Fast Furniture Delivery by Truck Driver

Fast Furniture Delivery by Truck Driver


10 November 2021 5 min read
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Choosing the perfect decor and furniture for your home is a fine art. But finding the ideal piece of furniture can be stressful. And finding a swift furniture delivery service is another tiring task. Once you have found the perfect piece of furniture, you will, of course, want it to be delivered safely and with the utmost care and attention. But no worries. Moovick is at your disposal for fast furniture delivery with Man with Van.


Moovick's on-demand services ensure that your furniture is picked up and delivered most efficiently. From simple pickup to gentle delivery - we have everything under control for you. Plus, Moovick works with expert drivers who will collect your furniture upon your immediate booking and ensure the safest delivery.

How do we work? Get to know in this article.

Moovick: How Does This Work?


Want to make your deliveries easier? Just like ordering a taxi with a few taps on your phone, renting a truck for deliveries is just as simple. Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Sign Up

First, go to and create an account. It's easy and quick – just like setting up any other online account.

  • Step 2: Fill Out Your Profile

Once you're signed up, tell us a bit about yourself to help us understand what you need for your deliveries.

  • Step 3: Find a Driver

Next, browse through our list of drivers and pick the one that fits your needs. You can choose based on the size of the truck or any other specific requirements you have.

  • Step 4: Tell Us Where to Pick Up and Deliver

Give us the exact locations for pickup and delivery so our driver knows where to go. The clearer you are, the smoother everything will go.

  • Step 5: We'll Handle the Rest

Our experienced drivers will take care of loading your stuff onto the truck safely. We'll make sure it's secure for the journey.

  • Step 6: We're Here for You

Our driver will stick with you until your stuff is safely delivered. Whether it's dealing with traffic or handling big items, we've got you covered.

But Why Moovick for Furniture Delivery?

When it comes to swift furniture delivery, Moovick really stands out for a few key reasons. First off, Moovick is committed to making sure you get reliable service. They handpick their drivers and have really strict safety rules, so you know only the best and most experienced folks are handling your furniture. This makes you feel really confident that your furniture is safe from start to finish.


Plus, Moovick is all about making things personal. We listen to what you need, whether it's special delivery instructions or picking the right truck size, and we make it happen. This means you can trust that we've got your back and your furniture will arrive just the way you want it to. And the best part? You can book everything online in a snap, so it's super convenient. 

Do you want more reasons? Read further.


1. Instant Booking. Moovick's technology lets you book a truck for delivery in just a few clicks. You can book a truck according to the size of the furniture. It is important that you make sure that the pickup and delivery locations are correctly specified. You can book the truck on the same day and get the fastest delivery. However, it is always good to book in advance. You could enjoy limited-time offers. Plus, you always have the option to change your order if necessary. 

2. Competent and Reliable Drivers. Moovick drivers are hired with a complete background check. Our drivers are reliable and have experience in their job. They can help you not only with delivery but also with setup and dismantling, packing, or similar tasks. Like us, our drivers take pride in ensuring comfort, efficiency, and friendly service. 


3. Assured Support. Although we are committed to providing swift furniture delivery, unforeseen circumstances may arise. Even in such cases, our support is there for you. Our team will support you from start to finish and ensure that you are satisfied with our services.

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4. Timely Delivery. Usually, stores delay the delivery of furniture as it is not their main job. This leads to delays, poor communication, unfriendly drivers, and many other problems. But none of that happens when you book a truck with Moovick. Our drivers are very customer-oriented and ensure complete satisfaction. They look forward to delivering to you in no time. You also get clear communication and full transparency. We don't believe in bureaucratic mediators. 

5. Last-Mile Delivery. Moovick is committed to ensuring swift furniture delivery to the last mile. The same is true for furniture. Moovick that the furniture arrives at the right place safely and on time. And our drivers are happy to do their job until the end. They will be glad to help you load and unload your belongings. If necessary, you can also ask them to deliver the package directly to your living room.

6. Swift Pick-Up And Delivery. Our drivers will set off immediately after booking and ensure they arrive on time to speed up the pickup. Safety is never compromised. The drivers are professional and highly qualified.


They are well-versed in assembling and dismantling most furniture and are happy to help you. The drivers are also ready to help you load and unload the heavy goods. Not to mention, they secure your package so it doesn't get damaged in transit. 


In this way, they ensure that safety and speed go hand in hand.

7. Affordable Prices. The most common problem with delivery services is reliability and affordability. The multiple steps involved in traditional delivery further increase delivery time and costs. This problem only exists with Moovick. 


We value all our customers and do not rely on mediators for any task. We'll match you with the driver, but after that, it's between you and your driver. Of course, Moovick is always there for you, but we do not interfere with driver pricing or charge hidden fees. Therefore, you can expect affordable prices and minimal chances of delays. 

8. Complete Safety. The drivers who work with Moovick are experienced and qualified for these tasks. We review their work protocols to eliminate the risk of mishaps due to mishandling of goods.


So you can be confident in the safety of your belongings. Once the package leaves home, it will reach its destination undamaged, just as you expect. 


9. Covid Guidelines. We are aware of the current COVID-19 situation and ensure that all safety guidelines are followed at every step. With absolute security and without any contact, we assure you of swift furniture delivery to the specified destination. 

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10. Also for companies. Moovick not only works for private individuals, but also for companies and companies. Even if it is a single piece of furniture or many pieces of furniture, our service remains the same. Everything is delivered to the place you want it without delay. 

To Wrap It Up


Everyone knows that furniture plays an important role in the home and that it must look as new as when purchased. But this can only be done when you use our swift furniture delivery services. With our on-demand delivery service, you can handle your valuables worry-free. No matter whether it is a delicate glass table or a designer wooden bed, Moovick is there for you until they reach you safely.


Whether it's a local store or a speciality store on the outskirts, Moovick's driver will arrive at your location on time with his truck. This means you can have your furniture delivered quickly and easily to the desired location on your preferred date. We aim to provide the best delivery service without any inconvenience. Contact us today if you need any logistics service.


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1. Can a truck driver help me assemble my furniture after delivery?

In most cases, truck drivers for swift furniture delivery focus solely on transporting the furniture to your location and unloading it from the truck. However, some companies might offer add-on services like furniture assembly for an extra fee. It's always best to check with the furniture retailer or delivery company beforehand to see if assembly is included or available for purchase.


2. What if my furniture doesn't fit on the truck?

Fast furniture delivery companies like Moovick are accustomed to dealing with various furniture sizes. However, during booking, it's crucial to communicate the dimensions and quantity of furniture you need to be delivered. This allows the company to dispatch a truck with enough capacity. If you need more clarification about the measurements, some companies might offer to send someone to assess the furniture size before booking the delivery.


3. What happens if my furniture gets damaged during transport with a fast delivery service?

Most reputable swift furniture delivery companies have insurance policies that cover potential damage during transport. It's recommended to inquire about the insurance policy details before booking. In case of damage upon receiving the furniture, immediately document the issue with photos and contact the delivery company to initiate a claim.


4. Can I track my furniture delivery in real-time with a fast truck driver service?

Some fast furniture delivery companies are incorporating live tracking features into their services. This allows you to monitor the location of the truck carrying your furniture in real time. Inquire with the company about such features during booking to see if they offer live tracking for your delivery.

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