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Pallet Delivery

Do you need to deliver goods and consignments in and across Europe? A pallet is a durable, cost-effective, and safe alternative for delivering your packages. We’ve got Euro pallets that meet all your delivery needs. This article answers all your questions about using our online services to deliver a pallet.


This type of shipping is efficient and cost-effective for businesses and individuals looking to move consignment. The company loads your goods on a pallet. A pallet allows for easy storage, and handling of goods while in transit.


What’s more a shipment can contain containers weighing upwards of a thousand kg. To use our cheap pallet delivery, you need to decide your shipping destination. You'll need to make sure your cargo is packed securely and safely to avoid damage to your shipment. One way is wrapping every shipment or goods so it stays steady in transit.

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What countries do you cover?

Moovick’s Pallet delivery is dedicated to connecting service providers and handymen with clients all over Europe’s major cities. Our delivery services covers some of the most vibrant cities in Eastern, Western, Southern, and even Northern Europe. So whether your destination falls between Turkey and Ukraine to Netherlands, Latvia, and Sweden, Moovick has you covered.

How can I monitor my pallet?

Tracking your pallet when you use Moovick’s pallet delivery service is easy via our Moovick app or right from our online platform. If you have further questions, reach out to the Help Centre for 24/7 support.

What services are available for shippers?

Looking for pallet delivery companies to ship goods across Europe? On Moovick you can connect with handymen, movers, travelers, and business services. Moovick’s global freight logistics network caters to the diverse needs of shippers. There are exhibition logistics, business logistics, and freight forwarding with LTL or less than truckload or FTL/full truckload.

How pallet shipping works with us?

One of the most important steps to shipping via pallets is getting a pallet delivery cost or a quote. Moovick allows you to ship your goods from Germany, the Netherlands to more than 20 locations across Europe. Your delivery is made easier when you get access to our network of more than 600 movers across the continent. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending pallets from Leipzig or Eindhoven to the UK, Luxembourg, or Turkey, Moovick makes it happen. Ready to work with us? Get a quote for free here.

How can I be sure that the pallet will arrive safely?

Pallet Delivery within Europe isn’t always a simple and straightforward experience for some customers. Some end up with damaged or misdirected shipments. Here at Moovick, we take our job of serving your delivery needs, very seriously.

This means once you’ve done your part, we ensure the secure, successful delivery of every pallet. However, you still need to make sure goods do not protrude. Use edge protectors or bubble wraps to pad fragile objects.

What are examples of pallet delivery rates and directions?

The rates for shipping via pallets differ depending on the destinations, amongst other things. Moovick offers domestic moving from Germany and Netherlands to other domestic and international locations. Shippers can request same-day delivery if the destination is within Germany. Internation shipping services carry longer transmit periods and prices.

We’ve provided a table below with the best pallet delivery quotes to some of Europe’s commercial cities.

Pick up location Delivery destination Price (FTL, Economy)
Munchen, GER London, UK €1,721
Frankfurt, GER Austria €1,074
Almere, NL Norway €1,874
The Hague Belgium €266


All prices we listed are indicative. This means that they can vary due to the availability of movers, date of shipping, and the item being delivered. You can save 50% more on delivery costs when you choose Moovick.

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