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Things to know before moving to Austria
  • Stable economy: Austria is known for its stable economy, making it an attractive destination for those looking for financial security.
  • Low crime rates: Austria is a safe country with low crime rates, giving residents peace of mind.
  • High salaries: The average salary in Austria is high, making it a good option for those seeking higher earning potential.
  • Education opportunities: The country offers excellent education opportunities, including prestigious universities and colleges.
  • Ideal for pensioners: Austria is a popular destination for wealthy pensioners due to its high standard of living, stunning scenery and cultural offerings.
  • Development potential: The country offers a range of opportunities for personal and professional growth, making it an ideal destination for visitors.
Peoples: Netherlands vs Austria

Austrians enjoy artistic talents such as music and craftsmanship and value deep and meaningful conversation over small talk. They tend to be conservative in nature and prefer to maintain moderation in their behavior. Being friendly is greatly valued in Austria.

The Dutch are usually very open, friendly and welcoming. In the Netherlands, only parents and children live together. As a rule, they do not live with grandparents, aunts and uncles. During meals, Dutch families usually share their day's adventures.

Cost of living in Amsterdam compared to Vienna

The cost of living in Austria - and especially in big cities like Vienna - can be quite high. In fact, a 2020 study found that Vienna was the 21st most expensive city in the world. It is especially difficult to find affordable housing; in fact, more than 60% of Vienna's residents live in subsidized housing for this very reason. The result for expats living in Austria is that many employers offer salaries high enough to offset the high cost of living.

Difference between living in the Netherlands vs Austria

Both EU countries are incomparably beautiful, wealthy and stable, and both are worth moving to. The average cost of living in Austria ($1,550) is cheaper than in the Netherlands ($1,800).

How difficult is it for an EU Citizen to move to Austria?

EU citizens do not need a visa and have the right to reside in Austria for three months. This right exists independently of any economic activity. EU citizens who under EU law have the right to reside in Austria for more than three months are required to notify the settlement authority if they stay in Austria for more than three months.

Pros and Cons of moving to Austria

Pros of moving to Austria:

  • There are almost no traffic jams in Austrian cities, the maximum lost time is a few extra minutes at a traffic light.
  • Cyclists will appreciate the abundance of bike paths.
  • The ecology of the country is considered good, you can drink water straight from the tap.
  • Indigenous Austrians are courteous and friendly, prefer a measured lifestyle, as a sign of a good upbringing. 
  • Medical care in Austria is one of the highest quality in the world in many respects. Here, annual health spending exceeds 10% of GDP. Almost all residents have health insurance. In addition to compulsory insurance, you can purchase private insurance.
  • Higher education is considered one of the best in Europe.

Cons of moving to Austria:

  • As in many EU countries, dissatisfaction with the migration wave that has flooded Europe is still slowly growing in Austria.
  • Outwardly, the Austrians are friendly and smiling, but in fact they are internally closed from others and do not want to let anyone into their personal lives. Here it is not customary to share the innermost and discuss personal issues, raising such topics, you can come across a wall of misunderstanding.
  • Compulsory medical insurance does not fully cover the treatment, you will have to pay extra. The amount of the insurance premium increases if a person has a chronic disease.
  • It is impossible to buy medicine in an Austrian pharmacy without a doctor's prescription.
Austria’s health insurance

Healthcare in Austria is completely free for people with low or no income; others must pay a small amount of social contributions to be eligible for public health insurance. For emigrants living and earning income in Austria, their contributions are deducted from their salary. 

Health insurance is compulsory in Austria. If you stay in the country for a longer period (more than six months), you are considered a resident and you will have to pay health care premiums to one of the local insurance institutions (Sozialversicherungsträger). 

There is also a private health insurance option, which has an average cost of about €220 per month. However, prices vary considerably depending on factors such as age and features included in each health plan.

Moving to Austria for study

The education system in Austria is of high quality and well-developed. Offering free general, preschool and public primary and secondary schools, the Austrian population is well-educated. Students can choose between vocational and academic schools. Uniquely, all Austrian and EU students can access Austrian public universities for free. And, surprisingly, even for non-EU students, the cost of studying at public universities is incredibly low; usually from 1000 euros to 2000 euros. Of course, this is provided that you speak German.

Moving to Austria for work

The average monthly salary in Austria ranges from 1700 to 2200 euros, depending on the city. Highly qualified specialists are valued in Austria. They have transfer programs. Foreigners are especially attracted by high salaries. Even without qualifications (cleaners, loaders, security guards, cloakroom attendants, packers, packers, etc.), you can get about 1,000 euros per month.

You can find work in Austria in giant companies (BWM, Porsche, Siemens, Red Bull) or in smaller companies. In international organizations, knowledge of English is often sufficient. But in purely Austrian, you definitely need a good conversational German.

Tax implications: difference between the Netherlands and Austria

The tax system is pay-as-you-go and payable throughout the year. Anyone who lives in Austria is liable to pay unlimited tax liabilities. Those who are homeless but work in Austria pay a limited tax liability. They are taxed only on income earned in Austria and not elsewhere.The percentage of income tax depends on salaries. The higher the income, the more you need to pay in taxes. If the income is less than 11,000 euros per year, then the citizen is exempt from paying taxes.

Quality of life in Austria

The quality of life in Austria is very high. In fact, a 2019 global survey ranked Austria second in terms of quality of life. In addition, Vienna tops the list of the world's most liveable cities for ten consecutive years. Austria also ranks high when it comes to freedom of the press, women's rights and human rights. Clean alpine air, efficient public transport, high quality healthcare and education Austria impresses its people.

Why move to Austria from the Netherlands or vice versa?

Many reasons to move to Austria from the Netherlands include the generally high standard of living, excellent transport links, and affordable child care and education. In addition, Austria ranks high in terms of satisfaction.

Moving to Austria as a retiree

Austria takes care of its citizens by actively providing financial support. Large and low-income families can receive one-time cash payments and be exempt from taxation, attend educational institutions free of charge. And pregnant women have the right to receive benefits from the company if they are employed.

Austrians retire at 65, Austrians at 60. The amount of the pension depends on the length of service, but there is also a minimum of 750 euros (even for those who have not worked). Widows and widowers of pensioners can receive a pension. There is also a disability pension.

Advices to move to Austria

Preparing for moving to Austria will take months, and sometimes even years, which can be spent usefully, such as:

  • Researching
  • Looking for a job ahead of time
  • Learning the local language, passing the exam
  • Finding those who have experience
Is moving to Austria a good idea?

Of course, it is worth moving to Austria for those to whom the mentioned negative aspects of Austrian life did not seem negative. Perhaps the condition not to make noise after 22.00 and friendship, more like a partnership, will be to someone's liking. Surely there are such expats for whom the pros far outweigh the cons. And if everything is just the opposite, and it will be difficult to come to terms with the way of Austrian life, it is worthwhile to think everything over again before deciding to move.

Are you ready to move to Austria?

If you think you are ready to move, here is a kind reminder to find good door to door moving services providing a company that will take care of your stuff while moving from the Netherlands to Austria. Moovick is one of the experienced companies to help you securely and safely pack and ship your belongings to your new home. The  company provides high quality relocation services to both individuals and families in Europe.


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