IKEA Kitchens – How Much do they Cost to Remodel and How Long do they Take to Install?

IKEA Kitchens – How Much do they Cost to Remodel and How Long do they Take to Install?


27 December 2022 5 min read
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If there's a problem with the kitchen, there's generally a concern with the home. The kitchen is the center point of any home and can aesthetically make or mar the home’s appearance. Plus, it offers owners lots of health benefits. 


IKEA is world-famous for its successful combination of simple design and solid materials at affordable prices. The company's principles are based on the ideas of the famous German Bauhaus design movement - every person should have beautiful products in their home regardless. 


This article will walk you through installing and renovating your IKEA kitchen. We’ll cover everything from IKEA kitchen hacks to small IKEA kitchens and explain how you can upgrade your IKEA kitchen.

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  • How much does an IKEA kitchen remodel cost?
  • The benefits of an IKEA kitchen upgrade
  • IKEA kitchen hacks
  • Pros and cons of IKEA kitchen remodel
  • Reasons Moovick Should Help to Renovate Your IKEA Kitchen
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does an IKEA Kitchen Remodel Cost?


A kitchen remodel cost differs because kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. And the products you need to clean the kitchen come in different prices too.


While one customer may only need a minor kitchen remodel (with all sorts of kitchen hacks, like maximum storage space and countertops that can be stored away when not in use), another customer may have enough space to have a fully functional Buy kitchen island. 

According to the Kitchen Remodeling Calculator, a "typical IKEA kitchen costs €7,000-€19,000," but most homeowners "report spending €8,500-€15,300" for a complete IKEA kitchen renovation. These prices are significantly lower than those of other kitchen furniture and appliances companies. IKEA kitchen renovations undercut these companies by mass-producing their furniture and using specially processed wood, much cheaper than solid wood alternatives. Plus, IKEA furniture is known for providing instructions that allow customers to furnish and renovate their kitchens. Although we wouldn't blame you if you let Moovick help you with this process, it seems too overwhelming. 


  Small Kitchen Medium Kitchen Large Kitchen
Cost €5500 €15,500 €31,000

What Are The Benefits of an IKEA Kitchen Upgrade?


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IKEA kitchen renovations are entirely customizable - IKEA offers kitchen furniture for every need. Whether your kitchen is large or has small corners, all you need to do is take a few measurements (or enlist the help of Moovick's artisans) and have furniture that fits perfectly into your custom-made kitchen, regardless of the kitchen remodel cost.


There is also a vast selection of materials and colors, so you can decide how your kitchen looks, whether it should be industrial, matt black, or plain white. The METOD/RINGHULT series is a perfect example of the latter. The high-gloss white METOD/RINGHULT kitchens are a great choice because they combine a super modern and easy-to-clean finish with IKEA's affordable prices.

IKEA kitchen hacks


Because IKEA kitchen renovations are customizable, there are a number of IKEA kitchen hacks to help you create a customized kitchen. These hacks will also help you reduce your kitchen remodel costs. A fantastic benefit of an IKEA kitchen renovation is that the IKEA cabinets are compatible with the door designs of various other companies. 

This means that the majority of your kitchen furniture can be from IKEA. Still, if you take inspiration from kitchen surfaces you see elsewhere, you can combine these surfaces with the framework of your IKEA kitchen. One of the best companies for this is Reform. You can easily incorporate Reform's fronts into your IKEA kitchen renovation because they all fit perfectly with any IKEA items you may already have or want to buy.

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You may be looking for more creative inspiration for IKEA kitchen hacks. The good news is that you can let your imagination run wild. You can see on Instagram how people have remodeled their kitchens using IKEA furniture. Medina Grillo, for example, regularly shares all sorts of budget-friendly design hacks to help people create their perfect home - one of her IKEA kitchen hacks was installing an IKEA countertop in her otherwise non-IKEA kitchen, which has a marble-like surface but is only partially natural. It looks chic and is even stain-free! This proves how versatile IKEA kitchens are and how imaginatively they can suit your needs and tastes.

Pros and Cons of IKEA Kitchen



  • IKEA kitchens are budget-friendly
  • They're easy to install, making them hassle-free for professionals. 
  • They offer a variety of styles, accessories, and colors.
  • They have modern designs that blend in with different spaces and layouts.
  • IKEA has a global presence. Finding replacement parts would be easy.



  • IKEA's resale value is lower than expected compared to other brands.
  • Its customization options may be limited compared to the different kitchen sizes and styles.

Why Should Moovick Help You Renovate Your IKEA Kitchen?


Moovick offers an IKEA kitchen assembly and disassembly service. Building your own IKEA kitchen can be daunting, and while it's worth it for some, a little help can go a long way. Artisan on Moovick will spot flaws you may have yet to notice or ensure furniture is installed to compensate for any awkward or sloping surfaces in your kitchen (and this is even more important because countertops only retain their warranty if the cabinets are completely flat).

Another benefit of hiring Moovick to renovate your IKEA kitchen is that you don't even have to step foot in an IKEA - you can order what you want online, and we'll take care of the rest.


If you choose to have your kitchen fitted by IKEA, you'll need to spend around €1,500 on average to get the job done, according to Checkatrade. At Moovick, we offer more flexible and cheaper tariffs. We provide you with a professional as quickly as possible so that you can start setting up your kitchen immediately.


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1. How much does an IKEA kitchen remodel cost?

An average kitchen remodel cost depends on the size of your kitchen, the types of cabinets and countertops you choose, whether you hire professionals for installation, and additional costs like appliances and flooring. Estimates typically range from €5,000 to €20,000 or more.


2. Do I need a kitchen designer for my IKEA remodel?

A designer can be helpful if you need assistance with layout planning, material selection, and navigating technical aspects. IKEA also offers free kitchen planning services in their stores.


3. How long do IKEA kitchen cabinets last?

IKEA cabinets are typically made from particleboard or MDF, which is less durable than solid wood. Expect them to last 10-15 years with proper care, but high-end options are shorter.


4. Can I customize an IKEA kitchen layout?

IKEA's modular system allows for some customization, but you might have freedom different from bespoke designs. Measure your space accurately and plan your layout carefully to avoid surprises.


5. How well do IKEA countertops hold up?

IKEA offers various countertop materials with different lifespans and maintenance requirements. Granite and quartz are more durable and scratch-resistant than laminate.


6. How do I maintain my IKEA kitchen?

Clean and care for your cabinets and countertops according to the specific material guidelines. Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend their lifespan.

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