Updating Your Address and Utilities After a Local Move

Updating Your Address and Utilities After a Local Move


29 February 2024 5 min read
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Moving from one place to another is beyond packing and unpacking your belongings. It can be overwhelming, with many tasks to accomplish within a short duration. An important part of the moving process requires you to update your address and utilities.


It is crucial to update your address after the local move in order to ensure you have a smooth transition into your new house. Also, updating utilities after a move will prevent you from experiencing any discomfort as a result of the discontinuation of services.


To make the process easier, we have created a step-by-step guide to changing your address and utilities after a local move. This guide will also be helpful in transferring services to new addresses efficiently and quickly.


After the challenging process of relocating, a major task next on your checklist is updating your address and utilities. Failure to notify relevant authorities about your new home can lead to different avoidable problems such as delayed bills and missed deliveries. Hence, it would be best if you planned how to go about transferring services to a new address easily.

Why Address and Utility Updates Matter When Moving

The importance of updating utilities after a move must be balanced. Almost every home activity depends on different services such as water, gas, and electricity to work well.


Moving into a new home without electricity, gas, and water can be frustrating. It is worse that you cannot enjoy the things you want to do because you still need to update your utility services. Similarly, you might experience missed deliveries because you still need to update your address after the move.


Updating your address includes telling family, friends, and other people you deem fit. This act will ensure you are reachable whenever any of your loved ones wants to reach out to you. Also, it will help maintain relationships and social connections.

Hence, it is important to update your address and utility when moving. It enables you to have a smooth transition into your new home and have continued access to essential services and important information. Also, informing the relevant organizations as soon as possible can help you prevent inconveniences and missed opportunities.


To reduce the stress that comes with updating your utilities and address, you should choose moving services that offer utility transfer assistance. A moving company that does this will prioritize updating your address and ensure a smooth move into your new house.

Step-by-Step Guide to Updating Your Information


The process of transferring services to a new address does not have to be hard. Below is a step-by-step guide that will guide you on how to make the process go smoothly, ensuring peace of mind.

  • Notify Relevant Parties

Before you move, you must inform important people such as family, friends, employers, insurance providers, banks, and business partners. Notifying them will ensure that your subsequent mail and services will be delivered to your new house.

  • Updating Your Address

After informing the relevant parties, the next thing is to update your address. Below is the checklist of services that should be updated:

1. Banks and other Financial Institutions


Ensure you update your address with banks, loan providers, and credit card companies to enable smooth transactions. You can do this by either going through their customer care or visiting their online portals. Then, expect an email from any of the organizations to confirm the update of the address.


2. Postal Service


It is also important to update your account with the portal services. You can visit their website, fill out and submit the change of address form, which will ensure your subsequent emails are now being directed to your new address. Another way to go about it is to visit the post office, request a change of address form, and fill it out. While filling in the new address, ensure you specify whether it is permanent or temporary and state whether it includes only you or your whole family.


3. Billing Address


Next on the list is updating your billing address. If you have companies sending you emails weekly or monthly, you need to update your billing address to the new one. You can do this online or contact their help desk and request to change your address. After this, you can totally change to paperless email billing for more convenience.


4. Department of Motor Vehicles


You must reach out to your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to update your new address. You may need to come along with your driver’s license to facilitate the process. However, if you are moving from one state to another, the change of address process might be different.


Ensure you get familiar with the state procedures and do your change of address process accordingly. It is also important to comply with the residency requirement in the new state to avoid any problems.


5. Internal Revenue Service and Insurance Providers


It is important to notify the IRS about your new address in order to ensure you maintain compliance with the tax regulations. This way, you will be able to get important tax-related information promptly and avoid delays.

Also, contact your insurance providers, such as auto, home, and life insurance, about your new address. You can do this physically or online for policy billing, communication, and insurance coverage in your new home.

  • Updating Utilities

Essential services are important. Hence, updating your utilities is important as you move to your new home. Here are some steps to ensure easy transferring of services to your new home:

  • Make a utilities list and order them by priority
  • Contact the service providers
  • Set up new services early
  • Schedule final meter reading
  • Add your new address
  • Update the billing information
  • Clear unpaid bills
  • Have pictures and document your meter's final readings to avoid future disputes.
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Transferring utilities is an important task to do on your moving checklist. This process may require time and planning, but we have made the journey easier through the guide above, and we expect you will be ticking off the task from your checklist soon.



Moving from one house to another is beyond packing your belongings and moving them to your new home. Relocating also includes updating your address and utilities with relevant authorities, friends, and family.


At Moovick, we will connect you to a local moving company that will help pack your belongings and also offer utility transfer assistance to make your transition easier. 

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