Need a Travel Buddy? Your Search Ends HERE!

Need a Travel Buddy? Your Search Ends HERE!


09 October 2021 5 min read
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Need a Travel Buddy? Your Search Ends HERE!

Visiting a foreign country with a language that’s different from yours can be intimidating. Chances are, you might need a travel buddy to guide you through the place and make your life easy. So if you are looking for a travel buddy for yourself or your elderly parents, here’s how you can find one effortlessly, and without compromising on your safety:

1. Create a Moovick Account/Sign-in

The first step involves signing up onto a portal that not only specializes in finding you a travel buddy but also assures your safety, And Moovick is once such portal.

           “Oof, are you telling me I’ve to fill up a form and sign up onto a website?”

If you just thought this, then we have the Sign-up using Google & Facebook buttons to your rescue! Simply create your account on Moovick’s Sign up page or login here if you already have an account. And boom, we are done with the boring part!

2. Find Your Travel Buddy!

Let’s say you are travelling to Berlin from Mumbai, then you need to search for travellers who are going to Berlin, on the same day as you. Click on “Book traveler” under the “I’m sender” tab or simply click here.

You will see the list of all travellers. Filter out the ones travelling to your location using the input fields on the top. For our example, we are looking for people who are travelling from India (Mumbai) to Germany (Berlin). Ta daa, we already have a list of people who we intend to contact.

Since we need a travel buddy, we shall specifically look for people with the following badge that reads ‘Travel Companion’. You can also see the ratings/reviews, by other users, on their profile.


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Click on a link that reads ‘Travel Info’, on the right of their profile, for more details. You can now go through their pricings and comments, to understand more about the services they offer and special notes about their travel. If the traveller seems apt as per your plans, click on ‘Book Now’ head over to the next step.

3. Send a Request & Explain Your Requirements...

Communication is the key, not just to success but also to a happy journey and beginning of a new friendship. So explain all the details about your assistance thoroughly, which will increase your chances of getting accepted.

Done writing the details? Reserve the required fee; Don’t worry, you won’t be charged yet. Your money will be stored in a safe escrow till your request is accepted and fulfilled (i.e. after the journey is completed) by your potential travel buddy.

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In case the request is denied or remains unaccepted for the next 24 hours, the reserved amount will be ‘un-freezed’ and returned back to you. The same is applicable in case the request remains unaccepted before/during your travel time.

4. Speak With the Traveller & Confirm Your Booking!

You will receive the contact details of the traveler on your email after they accept your booking (and they receive your contact details too). Speak to them directly, clarify all the details and confirm your booking.

The fifth step? Enjoy your journey and make a new friend! Also, if you are looking to earn some extra bucks on your journey, here’s how to earn money while traveling.

Thank you for choosing Moovick. Wish you a happy & safe journey!

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