A Perfect Man with Van

A Perfect Man with Van


07 June 2021 5 min read
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When looking for a way to send your luggage from one place to another or looking for a ride-hailing service, then the best choice is to book a ride with Moovick so that we can help you out.

Moovick is uniting drivers, senders, and travelers. The drivers are the man with the van assisting the Moovick to succeed in its mission.

What does Moovick do With Man With a Van?

Moovick is a platform uniting drivers, and senders in real-time. The Moovick recruits drivers who are ready to render their services of delivery for senders. The drivers must be professional drivers who can deliver the packages to their destinations.

In case you are looking for shipment of goods from one location to another the Moovick can be a good choice. If you want to render both these services at the time, then Moovick is the platform providing you with an opportunity to do so.

How to Earn Money With a Van

For being the perfect man with van, there are few things needed to be done. Following are the facts to bear in mind when planning to drive for Moovick:


1. Registration: A driver is required to own a van and get registered with Moovick. For registration, you are required to create an account at the Moovick portal, get your mobile number verified and provide your significant details along with a profile picture. Once the profile is verified, the registration is completed.

2. Offer: After the Registration, you can post your offer. Anyone from the Moovick community can rent your vehicle space for their private use. You can ask the potential sender about the purpose of delivery.

3. Charges: You would be free to choose your pricing model and can mention your prices.
Special offers are allowed up to 10% less than the price you have listed. Also, 5 % of the driver's earnings would be charged by the Moovick.

4. Cancellation: In case the sender cancels the delivery, you can still receive a reward as per the cancellation and refund policy. And if you still face any issues, you can easily contact the support team and seek guidance.
If you cancel the trip before starting, due to any reason, then there would not be any consequences. But after you have accepted the offer, you are required to make sure the luggage is delivered to the mentioned destination. For more details, you can check the cancellation and refund policy.

5. Payment: The payments are supposed to be credited to your bank account only after both the parties confirm the delivery ie., the sender and receiver. After the confirmation of delivery, the payment would be credited within the next 5 working days. Also, you are allowed to receive tips from customers if they wish to pay.

6. Tolls and Parkings: Tolls and parking charges are supposed to be paid by the senders. Drivers are not supposed to bear those charges.

7. Support: If you need any guidance and help while completing the trips and delivery, you can reach out to Moovick support and seek solutions.

How can Moovick be a Good Choice?

Moovick is connecting three different seekers at a well-designed platform that is fulfilling the requirements of all these two parties, i.e., the sender and the driver. Following are a few major facts proving that Moovick would be the best choice for all of them.

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All in One

With the Moovick, all the logistics needs are resolved in one go. Be it a sender's need for a small courier or logistics need for a company. Moovick would be resolving them all with the man with a van. Man with a van would be the driver accomplishing all these tasks with expertise.


Moovick is a reliable platform because of its man with a van, i.e., the drivers. Any last-minute or pre-scheduled deliveries can easily be made with a Moovick with its registered, professional drivers. Deliveries drop-off are made reliable with curated and verified delivery networks.

Timely Payments

Only 5 % of the driver's earnings would be deducted, and the rest is transferred to the driver's bank account. As soon as the deliveries are confirmed by both sender and receiver, the drivers can receive the payments within five working days in their respective bank accounts. The payments would take place as per the criteria, so drivers need not worry about the payments as the Moovick would be making sure of timely payments.

Professional Man and Van Administration

The vans are fully insured, and the drivers are verified, making sure that the deliveries and drop-off take place without any risks. So choosing the Moovick is a safer way to earn more money with the same efforts.

Have a move, project or a task in mind?

Contact Moovick team to sort it out
Contact Moovick team to sort it out

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