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Moovick is an all-in-one platform that provides clients with on-demand, professional Service Providers for real-time moves and home renovation tasks for their day-to-day needs.


You can solve all of your moving needs with a moving company in Germany, handymen, cleaners, painters, etc., all on one platform. Our goal is to make the moving process as easy as a slip – offering all the help you need right at your fingertips. 


We operate in cities across Germany – so whether you are moving to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, or elsewhere – Moovick has all you need to get you settled quickly in your new location!

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Our long-distance moving company will make your move easy

Are you moving long-distance or across borders? Moovick can take the stress of finding a trustworthy professional moving company for your international move to Germany off your to-do list. Our service providers have the in-depth knowledge and experience required to arrange the complexities of an international move. 

Imagine arriving at your new home, and everything is ready for you. You can arrange a global moving company and moving company in Germany right on our platform and outsource every part of your move to make the entire process easy and stress-free. 


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Moovick is an all-in-one platform that provides clients with on-demand, professional Service Providers for moves and home renovation jobs in real-time for their day-to-day needs.



3.5T Trucks

7.5T (+) Trucks

Car (Taxi / Combo)

Perfect for small boxes, airport pick ups and luggage transfer.

Van (7-17 m3)

Great for moving studio or one bedroom apartments with basic furniture items and boxes.

3.5T Truck (20-24 m3)

Best for 1-2 bedroom apartments, small homes moves and commercials goods.

7.5T (+) Trucks

Best for 2 to 3 room apartments and upto 10 standard size pallets

What we offer - relocation services

We offer various moving and relocation service packages suitable for both small and local moves, as well as support from full-service long-distance moving companies for individuals and businesses. Our service providers are packers and movers in Germany and are distributed throughout Germany – so whether you are looking for a moving company in Berlin or a van to move a few boxes in Munch – we can help!  

Our platform offers the flexibility to find help with any moving-related or home renovation project. For smaller tasks, you can search and book services yourself, or for a more significant move, let us explore for you to provide you with the best options suited to your specific needs. Because we offer various moving support and services, you can find help quickly and easily with just about any moving task. 

We Present 100% reliability from our carefully curated and verified network of service providers and moving companies in Germany. Our robust tech and customer support teams ensure seamless client experience and real-time solutions.

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Professional Private Moving Services 

We offer many types of private moving services for individuals and families, with different types of packages to suit just about any moving request. 


Our simple packages include tasks like airport pick-ups, luggage transfers, a van to move, or moving small boxes and furniture. Our drivers help you load and unload, and you can book various sizes of vehicles depending on your needs. 


For short and long-distance moves within a specific city, within Germany, or across Europe, you can book an easy relocation service with either package that suits your needs best. You can either search for the services you need or ask us to help you with your search and identify the right service providers to help with your specific requests.

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International moving, including moving to a new city, is stressful enough without needing to endlessly search for a quality professional moving company to help you, and all of your things and goods arrive without issues at your new destination. Not to mention that moving isn’t just a question of packing and moving boxes but often requires more help with home renovation projects in your new space to be able to get unpacked truly and settled. It is generally a good idea to hire a moving company. Still, it can be very tedious to find and arrange help with moving-related tasks and leave you feeling discouraged about your upcoming move rather than excited. 


So, how can you easily find a high-quality, reliable, and affordable moving company in Germany?


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Experience is the key of success and that’s what our service providers have in abundance


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cities across




Office Moving Services

Are you moving your office space to or within Germany? Our professional moving companies in Germany can make this process smooth and easy for your business. They can help you pack all furniture, goods, and office supplies and move them to your company’s new destination. Similar to our private moving services, you can either search and book the services you need yourself or let us take over this task and arrange your office moving services for you.


We also offer a unique service for businesses and corporations where we handle every aspect of the move to remove unnecessary stress for both employers and employees.

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How much does a moving company cost in Germany?

Various factors influence the prices of hiring a moving company in Germany. The specifics of the living space, including whether there are stairs or an elevator, the volume of the furniture and boxes, and the distance from the loading and unloading location, are all considered when offering a fee quote. There may be additional costs to consider, for example, the reservation of ‘no parking zones’ via the city administration to ensure the moving truck can park near the property to unload.

All of our service providers, i.e., packers and movers in Germany, set their rates per km or hour. During your booking process, you can compare the prices and profiles to identify the price range that suits you best. Either way, you can simply post a task and wait for service providers to send you an offer. You can also choose different types of support packages, which include various services, including packing and unpacking, disassembly and assembly, and additional direct support via WhatsApp.

The pricing for movers works mainly in two ways: short distance (up to 100km) and long distance (more than 100km). The price of long-distance moves is calculated differently due to additional fuel charges. Once you fill in the booking form, the system will calculate the final cost of your move as per the prices set by the movers in their listing.

To better stay on top of cost, It is encouraged to make move reservations against peak hours when the requests for packers and movers in Germany are usually high; hence, they raise prices to balance demands.

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