Van shipping basics: How to pack your personal items?

Van shipping basics: How to pack your personal items?


05 December 2021 5 min read
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Shipping is a task in itself and to accomplish it successfully one needs to have the skill of packing. On Moovick, people tend to send big parcels, furniture delivery and other fragile items with our registered drivers and/or travelers. To ensure that your parcel reaches its destination safely, even on a long drive and in a hassle free manner, make note of the following points.

Checklist for packing a box to be shipped with the driver

  • Try using a brand new box for packing your stuff. Usually a re-used box offers less strength and is prone to tearing.
  • Internal packing is a must. Bubble wraps or foams can be made use of for this purpose. Each layer of padding is an additional layer of protection. A minimum internal protection of 5 cm is recommended to keep your parcel content safe.
  • Secure the package with strong tape on all sides of the package to ensure strong sides for the parcel and that it won’t fall apart during transit.
  • Show the content of the box before packing so that the driver or the traveler knows the content and if they are fragile can carry them with utmost care to ensure safety.
  • Remove all old labels or addresses, if any, from the box to avoid any sort of confusions.
  • If you are sending more than one box, mark the boxes with numbers or some trademark signature of yours so as to make unloading also easy for the driver or the traveler and is convenient to check that the order has been delivered completely.

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Don’ts for packaging boxes to be shipped with the driver

  • Avoid the use of household cello tape or rope for sealing your parcel.
  • Use hard base good condition boxes only, and not fabric or cloth made bags.
  • Do not use over sized boxes for your parcel. Choose a size very carefully so that the parcel is safe inside with adequate layers of inner packing.
  • Do not hide the contents of the boxes. Write the contents of the box outside as well as disclose all the details to the traveler or the driver also.
  • Do not stuff your parcel box so much that it gets difficult to seal and the contents keep peeking out of the box.

How to ensure safety for self as well as the driver carrying your parcel?

The driver carrying your parcel is a private person who has willingly agreed to ship your parcel from one place to another. Ensure that you do not make the transition process troublesome for him/her. To ensure the safety of your parcel as well as of the driver, keep a check on the following points:

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  • Disclose the contents of the parcel clearly and honestly to the carrier to ensure transparency and safety. There are times when things have to be purchased from the market and are to be sent; in such cases you can ask the driver to buy the things on their own and you can pay for them. This will ensure all the more safe and secure shipping. 
  • Avoid packing in very big boxes. Usually when a driver gives consent to take your shipment, they also give the space or the weight dimensions that they can carry with them on their journey, or mention their vehicle dimentions. Respect the details given by the person and pack your stuff accordingly. Remember they are not any professional courier or shipment service delivery guys. They are private people who have consented to help you with shipping your items because they live in the neighborhood or your delivery address is on their route, with the intend to earn some side money.   
  • Unlike courier and shipment companies, there is no insurance being provided for your parcel. It is your responsibility to pack the contents of the package in a way that it doesn’t get damaged during shipment. The dos and don’ts of packaging must be followed strictly to ensure that there is no breakage or spillage for the carrier and to make sure that they have a convenient shipping experience. 

Drivers on Moovick are not our employees but are private people who are helping you to ship your parcel on the concept of sharing economy.  Make sure to keep the process convenient, hassle free, safe and secure for them; while ensuring the safety and damage free delivery for your parcel.

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