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We focus on making deliveries fast and affordable. To be able to build our crowd shipping community stronger, we are looking for partnership with companies from all sectors
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We believe in trusted partnership with full integrity

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We are a trust based platform founded on pillars of honesty

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We have a proven track record of being reliable for our existing partners

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At Omio we take a unique approach to travel. Our pioneering platform allows you to find the fastest, cheapest and best travel options by train, bus and flight to thousands of cities, towns and villages across Europe, the United States and Canada. That translates into savings—on money and time—for you!


Noah Mobility

Traditional relocation services for global talent are becoming more and more outdated as speed, flexibility and real-time analytics become a necessity for a successful transfer. Our answer: Noah Mobility, the innovative and easy-to-use platform for all stakeholders involved in the relocation process.


Stuttgart Expats


Indians in Germany (IG)

Indians in Germany (IG) is a digital platform that connects Indian expats and people who love Indian culture in Germany through smartphone IG App (Android and iOS). You can easily find and connect to like-minded people. As a one-stop solution, IG platform provides various features like Forum, Events, News, FAQs, Jobs and IG Wikipedia where users can push information in IG database on their own.

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