Budgeting for Your Move - 5 Things to Prepare For

Budgeting for Your Move - 5 Things to Prepare For


22 November 2023 5 min read
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There are several reasons people move to new locations: security, work, or family, but in many cases, an individual moves to a new location because of work. Hence, they have to move along with their families. Some things to consider when moving a family are housing and transportation costs. As you'd expect, the cost of moving a large family is more than the cost of moving a small one.


That said, some constants affect relocation costs regardless of the number of people involved. Some of these factors surround the size and weight of luggage, while others consider the location you're moving to. 


If you are considering moving but don't know what to plan for moving costs, fortunately, this article is a comprehensive guide on how to budget your move free from hiccups. Firstly, let us see these factors that affect moving costs.

Factors that affect relocation Cost


1. Distance

Distance is a major factor that affects long-distance movements. Long-distance movements are expensive because they require burning more fuel and using more labor input. All of these, put together, can affect moving costs hugely.


Also, the means of transportation can raise the total amount and become an important moving cost to consider. The cost of moving your luggage over land may be less than moving your luggage over the seas. Whichever means you desire, ensure you factor in the costs of moving too.

2. Volume of Belongings

By customising the typical moving expenses for individuals — another factor raising costs is the volume of belongings. As previously stated, movers can charge based on the weight of your luggage or the cubic footage of your belongings. It is why we often advise house owners to properly declutter their belongings or downsize them to rescue their volume of belongings.


Meanwhile, there are certain situations where decluttering belongings may not significantly affect moving-out expenses. For example, if you are moving out with your family, you may need to spend a high budget on transportation costs because of the large volume of belongings.

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3. Moving Services 

Depending on the type of services you wish to hire for moving out, the costs can vary. DIY will be less costly because movers will only transport your packages and unpack them. Meanwhile, if you wish to hire professional services, you should budget high. Professional movers offer seamless travel and convenient packaging services.

4. Packaging

Packing affects relocation costs because money is spent on purchasing tapes, boxes, and box cutters. Plus, the type of box you buy will affect cost too. You'd not expect to buy the same box for both heavy appliances and lightweight appliances. For sure, a box for heavy appliances will cost more than a box for lightweight. In short, you have to consider packing when making your moving expenses list.


5. Additional Expenses

Unforeseen expenses like cleaning costs and utility setup can arise during a move. We dearly encourage you to factor in a contingency fund to cover these unexpected costs. Parking permits and storage fees are bothersome, as are typical moving expenses in this gang.

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The Cost of Moving: Moving Cost to Consider
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The average cost of hiring professional movers ranges between €273 to €5460. For local distances, a professional service charges between €273 and €1365, and they charge €2275 to €4500 for long-distance movements. You must check out the reviews on a moving company before hiring. Also, ensure to reach out to the moving company to see what package suits your moving plan.


Moving Truck Rental

If you are considering downsizing on cost, consider using a moving truck rental. The cost of using a moving truck rental to relocate ranges between €18 to €90 per day.

However, these costs depend on the size of the truck and the side of the truck depends on the volume of your belongings and the distance of your move.  


Packaging materials

In your moving costs, consider that the price of packaging materials matters for both professional services and moving truck rentals. For Professional services, packaging may be discussed alongside your overall relocation costs. But for moving truck rentals, you will be buying the packaging boxes yourself since you'd be packing and unpacking. The cost of boxes and other packaging supplies is between €46 to €455.


Cleaning Services and Accommodation 

A part of moving before forgetting to budget for their moving expenses list is cleaning services. Considering the time spent packing and getting new appliances, the last thing you want to bother about is cleaning your new home. You'd want to call a cleaning service to keep your new home neat and ready to move in. The cost of hiring a professional cleaning service can range between €90 to €275 - you sure do want to budget for that, too, right?


Postage and Shipping

Sending items ahead of time or mailing packages to your new address can incur postage and shipping costs, which vary depending on the weight and distance.


Storage Fees

If you need temporary storage for your belongings before or after your move, storage fees can range from €46 to €180 per month.


Additionally, you may need to consider the cost of meals and accom(motel) if you'd be moving in at night. It means, for a large family, you'd be spending more on meals for the night.

Save Cost: Effective Strategies to Cut Moving Out Expenses

Declutter and Downsizing 

We already mentioned that decluttering your belongings can reduce their volume, hence lowering your moving-out expense. A good way to declutter your items is to donate them, discard them, and recycle unused and unwanted ones. If the item is something you can purchase in your new location, you can dispose of it. Make this task bold on your moving checklist and mark it completed when done to the satisfaction of your heart.

Seek Discounts and Deals

We strongly advise that you compare prices from different moving companies to budget your relocation costs. Chances are that you may find a company with discounted offers while comparing companies.


You can schedule your move to fall within off-peak seasons to enjoy moving markdown.

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Budgeting your relocation costs can make your transition seamless or disjointed. We have helped you with a list of things to consider in your moving expenses list. To make the whole process easy, Moovick connects you with excellent movers for stress-free and real-time moving.


Based on projects, we have a wide range of moving services to suit customers of all kinds, and we give space for option picks of the service to optimise cost. Connect now, and feel free to explore all elements of Moovick to your advantage. 


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