5 Key Factors To Consider When Selecting A Local Moving Company

5 Key Factors To Consider When Selecting A Local Moving Company


07 February 2024 5 min read
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The moving company and services you choose to hire will determine how smooth your relocation gets. And quite frankly, there are numerous options to choose from. With a quick Google search, you’ll get dozens of moving services search results — and that brings you to the important stage of deciding.


To help you choose and make informed decisions, we have compiled the 5 key factors to consider when selecting a local moving company. If you’re looking to relocate, consider the following factors, as they lessen possible mistakes you could make. 

Article highlights:

  1. Your Specific Moving Needs
  2. The Price
  3. The Customer Service
  4. Reputations And Reviews
  5. Insurance & Licenses

Your Specific Moving Needs


Yes, there are dozens of moving services and companies out there, but you need to go for one that meets your specific moving needs.


You may require a short-distance or long-distance move across town and states, or you may be relocating from a smaller house to a larger one with your wife and kids. You need to ensure the moving company you hire possesses trucks large enough to accommodate and move your belongings without problems. A way to ensure adequacy is to ask questions and present your moving needs in detail. 


There are moving companies offering handyman and moving-in services such as cleaning, assembly, disassembly, furniture, and kitchen disassembly. Hiring these extra assistants will save you time, energy, and risks but, of course, at added costs. Moving companies can offer plumbing, electrical work, TV mounting, and a couple of other repairs around the house. Be sure your needs align with the services offered by the moving company you decide to hire - request for personalized service.

The Price


Hiring a moving service for a cheaper price is ideal. However, as much as you’re considering your budget, and there are numerous local movers out there that offer their services for considerably low prices, look for one that offers lower prices with better services. 


To hire a moving company at the best price, you could request quotes from various companies and compare the services they offer. This way, you’ll find the company with the considerably best service and price, getting the most for your money. 


Even better, you can find moving companies with lower prices but with better reviews. Better reviews almost always mean good service. 

The Customer Service


As the customer, you’re king or queen, so pay attention to how the moving companies you contact for inquiries communicate with you. Do they answer your questions on time? Are they professional in their responses? Do they give ample information about their services when you ask about them?


Hire local movers who are committed to the satisfaction of their customers. 

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Reputations And Reviews 


It would help if you went for a moving company with a decent track record. When shopping for local movers, read online reviews, ask mutual friends and family about them, and browse their websites to get more info about them. 


Words of friends and recommendations from people and family are quite invaluable as they are more genuine. Don’t forget to exhaust all paper options when making inquiries. 

Insurance & Licenses


Insurance and licenses are a MUST when hiring a moving company. As much as licenses are legal requirements, they also show that the company cares about the interests of its clients. 


Hiring a moving company with insurance protects you in case of any damage or loss that occurs during relocation. Ensure you know the level of insurance coverage the company you decide to hire offers. Ask for details so things don’t go south.


Particularly, licensed moving companies are safer as they prove a company’s credibility and compliance with specific standards in the moving industry. It’s in your safe interest to ensure the moving company you hire is licensed. 


These are the 5 key factors to consider when selecting a local moving company. However, there are other considerations you should make when hiring a moving company.


Many individuals looking to relocate don’t take time to consider everything that could affect their moving, and this makes shifting to a new country knotty for them. Moving to a new country is a major business, and you have to be holistic in your preparation.

Key Considerations For Choosing A Local Moving Company 

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  • Availability & Flexibility 

Some moving services have limited availability. Thus, ensure you hire a moving company that is flexible enough to work with your schedule. You won’t want a situation where you'll have to defer your moving plans until a later time because the moving company you hired isn’t ready. 

  • Quality Of Moving Equipment

Although basic quality is difficult to assess, it is also important when hiring a moving company. The company must have quality trucks of considerable sizes, moving dollies, hoisting straps, furniture sliders, and other moving equipment necessities. 


Quality moving equipment will make the moving process easier and quicker. It will also ensure your belongings are safe while they are being moved to your new house. 


These 2 factors are also important when hiring a moving company, and you should consider them. 

Choose The Right Packing Materials 


Choosing packing materials is also essential when relocating. Still, if you’re hiring a moving company for a full packing service, you won’t need to worry about this. Professional movers understand the right materials to use when packing your items and the degree of packing when using subtle packages. 


It’s best if an efficient moving company with a great track record and reputation handles your packing and moving to save you the stress of researching materials suitable for wrapping. 



You’ll enhance your relocation experience when you hire a company with stellar moving services. Your relocation doesn’t have to be expensive, but you should work with a moving company that accommodates all the considerations above. 


Be on top of your finances to book excellent movers and packers in Germany and the Netherlands. Moovick connects you with professional moving services and gives you the edge to make the perfect decision. 

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