Streamline your trade Fair Logistics with Moovick: A Guide for Successful Trade Fair Participation

Streamline your trade Fair Logistics with Moovick: A Guide for Successful Trade Fair Participation


12 April 2023 5 min read
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The furniture manufacturing and interior design industry is indeed a dynamic and fast-growing industry. It excels in producing a wide range of products, such as sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, lighting fixtures and home furnishings. 


The industry serves both private and commercial customers. The spectrum ranges from homeowners and interior designers to hotels, restaurants and corporate offices. 


But as exciting as this business is, the logistical challenges in this industry can be enormous, especially during trade fairs like Interzum.


Organising products and design as well as standing out at the trade fair, should be the top priority for all companies. Moving displays shouldn't be a problem. And this is exactly where Moovick comes into play.


In this article, we talk about the challenges that furniture and interior design companies face, especially when it comes to taking part in trade fair logistics like Interzum. And how the Moovick platform can help solve these problems.  

The Furniture Production and Interior Design Industry

Products and customers


The furniture manufacturing and interior design industry is a diverse industry that offers a wide range of products and services. Furniture manufacturers produce a variety of furniture products, including:

  • upholstered furniture;
  • case goods;
  • office furniture;
  • outdoor furniture.

They provide wooden architecture for various residential, outdoor and office needs.

Interior designers work with their clients to design and create spaces that meet their needs and preferences. These spaces can be living spaces, commercial spaces or public spaces such as hotels, restaurants and museums. It's not just about styling. Interior designers also create emotions and different sensations as desired.


However, one should remember that furniture production is the most important part of interior design. That's why Moovick has both components with you on every trip.

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The Challenges of Exhibition Logistics
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Participation in trade fairs such as Interzum, Gartentraume or IMM in Cologne presents furniture and interior design companies with several logistical challenges. These challenges include: 


Transporting large and bulky pieces of furniture

  • Dealing with customs clearance.
  • Inventory/Storage Management.
  • Coordination with vendors/partners.
  • We will now go through these four points in detail.

Transporting large and bulky pieces of furniture


Large and bulky furniture attracts the attention of every exhibition stand and potential customers. Safely transporting furniture to a trade fair is a major hurdle. They may not fit in the van as a whole, and the bulkiest furniture is usually disassembled for easy transport.


This requires professional care and professionalism. This is a big problem for all furniture and interior design companies, and in most cases, it is difficult to tackle alone.


Dealing with customs clearance


Customs delays and high tax fees are other major challenges for companies. Participation in an international exhibition requires the transport of exhibits in containers and complex paperwork, which are, issuing waybills and approval forms to customers.


This also includes transport from the port, delivery and careful unpacking at the exhibition stand, which amateurs should not do. International moving companies best handle these tasks and represent a major challenge for all furniture companies.


The last thing you want is a delay of more than 50,000 visitors expected at a large trade fair. And Moovick doesn't want that either. That's why the company offers quick transport and assembly of the furniture. 


Manage inventory and storage


After the hard work of delivering exhibits, the next challenge for trade fair logistics is keeping track of inventory. Inventory management is crucial because it allows you to track inventory in real-time and monitor inventory adequacy.


This way, companies know whether they have brought enough goods for the exhibition or whether there is still enough left for the next day.


Additional expert help is also required for storage. Companies often use the services of storage companies to provide them with storage space. Designing a stand or an interesting kiosk is also a complex task and requires the services of professionals. 


Interior design companies can perfectly cope with this task and present a stand as an example of their offer. But furniture companies may need help with this.

Coordinating with vendors and partner


Supplier coordination is just as important as partner coordination in trade fair logistics because poorly managed supplier coordination can derail the entire project or result in substandard services being provided. 


Managing this efficiently requires a lot of resources, sufficient preparation time and relationship management skills.


The solution - Moovick's logistics platform: Production is already difficult, so why should logistics be, too?

Moovick's logistics platform offers an innovative and efficient solution to the logistical challenges in furniture production and interior design. Moovick's platform connects companies with a network of over 1,600 freelance movers and artisans trained to handle delicate and bulky furniture. 


Moovick also offers a cloud-based inventory management system, real-time shipment tracking, customs brokerage services, and expedited shipping.

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Advantages of Using Moovick's Logistics Platform
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Using Moovick's logistics platform for trade fair logistics has several advantages for furniture and interior design companies. These advantages include cost efficiency, flexibility and transparency. Businesses can choose from a variety of transportation options, including air, sea, and land transportation.


Moovick's platform also offers real-time tracking and updating so companies can monitor the progress of their shipments and adjust their plans accordingly.

To Sum It Up


The furniture production and furnishing industry is a dynamic and fast-growing industry, but it also faces some logistical challenges. Participating in trade fairs such as the Interzum Trade Show can be particularly challenging. 


For this reason, Moovick's logistics platform offers an innovative and efficient solution to these challenges. With Moovick's platform, companies can streamline their trade fair logistics and focus on what matters most: presenting their products and connecting with customers.


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1. How can Moovick help me handle the cultural challenges of participating in a trade fair abroad?

While Moovick may not provide direct cultural expertise, their guide likely offers tips on navigating the logistics of international trade fairs. This includes customs clearance for your booth materials or navigating language barriers with drayage companies. To look deeper into cultural aspects, reaching out to the embassy of the host country or cultural organisations could be helpful.


2. Beyond Moovick's recommendations, what else can I do to ensure my booth staff is prepared for the trade fair?

The guide might recommend training for staff on product knowledge and sales techniques. To supplement this, consider role-playing exercises to simulate common attendee interactions and practise elevator pitches to communicate your value proposition succinctly.


3. After the trade fair, how can Moovick's solutions help me maximise the return on investment (ROI) from the event?

Moovick's guide might touch on post-show logistics like collecting leads and shipping booth materials back. To maximise ROI, leverage the guide's recommendations and go beyond by creating a post-show email campaign to nurture leads and track their engagement.


4. Moovick seems like a great solution, but are there any alternatives for streamlining trade fair logistics?

The guide likely focuses on Moovick's offerings. Still, there might be sections mentioning alternative solutions like partnering with other exhibitors to share resources or utilising technology platforms to manage booth logistics. Researching freight forwarding companies or event management firms in your area could also be beneficial.  

Have a move, project or a task in mind?

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