Van Shipping Basics: How Do You Pack Your Items?

Van Shipping Basics: How Do You Pack Your Items?


05 December 2021 5 min read
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Inadequate shipping services can negatively impair your travelling plans, especially your belongings. As it stands, damage to your belongings can reduce its quality or even worsen its value. To help curb this, you should use van shipping and standard relocation services on Moovick.


There are intricacies in relocating personal items, including using quality packaging items. Quality packaging items help to reduce relocation costs and offer a safer transition. 


Shipping is a task, and you need excellent packaging service to complete it. On Moovick, people simply ship large packages, furniture, and other fragile items with our registered drivers and travellers.

Sending a Box: Checklist for Packing 

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Having a checklist when moving is crucial. It simplifies organisation and ensures you remember essential items. Here's how to pack as you get ready to relocate, especially if you're van shipping:

  • Use new boxes for packing because they're more stable and can't tear easily.
  • Internally pack your items to prevent further damage. To do this, you should add a layer of the wrap or foam, advisably at least 5 cm thick, with each layer adding a layer of protection. 
  • Secure the package with solid tape on all sides to ensure the package remains stable and does not fall apart during transport.
  • Show the box's contents before packing so that the driver or traveller knows the contents and, if fragile, can transport them with personalized care to ensure safety.
  • Remove any old labels or addresses, if any, from the box to avoid confusion.
  • If shipping more than one box,  mark the boxes with numbers or branding. This makes it easy for drivers to unload and verify your order.

Only use solid-bottomed boxes in good condition; avoid using soft-material bags.


Do not use oversized boxes for your package. The box size is important for the safety of your items. Be sure to use only biffing box sizes for your items.

What You Should Avoid When Van Shipping

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A common mistake people make when Van Shipping is micromanaging the driver. Micromanaging a driver is not only unnecessary but also frustrates their efforts. Drivers on Moovick have experienced professionals with many years of successful trips, so they can handle your shipment properly. All you need to do is trust their expertise and communicate with them more often.


Aside from micromanaging, there are other things you should avoid when Van shipping:

  • Including Prohibited Items: it's vital to check your service’s list of prohibited and restricted items beforehand to avoid restrictions and fines. Better still, find out the prohibited items in the location you're moving to.
  • Don't underestimate Costs: It’s common for clients to underestimate van shipping costs because several things come into play when pricing. Fuel, distance, weight of belongings, and several others play crucial roles. Most importantly, the type of service plays a crucial role. For a more comfortable service, prepare a handsome amount of money.

Protecting Yourself and the Driver Transporting Your Package?


Van shipping is mostly done by private individuals who have agreed to transport your package. So, be careful not to make the transition process more difficult for them. To ensure the safety of your package and the driver, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Be honest with the contents of the package: For transparency and security sake, be honest about the content of your packages. Sometimes, things need to be bought at the market and shipped; in such cases, you can ask the driver to purchase the stuff himself and pay for it. This makes shipping even safer.

  • Avoid packing in huge boxes.  When drivers agree to take your shipment, they usually indicate the space or weight they can carry on their trip or state their vehicle's dimensions. Follow the person's instructions and pack your belongings accordingly. Remember that these are not professional courier or shipping service providers. These private individuals have agreed to help you transport your goods because they live nearby or your delivery address is on their route, and they want to earn extra money.  

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Unlike courier and shipping companies, your package can be insured. It is your responsibility to pack the contents of the package so that it is not damaged during shipping. The proper way of packing must be followed to ensure that nothing is broken or spilled by the carrier and to provide them with a pleasant shipping experience.

Van Shipping with Moovick


Transiting to a new location is easy when you partner with reliable services. A dependable service offers top-notch delivery services and real-time van shipping. Do you need help finding the best shipping service? Hire Local Moving and excellent Van shipping Services in a few clicks. Discuss all your moving details with professionals from the comfort of your desk.


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