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Things to Know Before Moving from Sweden to Spain

Moving from Sweden to Spain can be an exciting adventure to change one's life. Whether you are moving because of family, personal reasons, or work, you can transition smoothly to a new country.

Many people visit Spain because it is interesting to do. With the comfortable weather and beautiful beaches, the work-life balance and increased quality of life are other gifts of staying in the country—excellent schools and quality healthcare that is free for the populace.

Read on to learn how smooth moving from Sweden to Spain can be. This article will give you all the information needed to make you and your belongings arrive safely and on time.

What Should You Consider Moving to Spain?

Spain and Sweden are EU countries, and moving between regions should be fine. You are relieved from the customs duty and tax on your personal property. Also, you do not need to submit an import declaration.

Moving from Sweden to Spain involves some crucial steps and considerations, no matter why you are transitioning. Since both countries are part of the European Union and if you are a citizen, there are still some specific requirements and procedures you still need to follow. Below is a guide and other information you need for your move:

Visa and Work Permit Requirements

As an EU citizen considering moving from Sweden to Spain, you have permission to stay for up to three months of registration. If you need to wait longer than three months, you should register with the local authorities in the country and obtain your own National Identity Number. This way, you can carry out the necessary administrative activities in your new country.

Spain has different types of visas for people looking to migrate to their country. There is the European Blue Card for highly skilled workers and a distinct blue card for investors. Hence, if you are not a European Union citizen, you must get a visa for your stay, depending on the duration and your relocation purpose.

Shipping Household Goods and Pets

You can take different options when considering a move from Sweden to Spain for shipping your household belongings. Such options include air, sea, and land. When you arrive, your belongings will go under customs clearance, and you might need to declare any restricted item in your load. To move your pets, the country requires you to submit proof of the most recent rabies vaccination, and the ones under three months who are not vaccinated cannot be allowed to enter Spain.


Finding a house is more straightforward in Spain than in Sweden. This is because there are many straightforward housing options, whether buying or renting. Although homes in major cities like Madrid and Barcelona are more expensive, they are still affordable for most. Hence, you should research the homes that suit your budget before moving.


Moving from Sweden to Spain might require opening a bank account for easy transactions in the new country. To open a bank account, you need your NIE number, passport, and proof of employment or study if you are a student. Depending on whether you open an account in a private or state-owned savings bank, various service fees are included.


The healthcare in Spain is of high quality, with an expat having access to the public healthcare system if you are registered to work there and contribute to social security. Some expats choose private healthcare because of the coverage and shorter waiting times. Hence, you should plan for your health when considering moving from Sweden to Spain internationally.

What are the requirements necessary for living in Spain?

Below are some of the requirements necessary for living in Spain:

  • Register as a resident: After exhausting your free three months in Spain, it is time to register. To do this, you must apply for the "certificate of registration for union citizens" at the closest foreigner's office or police station to you.
  • Tax: A move from Sweden to Spain means you have new tax obligations. Hence, you must seek advice from a tax advisor to ensure total compliance with Spanish tax laws.
  • Language and Cultural Integration: English is widely spoken in major parts of Spain, especially in tourist areas. However, learning Spanish can significantly increase your experience and facilitate fast integration into the country. Therefore, consider taking some language classes and understanding their culture.
How do I apply for a Spanish visa?

You need to meet some requirements to apply for a Spanish visa. Some requirements include a clean criminal record, sufficient financial funds, and an excellent health certificate. If you are a highly skilled worker, you might be issued a blue card, an indicator of a green card in the United States. If you buy a property of over 500,000 euros, the country will grant you a two-year visa, which needs renewal yearly.

The Visa costs depend significantly on your nationality and the type of visa needed. Citizens of the US and Canada have the highest visa prices, which range from 100 to 1000 euros, depending on the visa type.

Is the cost of living in Spain high?

The cost of living in Spain depends greatly on your lifestyle, expenses, and the area where you stay. If you are attracted to luxury products and houses, you will find Spain expensive compared to living like locals. Houses and other things may be costly in popular places and cities.

What are the job and career prospects in Spain?

Unfortunately, Spain has high unemployment, so there is high job competition. To worsen the matter, some regulations about employment in Spain are highly restrictive, especially if you are a non-citizen.

How is the climate in Spain?

The Northern Atlantic Coast has mild summers with a cold winter and many times of rainfall. The areas with land might have a continental climate, and the coastal areas are hot in the summer and winter.

What are the regional languages and dialects in Spain?

There are different regional languages you can learn in Spain. Examples include Catalan, Valenciano, Gallego, Vasco, Mallorquin, and Bable. Hence, depending on the area you plan to stay in, you may need to know one or two languages.

Moving from Sweden to Spain can be just exciting! It is essential to gather as much information as possible to settle comfortably. With the above information, you can make an informed decision about settling down in Spain.  

At Moovick, we connect you with international movers who will make your relocation from Sweden to Spain easy.

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