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How does Moovick work?

Once you register as a service provider on our platform, your offer will be open and everyone can see it. When someone needs your service, they can send you a message through our platform (here you will receive an EMAIL/SMS/WhatsApp notification). You can discuss all details with them through the platform messenger and decide wether you want to take the order, or not. When you and the client agree, clients can book you directly through the platform by pressing "BOOK NOW". Here the system will calculate your service reward based on the prices you set in your listing OR you can say a special/fix price of the order to the client which he can implement while creating an order for you.

Once you accept the offer, you will receive an Email with the phone number and Email of the client. And that's it ! It's a very simple process. Please remember, all bookings are made only through the platform, not personally, because in case if there is any problem, then our support team can help to resolve it.

How do I find tasks?

First of all, create an account, verify phone number and update profile with important information along with a profile picture, a short introduction about yourself, and bank details for receiving payments. Then click on Register Service to provide details of your service and post your listing.

Once you register your listing, please visit our Find Task page to check all open tasks in your region and send offer to the clients.

Is the platform free of charge?

If is free to resister yourself as a service provider on Moovick , find tasks, contact with clients and send offers to the clients through Moovick platform and app. We charge only 15% on every order you successfully get through Moovick. For example, if you send an offer to a client for 100€ for a task, you receive 85€ in the end. You always see all your final earnings when you make an offer through Moovick app or the platform and can adjust your offer accordingly. We do the invoices for the clients. So you don’t have to worry about it. We want you to just focus on completing the order. After the service is delivered by you, you receive an invoice from Moovick and it will be mentioned there, how much you earned for your service. So everything is legal and as per laws.

How much I can earn and how do I get paid?

Your earnings depend on the offer you send to the potential clients through Moovick app and web platform. Clients can also book you directly by searching your listing on Moovick, and pay as per the prices you set in your listing. You can decide to receive your money in cash directly from the clients or through Moovick (via bank transfer in 3-5 working days after service completion). You will be able to select this option while sending an offer to the client.

Which services can I provide?

There is a wide range of services that clients look for on Moovick: moving and handyman services. It's best to provide the services that you are confident and skilled in.

Detailed information you can find here.

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Why choose us?

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Set your own Prices

You can choose your own pricing model and add a minimum order value to the services you provide and get paid directly through our secure payment method
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Flexible Work Hours

You decide when you want to work and how much. Create a flexible work schedule that suits you best
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Grow your Business

We help you connect with clients in your area and take care of your marketing and other needs so that you can focus on your work

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Our community of service providers

Our community of service providers

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active clients
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Working at several jobs through Moovick has given me a wide range of experiences. My favourite aspect about Moovick is their messaging app, which allows me to communicate with clients and truly understand my tasks, allowing me to do better preparation for the job ahead of time.
Get access to hundreds of jobs like a mover - 9
We work as movers team on Moovick and we are extremely satisfied with the jobs. The easiness of the website always helped us being organised and, last but not least, the friendly and active help centre. We can always rely on them whenever we need them.
Get access to hundreds of jobs like a mover - 10
I liked how Moovick is such a safe and secure platform for finding jobs because they verify all the clients and service providers, ensuring that I can trust the client I'll be working for. I've been working as a Mover/Handyman, and the jobs I've found via Moovick have always been fascinating because I get to meet new and interesting people.
Get access to hundreds of jobs like a mover - 11
Working as a handyman I'm pretty impressed about how helpful and transparent Moovick website is! Their team has every answer to a question a handyman might have in a very simple manner. If I had any queries, the help centre was very quick to solve them. It's a platform that treats you as family.
Get access to hundreds of jobs like a mover - 12
Moovick has made our jobs easier by supporting us in connecting with expat clients who we could not get an access to without a big marketing budget. We can now truely focus on our business.
Get access to hundreds of jobs like a mover - 13
Moovick is one of the finest platforms that we came across the internet because of the support team's constant availability and customer-friendly user interface. It's great for getting jobs quickly and spontaneously, often the same day! Our young start-up chose Moovick because of its maximum flexibility and modern look.
Get access to hundreds of jobs like a mover - 14
Moovick is a fantastic platform for supplementing our income by connecting us with clients in our area. As a gardener, it was never easy to find work in my area, but Moovick has solved that problem for me. Moovick doesn’t only looks after its customers, but also after its service providers.

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