Fast scrap metal transport - Best prices for van rentals

Fast scrap metal transport - Best prices for van rentals


01 October 2021 5 min read
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Metal scrapping has immense environmental benefits, including reduced pollution and increased economic growth. While there are environmental and economic benefits of metal scrapping, some aspects of metal scrapping are greatly overlooked - the transportation of scrap metals to dump sites.


The transportation of scrap metal is a timely and meticulous process that professionals must only handle. Are you looking for an efficient scrap metal transport with affordable vans? Fortunately, this article discusses how to pick a scrap van and what benefits you enjoy when using van rentals from Moovick.  


Allow us to end your search once and for all!

The Benefits of Moovick Van Metals

  • Friendly drivers:  With the power of our virtual fleet, you get access to a community of the friendliest and most professional people/drivers in the world when you rent vans for Moovick. The drivers at Moovick are familiar people whose main task is garbage collection. For this reason, they're more understanding of your problems, and at the same time, they handle your properties with utmost care. 

  • Best van rental rates: Let's put it simply: we offer the lowest prices for efficient scrap metal transport with affordable vans. When you compare us to other companies that move stuff around, our rates can be up to 50% cheaper because of a virtual fleet. Regular folks like you and I manage the 'virtual fleet'.

  • Faster garbage collection and no missed appointments: Our community's registered drivers are always happy when they receive your request. We also have a the-same-day move (which is a more difficult task than junk removal) booked a few hours ahead of schedule! But as exciting as the challenges may sound, we should make an appointment with our drivers at least a week before the scheduled transport date.

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  • Correct estimates of the final amount:  The costs are estimated according to the moving tariff table on our platform. Here, you can easily calculate the cost estimates based on your requirements. We have a structured tariff table if you need to transport additional items to the recycling centre on short notice. 

  • Dispute Resolution:  We understand that conflicts will occur and may alter plans, so we have a dispute resolution committee. You can also reach out to us on WhatsApp via +491794708206 to ask questions or clarify disputes.

To Wrap It Up


Sounds good? Let us know where you want us to step in your travelling plans to provide efficient scrap metal transport services with affordable van metals. 


If you have already booked an appointment, follow the best practices mentioned here and check with the recycling centres in your area for opening hours and times.

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1. I have a lot of car parts scattered around my property. Can you help me collect them for scrap metal transport?


While some scrap metal companies might offer collection services, it's less common. Usually, you'll be responsible for transporting the scrap yourself. Renting a van is a good option, but consider calling a junk removal service specialising in hauling away metal. 


2. Is there anything I can't put in the van when hauling scrap metal?


Absolutely! Many scrap yards restrict hazardous materials like car batteries, oil containers, and pressurised tanks. Additionally, some yards may not accept appliances with refrigerants. You must check with your chosen scrap yard beforehand to avoid any issues when you arrive.


3. I'm worried my scrap metal is too heavy for a rental van. Are there weight restrictions?


Most standard cargo vans have a weight limit between 1,500 and 4,000 pounds. If you have a large amount of heavy scrap, like engine blocks, consider renting a heavy-duty truck or contacting a scrap metal company with a hauling service that can handle more oversized loads.


4. I only have a little experience sorting scrap metal. Can the van rental company help me identify what kind of metal I have?


Unfortunately,  most van rental companies won't be able to assist with scrap metal identification. It's best to research different types of scrap metal beforehand and use a magnet to differentiate between ferrous (magnetic) and non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metals. Some scrap yards offer sorting assistance, so you can inquire when you contact them.

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