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Moving is much more than just packing your stuff in boxes and changing from one place to another. It's the first step into a new life, which means a lot of responsibility. Whether it's a new job, love, family, or adventure that moves you, Moovick's professional moving services guarantee you a smooth and comfortable move, the security of having a reliable partner every step of the way to eliminate all bumps and problems your way new life.

Moovick is a global moving service where you can hire everything you need for your move, all on the same platform! Starting, you can employ expert packing services to handle your packing, a complete move package that takes all, or just the moving transportation services if you have the rest covered. All packages include driver, vehicle, fuel, and taxes.

At Moovick, we focus on making the moving service fast and affordable. Just book online, and don't worry! And if there is a last-minute change of plans, you can cancel the booking and get an 80% refund if you give 48 hours notice. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the move, you will be refunded 50%.


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What kind of moving-in services do we offer?

All our moving relocation services are based on integrity, honesty, and reliability. We only work with the best partners for transport and removal. You'll find providers for house moving to lug your precious goods, instruments, art, vehicles, pets, and offices., and we provide both short and long-distance moving solutions.


At Moovick, you'll also find the home help you need. For indoor and outdoor moving-in services, such as painting, cleaning, assembly, gardening, flooring, and more, we've got you covered. It's simple! Just visit our website, post the task you need assistance with, and you'll connect with friendly and skilled professionals ready to assist you.


As a novelty, we are also launching a delivery-by-traveler service – a tremendous and sustainable idea for planes or vans by road moving services using other travelers' free space.


Read on to learn more about our house tasks and moving services packages.

Furniture moving service

Are you looking for local movers for long and short-distance furniture moves? All Moovick employees have extensive experience in office or apartment moving services and can take care of everything from start to finish, planning it step by step to make it as comfortable as possible for you.


What services can you include in the quote? The answer is everything you need! Packing, furniture pickup, unpacking, storage, car transportation, and other moving-in services, such as debris collection, junk hauling, cleaning, in-house installations, items, and artwork protection.


Find the best movers on our website and contact them directly. Fast, easy, and trustworthy!

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What is the expense of a house moving to or from Germany?

Moovick's house moving and services in Germany are 50% cheaper than traditional moving companies. On the website, you can easily see all the movers offered and contact directly with the one that best suits your needs. You will be able to know in advance the price per hour or kilometer. You will learn the characteristics of the moving vehicle and the opinions of other customers about the driver, which is always a seal of guarantee! Make your move from 40€/hour or 0.8€/km, with no hidden costs.

For the best experience for our users, Moovick also works in the other direction. If you don't find among the movers advertised one that suits your needs, post your task, your budget, and your moving conditions! And let our partners contact you to arrange the move at your convenience.

In short, planning your move to or from Germany is as easy as checking available movers or asking for a quote. As soon as you book and the service provider accepts your request, you receive a receipt for the payment. Invoice you will receive via Email as soon as your service is completed and you mark it approved. You can submit this to your employer or your tax consultant.

Local Movers and cross-country moving services

Whether you are a family moving across town or a multinational corporation moving across the country, Moovick has the expertise to deliver the most effective removal and the best transportation solution. Intra-European removals are often carried out with trucks and vans by road. Most household goods can travel as special cargo in a specially designed removal vehicle directly between the origin and destination residence, with departure and delivery dates tailored to meet your needs within the usual travel time constraints. 

For small removals, part-loads can be arranged on a shared road transport service - and by air through our Traveler Services. Air shipments are usually reserved for small 'advance' consignments of personal effects and essential items, typically collected from the origin residence last and/or required at the destination residence first. 

In any case, direct contact with the carrier gives peace of mind and the guarantee of optimum delivery of your belongings.

One app for all your moving needs

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Moving your household goods anywhere

Leave nothing behind with our home moving services! Moovick’s house moving experts will handle your household removal carefully. We understand starting a new adventure is energy expensive, so we help to avert the hurdles of selling items and repurchasing them in your new part of the world – The emotional attachment to irreplaceable objects is priceless. There will be many things you don't want to get rid of, such as a book with a beautiful dedication, your childhood memories, and that vase brought back from the best trip of your life. Moovick has an outstanding solution for that.

What can you take with you?


Almost all your household goods. We say almost because, depending on the destination country, there is a list of prohibited or restricted items that will be impossible to take with you.


But you can certainly start your new life with most of your beloved old things: all your furniture, household appliances, a bicycle, and even your car. And it doesn't have to be just large items. You can store all your possessions in moving boxes to move them with your more oversized household items.

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Benefits of using professional moving services by Moovick

Moving from one household to another can be a daunting and strenuous task; there are a million little decisions to be made. At Moovick, we make it easy for you! We have helped hundreds of homeowners effortlessly move their belongings to their new homes. There are many benefits to hiring our professional removal service for both long-distance and local moves:

Leave the tedious task of packing to the professionals and quickly mark other tasks on your moving checklist. In our moving package, you can find the person to do your moving-in services, such as assembly and disassembly. No stress! Professional movers have the knowledge and skills to safely and properly pack all your belongings quickly and efficiently. They understand the best packing material to wrap your valuables and antiques in so nothing is damaged during the moving process.

If you have little time to move, hiring this service will allow you to care for other things, such as transferring cable or electric service.

The last thing you need during a move is to suffer a medical problem. If you have large pieces of furniture or hefty boxes, it is always advisable to contact a professional to avoid painful muscle injuries. Experienced international and local movers will have the tools necessary to transport heavy items without compromising their safety, and that is what we offer.

Hiring a Moovick removal service will save you money. It's a simple process: once you find the most suitable service for your needs, discuss details with the mover and finalize your order with our secure payment method.

Have a move, project or a task in mind?

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Contact Moovick team to sort it out

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