Get Help Moving From a Driver with a Delivery Truck - Moovick Moving App

Get Help Moving From a Driver with a Delivery Truck - Moovick Moving App


10 September 2021 5 min read
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Whether moving your office or your house to another location, you always need someone to help you move. In this case, you can always count on Moovick. You can find and explore the profiles of movers in your area via our website or app. 


We will provide a professional man with a van or truck whenever you need him. Moovick Community truck or van movers can also help you deliver, load and unload your belongings. Efficient and cost-effective van rental takes all the unwanted moving stress away from you. And when you rent a van to transport furniture, the work doesn't just end with the pickup or delivery of the package. You can also ask the movers for help assembling and disassembling the furniture. 


Do you wonder why we are so different? You got the mail.

High Standard of Vehicles 


The moving trucks used by Moovick Community Movers are perfect for transporting large boxes, suitcases and other furniture. There are several benefits of using our driver with van service in Germany, including:

  • Guarantee the protection and security of your goods
  • Efficient and careful movers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Also, take large individual pieces of furniture with you
  • If you need seats for passengers, you save money on a taxi.

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The vehicles or vans that our movers use belong entirely to them. Therefore, they are appropriately equipped, maintained and cleaned to the highest standards. So you can rely on them to get your things to a specific destination on time and safely.

Quality Moving Service


Whether moving or just wanting to relocate your belongings, you can always rely on the Moovick Community. Our driver-cum-van services are perfect for both large and small moves. Many customers are delighted with our services. We receive numerous recommendations for our high-quality moving services. 


The delivery truck driver that Moovick offers is also helpful for delivering your package anywhere in your area. If you are looking for a viable alternative to self-driving vans, we are the ones for you. We can save you the unnecessary stress of transporting your belongings from one place to another because our ultimate goal is a smooth and stress-free move.  


Moovick Community movers help you move, load, and unload your belongings. Plus, they can address any special needs you may have during the move. They assist you pack, lift, move, assemble, disassemble, and more.

How Can I Save Money When Renting a Van?


There are a few things you can consider to reduce van rental costs. Let's dive in:

  • Avoid Peak Moving Season: If possible, remember to avoid peak moving season. Although we strive to keep prices as low as possible, they may be affected due to events or festivals. Due to high demand, a slight price increase may occur during the festival season and weekends. 

  • Decluttering:  The amount of storage space required directly affects the cost. So save space by sorting out some of your things. Check all items carefully and remove those you don't need. And most importantly, make sure the van you choose is big enough for all your stuff. If this is not possible, you can also book more than one man with a delivery truck for the items. 

  • Book the man with the van in advance:  Although getting a driver on the day or within a few hours is possible, we recommend booking in advance. This way, you can secure great prices and offers. You also have time to compare offers and choose the driver that best suits your needs. 

  • Communicate:  To ignore the other additional damage costs, talk to your driver in advance before moving. The movers with us are professional and take care of the goods they transport, but it is always good to be safe. Also, informing them about fragile items in your packages can help them take extra precautions.

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Why Choose Moovick for a Van Driver?


1. Excellent Customer Support:  Our team at Moovick is always ready to answer all your questions. Whether it's a long-distance or local move, our support representative will answer all your questions. We strive to make your move as worry-free as possible. 


2. Security: Book furniture removals, moving help, garbage collection, and more via the Moovick app or website. Moovick delivery professionals are selected through vehicle background checks and have passed background checks. Every individual project is covered by liability and transport insurance. So you can easily trust us for moving services.


3. Affordable Pricing: Affordability is the most significant advantage of a man with a van rental through Moovick. Unlike other websites and moving services, we have no middlemen or hidden costs. Once you have contacted the driver, it is between you and the driver. We do not interfere with or influence prices. But of course, our support team is there for you if you need it.


4. Timely Delivery:  Time is a precious commodity in every sense. Therefore, we know how vital the service is to be provided effectively and quickly. That's why we strive to use only the best movers, characterised by punctuality and quality of work. The result is that our customers are always delivered on time and without any problems.


5. Nationwide coverage:  The scope and reach of our van rental covers all important parts of Germany. You can have a fantastic moving experience with just a few clicks through our platform. For example, you can make international moves: Germany to Austria, the Netherlands to Belgium, and Great Britain to Germany


6. Open and Simple Pricing:  Each local and long-distance moving company is available in a sorted list with the price on our website and app. This makes it easier for users to compare prices with the other options available. This makes choosing the option that best suits your budget and needs is easy.


7. Real Customer Reviews:  The reviews given by the customers on our website are 100% genuine, honest and verified. Our movers know that we don't filter reviews. And we are very proud of our service. You can trust that the reviews only tell the truth. 

To Wrap It Up


Moovick offers a stress-free solution for your moving needs, providing reliable movers with well-maintained vehicles. Our community of movers ensures a smooth experience, from loading and unloading to assembly and disassembly. With affordable pricing, excellent customer support, and nationwide coverage, Moovick stands out as your trusted partner for a seamless and efficient move. 


Choose Moovick for a reliable, timely, and cost-effective van rental experience.

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1. What size items can a Moovick driver with a delivery truck handle?

While Moovick uses delivery trucks, these may be smaller than traditional moving trucks. There might be limitations on the weight and size of furniture or appliances a driver can handle. Moovick's app can specify the size and quantity of items during booking,  helping to ensure a good match for your needs.


2. What about packing and unpacking with a Moovick delivery truck driver?

Packing and unpacking services are often associated with Moovick's services. So do well and confirm with our customer service. 


3. Are there any insurance options for my belongings when using a Moovick delivery truck driver?

It's essential to understand Moovick's insurance policy for "man with a van" services. The app might offer add-on insurance options to cover your belongings during transport in case of damage or accidents. 


Have a move, project or a task in mind?

Contact Moovick team to sort it out
Contact Moovick team to sort it out

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