Things to buy from Europe for India this Diwali!

Things to buy from Europe for India this Diwali!


10 February 2021 5 min read
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The festive season of Diwali begins soon and it’s time to send some gifts to your loved ones in India! Here are a few things to buy from Europe for India, this Diwali and also how to ship them easily at half the usual delivery rates:

1. Shrewsbury Cookies: Shrewsbury cookies might be a globalized product, available almost everywhere. But they have a different value and feeling attached to it, when they are sent as sweets for Diwali, and shipped directly from their hometown of Shrewsbury in England.

2. Varieties of cheese, right from France: Indians love to have some paneer dishes (aka cottage cheese) during most festive seasons. But that doesn’t mean they won’t love some more varieties of French cheese, diced over their meal of Paneer Tikka Masala! There are many varieties of cheese, cultured in France:

Roquefort: The finest blue cheese in the world, made from sheep milk in Southern France.

Brie: Soft cheese, made from cow’s milk. Originates from the Brie region in France.

Camembert: Who doesn’t like creamy, flowing cheese! Made from cow’s milk, Camembert tastes similar to Brie cheese.

There are numerous varieties of cheese in France and it would take multiple articles to talk about them all. But these are some of the popular ones and if you are interested to learn more about them, this complete guide to French cheeses would be a good starting point.

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3. Gift them a piece of Latvian Art: Amber Jewellery: Imagine how cool it would be to don a piece of Latvian jewellery on ethnic Indian wear, combining the best of the East and the West! Latvia accounts for 80% of the world’s amber supply, which is rightly called ‘Baltic gold’ over there (since Latvia lies beside the Baltic sea). Amber jewellery is famous in Latvia, and it would definitely serve as a special gift during the Diwali season.

4. Mittens & Winter Wear: Before you ask, “Are you telling me that India is getting colder?”, allow us to mention that Indians love to travel a lot, either abroad or even within the country itself. And when they travel to Europe, North America, or even the northern part of India itself, they would love to have some winter wear in their collection. Not to mention they would remember you for gifting some warmth at a cold place (no pun or metaphors intended, literally). :)

How to ship these gifts easily at an affordable price?

By now you are already familiar with the list of things to buy from Europe for India. Provided the travel restrictions remain eased during Diwali, expect a rise in the number of travellers from various European countries to India.

Using a crowdshipping platform like Moovick, you can easily get your gifts delivered via these travelers. Of course, at rates up to 50% cheaper than traditional courier services as we promised!

Skeptical about handing over your parcel to a traveller or want to learn more about crowdshipping?

So, don’t just wish your loved ones a Happy Diwali, send them some love with Moovick! 

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