Swift Furniture Delivery By Man With Truck

Swift Furniture Delivery By Man With Truck


10 November 2021 5 min read
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Choosing the perfect interior and furniture for your home is a delicate art. But finding that perfect piece of furniture can be exhausting. Plus later, looking for a quick and swift delivery service is another exhausting task. Obviously, after finding that perfect piece, you'd want that to be delivered safely with complete caution and care. But no need to worry. Moovick is at your service for Swift furniture delivery with Man with Van.

Moovick's on-demand services would make sure to pick up and deliver your furniture in the most efficient way. From easy pickup to gentle delivery, we've got it all covered for you. Moovick works with expert drivers who will be there for you to pick up your furniture on your instant booking and will ensure the safest delivery.

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How Does It Work?

Just like you book cabs and taxis in clicks, that's how effortlessly you can rent a truck for deliveries. There are few easy steps, and a man with a truck will be at your service in no time. 

You can start with account creation on moovick.com. With instant mobile verification along with your details, there you go with your profile completion. Once the profile creation is completed, now you can look for a driver online and book as per your requirements.

Make sure to put the correct location for pick up and delivery. The driver would be there to pick up your furniture, and it would be placed in the safest way in the truck. Until the successful delivery of the furniture, Moovick's man with a truck will be in your service.

But Why Moovick For Furniture Delivery?

Here the question arises why Moovick is a better choice and how it can help as well as ensure the safest delivery? Well, certainly, the question is quite imperative. So here's the list of reasons, why and how a man with a truck would be the best choice for delivery of your furniture.

1. Instant Booking: Moovick's technology lets you book a truck for delivery in just a few clicks. You can book a truck as per the size of the furniture. The important thing you need to ensure is that the pickup and delivery location mentioned are correct. You can book the truck on the same day and get the fastest delivery. Although it's always good to book in advance. You might get the benefits of limited-period deals. Moreover, you will always have time to make a change if needed. 

2. Expert And Reliable Drivers: The drivers at Moovick are hired with complete verification. Our drivers are reliable and have expertise in their job. They can help you with not only delivery but also assembling/disassembling, packing, or any similar job. Our drivers, like us, take pride in ensuring convenience, efficiency, and friendly service. 

3. Ensured Support: Though we are committed to provide the best and quickest delivery, there are unforeseen circumstances that may happen. Even in those times, our support will be there for you. With end to end support, our team will help you and will assure you complete satisfaction with the services.

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4. Timely Delivery: Usually, the furniture delivery by stores is delayed as that's not their primary job. Thus you end up with delays, poor communication, non-friendly drivers, and many such problems. But none of that happens when you book a truck with Moovick. Our drivers are dedicated towards customer service and ensure full satisfaction.
They will be happy to provide you delivery in the shortest possible time. Plus, you get clear communication and full transparency. We don’t believe in middleman bureaucracy. 

5. Last-Mile Delivery: The Moovick is committed to ensuring the last-mile delivery of all the valuables and assets. And so is the approach for furniture. Moovick makes sure that the furniture reaches the correct destination safely in time. 
And our drivers like to complete their job till the end. They will be happy to assist you with loading and unloading your stuff. When needed, you can ask them to deliver the package right into your living room.

6. Swift Pick-Up And Delivery: Our drivers start proceeding as soon as the booking is done, and they make sure to arrive in time for the fastest pickup. But safety is never compromised. The drivers are professional and highly skilled.

They have a decent knowledge of assembling/disassembling most furniture and are glad to help you. The drivers are also ready to lend a hand while loading and unloading the heavy goods. Not to mention, secure your package so that it doesn't get damaged on the way. 

That is how they ensure that safety and speed walk hand in hand. 

7. Affordable Prices: The most common problem with delivery services is reliability and affordability. The several stages involved in the traditional delivery process further adds to the delivery time and costs. Moovick has no such issue. 

We value all our customers easily and never rely on middlemen for any task. We connect you with the driver, but after that, it's between you and your driver. Sure, Moovick is always here to help you, but we don't interfere with driver quotes or apply any hidden charges. Hence, you can expect affordable prices and minimal delay possibilities. 

8. Complete Safety:  The drivers connected with Moovick are experienced and qualified for these jobs. We verify their work record to eliminate the risk of any mishaps due to mishandling of goods.

So, you can rest assured of the safety of your stuff. Once the package leaves, it will reach its destination unharmed, just like you expect it. 

9. Covid Guidelines: We understand the current situation of Covid-19 and ensure all the safety guidelines are followed at each step. With complete safety and zero contact, your furniture will be safely delivered as the mentioned destination. 

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10. For Businesses As Well: Moovick doesn't only work for individuals, but it works the same with companies and businesses. Therefore, even if there is a single item of many furniture pieces, our services remain the same. Everything will be delivered at the business place where you'd like it to be delivered with no delays. 

Everybody knows that furniture plays an important role in the home plus it must look as new as bought. With our on-demand delivery services, you can be carefree with your valuables. So, it doesn't matter whether it's a delicate glass table or designer wooden bed; Moovick will be there until they safely reach your place.


Whether it's a store nearby or a special store at the outskirts of the city, Moovick's driver with a truck will arrive at your place on time. With a hassle-free quick process, get your furniture delivered to the place you want at your given time. Our mission is to provide the best delivery services with zero inconveniences. Contact us today if you need any type of logistic services.

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