The Perfect Moovick Driver

The Perfect Moovick Driver


07 June 2021 5 min read
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If you're looking for a way to send your luggage from one place to another or are looking for a ride-hailing service, then your best bet is to book a ride with Moovick.

Moovick brings drivers, senders, and travelers together, offering a platform for drivers with trucks to provide pickup and delivery services.

What does Moovick do?


Moovick is a platform that brings drivers and senders together in real time. Moovick recruits drivers who are willing to provide their delivery services to senders. The drivers are vetted professionals who can be trusted to deliver the packages safely to their destination.


As a driver or sender, if you want to transport goods from one place to another, Moovick is an excellent choice. Moovick allows you to offer or receive delivery services, whichever you wish.

How to start driving with Moovick


To be the perfect Moovick driver, there are a few things you need to do. Below are some facts you should remember to offer your delivery services on Moovick:

1. Registration:  A driver must own a truck and register it with Moovick. To register, create an account on the Moovick portal and verify your mobile number. Then, provide relevant personal information and a profile picture. Once the profile is verified, registration is complete.

2. Offer: After registration, you may set your offer. Anyone in the Moovick community can rent your vehicle space for private use. You can also inquire directly with the potential sender about the purpose of their delivery.

3. Fees:  You can choose your pricing model and state your prices. However, special offers are allowed up to 10% below the price specified. In addition, Moovick charges 5% of the driver's earnings.

4. Cancellation:  If the sender cancels the delivery, you may still be entitled to receive a reward according to the cancellation and refund policy. 

If, for any reason, the trip is canceled before the start of the journey, it is okay. But after accepting the offer, you must ensure the package is delivered to the specified destination. Please see the cancellation and refund policy for further details.

5. Payment:  Payments will only be credited to your bank account once both parties, i.e., the sender and the recipient, confirm delivery. Once delivery is guaranteed, payment will be made within the next five business days. You can also accept tips from customers.

6. Tolls and parking:  Tolls and parking fees will be paid by the senders. Drivers do not have to pay these fees.

7. Support: If you need help with our services, contact Moovick's support team for advice.

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Why is Moovick a good choice?


Moovick connects senders and drivers on a well-designed platform that meets the needs of all parties. Moovick ensures timely payments and professional management, making it the best choice for hassle-free deliveries. 

  • All in one

With Moovick, all logistical requirements are solved in one go. Whether the sender is an individual who needs a small courier or a company with more complex logistics needs, Moovick solves them all with the man with the van. It connects the senders with vetted drivers who carry out their tasks with expertise.

  • Reliable

Scheduled or last-minute deliveries can efficiently be completed with Moovick and its registered, professional drivers. Deliveries are processed reliably with curated and tested delivery networks. 

  • Timely payments

Moovick's commission is only 5% of earnings; the rest is transferred directly to the driver's bank account. Once both sender and recipient have confirmed deliveries, drivers receive payments in their respective bank accounts within five working days. Payments are delivered timely, as per the criteria agreed on with the sender, so drivers don't have to worry about payment delays. 

To Wrap it Up — Professional Management


At Moovick, our vans are fully insured, and truck drivers are vetted to ensure seamless, risk-free deliveries. We guarantee we provide top-notch driving services using the best drivers in the region. We are only a call away. Holla on us for the best professional management services.


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1. What qualities make someone a "Perfect Moovick Driver"?

Local knowledge -Familiarity with the city or area they operate in allows them to navigate efficiently, choose optimal routes, and answer passenger inquiries about points of interest.

2. How does Moovick ensure the safety of its passengers and drivers?

  • Rigorous driver screening: Moovick implements thorough background checks and driving record verification for potential drivers.
  • Driver training and support: Training on safety protocols, customer service, and navigation tools can equip drivers to handle various situations effectively.
  • Vehicle maintenance: Regular maintenance and safety checks of Moovick vehicles ensure passenger safety and prevent breakdowns.

3. What are the benefits of becoming a Moovick driver?

  • Flexible work schedule: Moovick might offer flexible scheduling options, allowing drivers to work around their existing commitments and preferences.
  • Earning Potential: The ability to gain a competitive income based on the number of rides completed and other factors.
  • Meeting new people: Interacting with diverse passengers and building a network of contacts.

4. How can I become a Moovick driver?

  • Visit the Moovick website: Look for a dedicated section for driver recruitment or inquiries.
  • Submit an application: This likely involves providing personal information, driving record details, and potentially undergoing an online assessment or training.

Have a move, project or a task in mind?

Contact Moovick team to sort it out
Contact Moovick team to sort it out

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