The Ultimate Guide to Effortless Furniture Exhibition Logistics with Moovick

The Ultimate Guide to Effortless Furniture Exhibition Logistics with Moovick


12 April 2023 5 min read
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The furniture production and interior design industry is indeed a dynamic and rapidly growing one. It is characterized by the production of a wide range of products such as sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, lighting fixtures, and home decor items. 


The industry serves both residential and commercial customers. Ranging from homeowners and interior designers to hotels, restaurants, and corporate offices.


However, while this business is exciting, the logistical challenges in this industry can be enormous. Especially during trade shows like Interzum.


Organizing products and design, as well as standing out at the trade show, should be top priorities for all companies. Moving displays should not be a problem. And that's where Moovick comes in. 


In this article, we will discuss the challenges faced by furniture and interior design companies. Especially when it comes to participating in exhibitions such as Interzum. And how the Moovick platform can help solve these problems. 

The Furniture Production and Interior Design Industry

Products and Customers:

The furniture production and interior design industry is a diverse industry that offers a wide range of products and services. Furniture manufacturers produce a variety of furniture products, including:

  • upholstered furniture;
  • case goods;
  • office furniture;
  • outdoor furniture.


They supply wooden architecture for various home, outdoor, and office needs.

Interior designers work with clients to design and create spaces that meet their needs and preferences. These spaces can be residential, commercial, or public spaces like hotels, restaurants, and museums. It’s not just styling, interior designs also create emotion and different sensations as desired.


However, it is worth noting that furniture production is the most important part of interior design. That's why Moovick takes both components in tow on every journey.

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The Challenges of Exhibition Logistics
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Exhibiting trade shows like Interzum, Gartentraume, or the IMM in Cologne, presents several logistics challenges for furniture and interior design companies. These challenges include: 

  1. Transporting large and bulky furniture pieces.
  2. Dealing with customs clearance.
  3. Managing inventory/storage.
  4. Coordinating with vendors/partners.

We would now go through these four in detail.


Transporting large and bulky furniture pieces:

Large and bulky furniture attracts the attention of every exhibition stand and potential customers. Transporting furniture safely and securely to a trade show is a significant deterrent. It may not fit into the van as a whole, and the bulkiest furniture is usually disassembled for easy transportation.


This requires professional care and professionalism. This is a significant problem for all furniture and interior design companies, and in most cases, it is difficult to cope with it alone.


Dealing with customs clearance:

Delays at customs and high tax fees are other major challenges companies face. Participation in an international exhibition requires the transportation of exhibits in containers, as well as complex paperwork. For example, issuing bills of lading and authorization forms for customers.


It also includes transportation from the port, delivery, and careful unpacking at the exhibition stand, which should not be done by amateurs. These tasks are best performed by international moving companies, and they are a big challenge for all furniture companies.


The last thing you want is to delay more than 50,000 visitors who are supposed to attend a major trade show. And that's something Moovick doesn't want either, which is why it offers fast transportation and assembly of furniture


Managing inventory and storage: 

After the hard work of delivering exhibits, the next challenge faced by exhibition logistics is keeping track of inventory. Inventory management is essential because it allows you to track inventory in real-time and monitor stock adequacy. This is how companies know if they have brought enough goods for the exhibition or if there is still enough left for the next day.


The storage component also requires additional expert assistance. Companies often use the services of warehousing companies that provide them with storage space. The design of a stand or an interesting kiosk is also a complex task and also requires the services of professionals.


Interior design companies can handle this task perfectly and show a stand as a sample of what they can offer. But furniture companies may have to struggle with this.

Coordinating with vendors and partner


Vendor coordination is just as crucial as partner coordination in exhibition logistics because poorly managed vendor coordination can derail the entire project or result in subpar services being delivered. Many resources, sufficient preparation time, and relationship management skills are needed to handle it efficiently.

The Solution – Moovick's Logistics Platform: The production of it is already hard, so why should the logistics also be?


Moovick's logistics platform offers an innovative and efficient solution to the logistics challenges of the furniture production and interior design industry. Moovick's platform connects companies with a network of over 1600 freelancer movers and handymen, who are trained to handle delicate and bulky furniture items.


Moovick also provides a cloud-based inventory management system, real-time tracking of shipments, customs clearance services, and expedited shipping.

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Advantages of Using Moovick's Logistics Platform
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Using Moovick's logistics platform has several advantages for furniture and interior design companies. These advantages include and are not limited to cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and transparency. Companies can choose from a variety of transportation options, including air, sea, and land transport.


Moovick's platform also provides real-time tracking and updates, which allows companies to monitor the progress of their shipments and adjust their plans accordingly.

The furniture production and interior design industry is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry, but it is also faced with several logistics challenges. Exhibiting at trade shows like the Interzum Trade Show can be particularly challenging.


That is why, Moovick's logistics platform provides an innovative and efficient solution to these challenges. By using Moovick's platform, companies can streamline their exhibition logistics and focus on what matters most: showcasing their products and connecting with customers.

Have a move, project or a task in mind?

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