What is a Studio Apartment and a 1-room apartment?

What is a Studio Apartment and a 1-room apartment?


03 January 2023 5 min read
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Generally, studio apartments are about 600 square feet but can be as tiny as 300 square feet. The smaller the room, the more imaginative you'll become in storage and finding space for everything. There are many interior design ideas for studio apartments, but many of them look similar.

What is a Studio Apartment?


A studio apartment design is a one-room apartment with a combination of living and sleeping areas but no walls to separate the living room and bedroom section. In short, a studio apartment is an open space with a living room and a bedroom. Plus, its sizes vary since a studio apartment has no size requirements.


A 1-bedroom apartment contains a single bedroom and a separate living area. The bedroom will be walled off and include its own space. A 1-bedroom apartment, of course, has a kitchen, a living room, and a separate bathroom. The square footage of a 1-bedroom apartment is often more extensive than that of a studio apartment. People who work from home may prefer working in a space that isn't the bedroom by default. However, because 1-bedroom apartments have higher rents and need more furniture, there may be better options for someone just starting. Some tenants may choose a larger studio with more living space over a small 1-bedroom — a reflection of personal taste.

Difference between a studio and a 1-bedroom apartment

The primary distinction between a 1-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment is that 1-bedrooms feature a separate bedroom with a door. A separate bedroom offers benefits, especially if you share an apartment with someone. 1-bedroom apartments often include a separate kitchen, unlike studio flats, which have everything in one communal space. You will also most likely have additional closet space. The bathroom in some 1-bedroom flats is attached to the bedroom, which gives extra privacy. 


The arrangement of a micro-apartment is similar to that of a studio apartment, and it contains a kitchen with full-size appliances. The other difference is that a micro apartment is smaller than a studio apartment. 

A micro apartment is approximately 100-400 square feet in size. 300-square-foot micro-apartments will have around 60 square feet of kitchen space and about 30 square feet of bathroom space. That leaves only 210 square feet of living space, roughly the size of a one-car garage.


Some individuals are content with a studio apartment, while others can't live without a separate bedroom. The most essential thing is to look at various studio and 1-bedroom apartments to discover one that is a good fit for you. Take into account all the deciding criteria. You'll spend more rent for a 1-bedroom than a studio, and you'll probably need more furnishings because you'll have more space to fill. However, if having a separate sleeping place is crucial to you, a 1-bedroom apartment may be worth it.

Studio Apartment – best variant for student

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Studio apartments are common among students because they serve as a study, living room, and bedroom space. We must mention that choosing the type of student studio apartment depends on a student's lifestyle. You may require an entertainer's space if you enjoy having friends around for potluck dinners, watching a favorite TV show, or sampling wine at happy hour. 


Also, the big plus of a studio apartment is that it is much cheaper than renting a 1 room apartment. If you want to study in Germany for one or more years, finding adequate lodging is one of the most significant components of your transfer. Your student studio apartment in Germany should be relatively inexpensive. It must also be as close to your institution and the city's main amenities as feasible and preferably have everything you need to stay in Germany as a student.


The Best Sites to Search Studios in Germany


The cost of living in Germany is more affordable when compared to other European countries. However, even a tiny amount of money may make a big difference for students. In this sense, the location you choose to live in significantly impacts your monthly expenditures, so consider this when deciding where to live. 


If you opt to stay in Munich, saving money may be like pushing a rope since Munich is Germany's most expensive city, and the cost of living is relatively high. Berlin studio apartments for rent are more expensive than many other cities. Whichever is the case, it is essential you know sites where to find the best studio apartments. Here, we will show you the top websites in Germany for renting studios and rooms for the long term.

Kleinanzeigen has several offerings, ranging from apartments, studios, and automobiles to employment and other services. It is the German equivalent of Craigslist or Gumtree. Listings on eBay-Kleinanzeigen.de are from landlords and existing renters rather than experienced brokers. For example, if you rent a studio, you must purchase furnishings because most arrive empty. You may utilize eBay-Kleinanzeigen.de to get some low-cost furnishings; there are lots to pick from.

WG-Gesucht features the most appealing and user-friendly layout, making it simple to view the apartment, the price, the amount of time it's been online, the address, availability, information, and high-quality photos. However, many flats are rented short-term due to the primary renter's absence. Students and young people typically opt to share an apartment. The complete website is now available in English.

Meinestadt.de is comparable to the eBay system, where you may locate jobs, vehicles, events, and, perhaps, a partner in addition to real estate and rents. It's a much smaller rental portal than the others we've discussed, but it offers a respectable amount of listings. Furthermore, Meinestadt.de has around 15 million active monthly users so it may be worth your attention.

The following site on our list is ImmobilienScout24.de. It is by far Germany's most popular and largest apartment search platform. Twelve million individuals use the website monthly to discover their future studios. The basic account is free, allowing you to browse the listings and contact the landlords. Some functions, however, are only available with a premium membership. A premium account will enable you to establish a user profile and contribute information essential to landlords. If you do this, you will have a better chance of getting an apartment. Some apartments are exclusively visible to VIP customers; therefore, you can only see them if you pay. The cost of the premium account is determined by the length of time you have joined it, but the minimum is two months, and it costs 30 EUR each month.


This site has many studio apartments, private rooms, and shared rooms. Here, you can sort by price or the most recommended place to rent. The studios' price starts from € 790 to €5550, depending on how luxurious it is.



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1. What is the main difference in layout between a studio apartment and a 1-bedroom apartment?

The main difference is the presence of a separate bedroom. A studio apartment combines a living room, bedroom, and kitchen in the open, while a 1-bedroom apartment has all these except that the bedroom is in another space.


2. Which is bigger — a studio apartment or a 1-bedroom apartment?

Generally, 1-bedroom apartments offer more space than studio apartments, making them more considerable.


3. Can Studio Apartments be recommended for students?

Sure. It can also be recommended for couples, depending on their lifestyle. 


4. Which is more affordable?

Generally, studio apartments are more affordable, except that they are smaller. Their prices also differ depending on the location, amenities, and overall quality. 


5. Which is better for entertaining?

A 1-bedroom apartment with a separate living area offers guests more space and easier hosting. However, some spacious studios with clever furniture arrangements can also work for small gatherings.

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