5 Cool Resources Indians Living in or Moving to Germany Must Know!

5 Cool Resources Indians Living in or Moving to Germany Must Know!


07 December 2021 5 min read
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In 2020, Germany welcomed many more Indian students, breaking previous records.


Of course, it was difficult moving to Germany, just as it is moving to a new country. Whether for studying or settling down, the good news is that there are quite a number of Indians already living in Germany, making up about 0.2% of the population. This means there's a community of people who understand your culture and can help you settle in. They offer support and advice to newcomers when finding the right university program or adjusting to life in a new place.


Some schools and organizations mainly help Indian folks settle in and feel at home in Germany.


Are you an Indian seeking to move to Germany or from any part of the world? This article discusses van shipping basics and gives you resources that will help you settle in.


1. Do you want hassle-free parcel delivery? Try Moovick!


"What is the most difficult thing in the world?" a traveler once asked a great sage. "There is nothing more difficult in the world than sending a package across international borders!" the sage replied. Okay, this may not be a true story, but the trouble really is!


Use Moovick if you want easy, lightning-fast, and affordable delivery. And since you're moving to a new country, we're sure you'll miss something homemade, especially those jars of mango pickles! Moovick offers you cheap one-day delivery so you can enjoy delicious dishes straight from your home country! 


And to return the love, you can send our local delicacies to your home in India! Register now at moovick.com


2. Do you have a question, or would you like to meet more Indian brothers/sisters in Germany? Visit the IG forum!


If you are looking for advice about jobs in Germany or even training in Germany, then the Forum Indians in Germany (IG) is the right place for you. 


Sure, Quora may also be an excellent place to gather opinions, but IG is more specialized for your specific use case. 


Indians in Germany (IG) is a digital platform that connects Indian expats and people who love Indian culture in Germany through the IG app for smartphones (Android and iOS). You can easily find and connect with like-minded people. 


As a one-stop solution, the IG platform offers various functions such as forums, events, news, FAQs, jobs, and IG Wikipedia, where users can independently enter information into the IG database. Register here at  indianingermany.de  or download the app for  Android or iOS.

3. Vanakkam Germany: Some informative content for NRIs in Germany!



Learn how to live like a local in Germany with the help of Priya and Balaji. They're a friendly duo dedicated to showing you the ropes of German life and will explain van shipping basics to you. 


Their easy-to-understand advice covers everything from dealing with taxes and setting up a business to understanding insurance and making smart investments. Priya and Balaji will help you navigate the ins and outs of immigration and get familiar with German customs. 

Whether you're new to the country or have been here a while, the tips will make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your new home. Check out their helpful videos on "Vannakam Germany" to get started.


4. Noah Mobility: Moving has never been so easy!


Meet Liu Lingchao, also known as China's 'Snail Man,' who's famous for carrying his portable house on his back as he travels across the country. While we admire his determination, we understand that not everyone wants to live like him. That's where Noah Mobility comes in. 


Noah Mobility makes moving easy with its comprehensive services, just like booking an Uber. Their team helps you find a new place to live, sets up property viewings, and even manages the delivery of your belongings. With Noah Mobility, moving becomes stress-free and efficient. 

5. Do you want to travel to Germany or nearby countries? Go to Omio!


With Omio, you have all you need for your travels, even if you're shipping a van. There is no more need to stick to one travel agency. Omio lets you compare prices, find the best routes, and pick how you want to travel, all in one spot. 


Whether you're exploring Europe's beautiful landscapes or going on a road trip, Omio makes it easy by showing you all the options for tickets. Just a few clicks and you can find the cheapest prices for your destination. Omio's vast network covering Europe makes your travel simple and stress-free.

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To Wrap It Up


If you're Indian thinking about moving to Germany or already living in Germany, knowing about these five essential resources will make a difference:


There's Moovick, which makes sending parcels back home or receiving goodies from India super easy. Then there's the Forum Indians in Germany (IG), where you can get personalized advice and connect with fellow Indians in Germany for support and tips. "Vannakam Germany" with Priya and Balaji is another excellent resource that offers practical advice, including van shipping basics, to help you adjust to life in Germany smoothly.


Moovick is a handy tool for planning your travels within Germany or across Europe. Settling into life in Germany becomes much more accessible with these resources, allowing you to enjoy your international adventure to the fullest.


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1. I'm a vegetarian/vegan; will these resources still be helpful for me?

While some resources might focus on general aspects of Indian life in Germany, a good portion will likely cater to finding Indian groceries and restaurants. Look for resources with specific recommendations for vegetarian/vegan stores or restaurants or those that discuss navigating a German supermarket for familiar ingredients. 


2. I'm moving to a smaller town in Germany, will these resources be relevant?

Not all resources may directly apply, especially those focused on finding Indian communities or specific stores. However, resources on navigating German bureaucracy, learning the language, or cultural norms will still be valuable. You can also use them as a springboard to find local Facebook groups or forums for Indians in your area.


3. I already speak fluent German; what can these resources offer me?

Even with German fluency, these resources can be helpful for finding hidden gems! Look for recommendations on Indian cultural events, niche stores selling Indian crafts or clothing, or even hidden Indian restaurants known more within the community.


4. Are there any resources focused on the professional lives of Indians in Germany?

The provided resources might not directly address professional life, but some might offer tips on networking within the Indian community in Germany. This can be a valuable starting point for finding mentors or job opportunities within your field. You can also search for resources focused explicitly on Indian professionals in Germany, such as LinkedIn groups or websites. 

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