mind?

Contact Moovick team to sort it out
Contact Moovick team to sort it out

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