Berlin Vs London

Berlin Vs London


28 March 2023 5 min read
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How well can I survive? – a comparison and insight

Berlin and London are on top of everyone’s list based on the standard of living. Still, it calls for a different reassessment when you discover that €20,000 would make you live luxuriously in Berlin while you would struggle to live a shared life with it in London.


It also hits differently when you find out that you might earn twice as much higher in London than another professional doing the same work as yours in Berlin.


These are two distinct objections, and there are many more elements that make it difficult to determine which of the two cities is superior on its own, and more suitable for living or visiting.


Here, we will shed more light, provide an overview of what you need to know about both capitals, and walk you through a general comparison of their similarities and differences.


Follow through. This is Berlin vs London!

Main Difference

Living in Berlin is as well interesting as living in London but they differ in many aspects. First is the size. You might just start asking yourself. Is Berlin bigger than London? The answer is no. Not even close!


Berlin, which is considered the largest city in Germany is approximately twice lesser in size as London. Let’s make it simple. London has a landmass of 1.572km² while Berlin has a landmass of 891.8km². The same goes for the population. London has about 9.5 million population compared to Berlin with 3.5 million residents. What this means for you is that there is lesser competition for services in Berlin than in London, and you will find it easy to get a parking space for your car without having to fork over excessive fees and taxes.

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Here is another one. The quality of life in London is way higher than in Berlin. London is the best city in the world based on an overall standard of measurement and Berlin ranks 31st as the best city below it. Generally, it is easy to live in Berlin than in London but it is all fair on both sides.


Language is another major difference between the two metropolises. Whilst both are in European countries, London is a fully English-speaking city and Berlin is a Deutsch-speaking region. Berlin is more bilingual, as hardly will you see its residents without a knowledge of English. Every interface is presented in both English and Deutsch for easy accessibility by indigen and tourists.  

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Cost of living in Berlin Vs London

As earlier said, life in London might seem like a nightmare to an average Berliner, and indeed to all. This includes housing costs, feeding costs, electricity bills, internet, heat,  travel cost, transportation, and groceries. If you are earning circa €25, 000 wages, you might eventually be sharing most things with others London residents. 


A shared 2-bedroom apartment might be for €2,500 / week while you can own a full one to yourself in Berlin at a rate of €1,500 / month. To cut costs, you would have to care less about the quality or class of such houses and consider proximity to your place of work so you won’t have to pay for the cut in transportation. It is, however, possible to get a decent place to stay at a low cost in London, but these are mostly neglected households by the big fish of the city, which is very rare to find. 

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In London, It is advisable not to think of a luxurious life or a holiday if you are not on 50,000 wages. As an average resident, subsidizing most of your expenses might be the best bet. Limit the number of dates you go, and resort to more cooking than going to the restaurant. All are relatively expensive in London except for healthcare, which is free to all English residents.


Berlin on the other hand is more affordable. If you earn well, It doesn’t involve many tricks to live fine and comfortably. As a typical resident, you can go on several dates and take as many vacations as you want without fear of being penalized in another element of your life. Grocery is cheap and health insurance doesn’t cost havens. However, transportation may be rather expensive so it is advisable to get a bike or bicycle for most of the short trips

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In terms of transport safety, both cities are well organized and are mostly free from accidents. Naturally, they both enjoy low crime rates, but as with every other metropolis, you must be aware of the rudimentary safety precautions of residence. It's best to avoid staying out too late because it often attracts risky behaviors, but the nightlife of both regions is well protected. There are surveillance cameras at all corners and this helps to reduce crime and aid in quick apprehending if any occurs. There is no such thing as no-go zones in both city as all suburbs are well guarded by security authorities.

The weather

Do you think London is cold? Berlin is colder!


Both fall under the same climatic zone but there is a slight difference in the weather condition they experience. Overall experience is comfortable, and it is mostly cold and mild temperatures all year round with a little extremity experienced in January. 

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The weather in July is the hottest for both, and can also be snowy from December to March in Berlin. The explicit presence of water in some parts of the city makes it windy and a little cloudy at times, but you will surely enjoy the shiny time, especially if you choose to feel the moment with sunbathing.

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Culture and Travel places

Culture is an important factor in modern metropolises and both cities have it in abundance. Berlin and London are big merry zones in Europe. They are a calm and modest province with a colourful landscape and attractive structures, and they keep a diverse economic and cultural environment. 


London’s lifestyle is its culture. This includes its careful choice of words, language, food, table manner, music, relationship, museums, and carnivals. London's historic background and its ability to rise quickly after a fall makes it one of the most vibrant cultural cities in the world. As for travel places, It is a lot cheaper to see the most iconic places than to get a pint of beer. You can visit an option of Vicotria and Albert Museum,  the National Gallery, the British Museum, and Tate Modern, and see some assemblage arts and artefacts. 

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Many consider London as the capital of the cultural world but Berlin makes that position extremely difficult for her to maintain. Berlin keeps numerous history and lively cultures that make it engrossing to live there. The fact that people act like nothing has happened while you are doing the weirdest stuff is a trademark in Berlin. The fun part is most of its street festivals and entertaining nightlife. There are also many places to visit on a Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour which include various bars, the Old Brewery, Brandenburg Gate, and Museum Island to name a few.

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Nature and Outdoors

Nature promotes relaxation, and you cannot find sports and outdoor activities any-less in these cities. Berlin’s outdoor activities particularly tend to grow better daily with no chance of ceasing. The landscape and the existence of some geographic elements such as mountains also support many unusual sports to become popular in the district.

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If you are great at cycling, hockey, hiking, skiing, climbing mountains, and playing tennis, then you are surely a good fit for their sports life. To get a feeling of nature and wildlife, there are many parks and nature centres to visit. A notable few of them are Tiergarten in Berlin, St. James park in London, Mmauerpart In Berlin, and Kensington Gardens in London.


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Cooperate and Freelance Opportunity
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From the books, London recorded having more freelance jobs than all other major cities in the UK. This may be because of the employment and work structure of the region. Also, with the advent of the pandemic has made Belin a flourishing ground for work-from-home opportunities.


Both Berlin and London keep a diverse economic structure which makes them central hubs for many industries of the world to thrive.


If looking to work, the job market is most massive in London and as with Berlin, it is more competitive. You can work in finance, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, travel, electronics, advertisement, healthcare, property, and transportation and there are many more upcoming to explore in every sector.


Getting a desired job is likewise not a hard nut. All you need to do is to make the internet your friend and have a good knowledge of networking. You might need to rebuild your CV and make that resume look more attractive. It is not a rocky road to get there. All you need to do is invest patience to find the perfect fit.

Child and Family-friendly city
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Berlin and London recognize the right and protection of children right, and they both provide a supportive environment for adequate child growth. In London, there are major collaborations with many agencies, set up teams, and programs for children and families' healthy living. One is to make contact with the family and a ‘worried about a child’ support scheme.


Berlin also extends the scope through grants and child benefits, family education, and counselling.

Population Density Living in London Vs Berlin

Simply put, the population density of London is 5,596 people per square kilometre and that of Berlin is 4,127 residents per kilometre square.


The advantages of this which Berlin has over London are: 

  • Lesser competition
  • Lesser chaos
  • Better flow of traffic
  • Lesser queue,
  • And a lesser chance of your wallet missing from your back pocket.
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