5 Things You Never Knew You Could Use Crowdshipping For!

5 Things You Never Knew You Could Use Crowdshipping For!


04 May 2021 5 min read
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What is crowd shipping? You might be already familiar with the concept. It’s a delivery service powered by people like you and us. A traveller or a driver picks up the parcel from the sender, and delivers it to the receiver, on his journey. It’s a win-win situation for all, the prices are affordable for the sender, the receiver gets the parcel within a couple of days (or even hours!), while the traveller/driver makes money as he does his dream job (aka travelling)! But what are some interesting use cases for crowdshipping? Let’s find out:

1. Do You Know What’s Your Worst Nightmare? Forgetting Your Travel Documents!

What could be worse than forgetting your passport at your friend’s or your relative’s place and having no one to deliver it? Don’t let this happen to you! Cause ironically this is what happened with the founders of Moovick and hence they swore an oath to never let this happen to anyone else! Luckily they found a person to deliver the forgotten passport but now it’s easier than ever to find someone making the required trip using Moovick!

2. Staying Abroad & Miss Homemade Food? We Got You Covered!

If you are an Indian immigrant staying away from your family at homeland, chances are your Mom must be packing those ‘ghar ka achaar’ aka homemade pickles everytime you visit them. What if we tell you, you can consistently receive those bottles of pickle made with love? Sounds too cheesy and next to impossible, right? Crowdshipping to the rescue! Just find the right person to deliver those savoury pickles to you on our site!

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3. Want to Earn While Travelling? Deliver a Parcel Using Moovick

No one likes to wait when they place an order online. And if you are on a vacation, guess what? You can earn money by being their superhero and helping them get their goods within 24 hours! No, you do not need to change your path while travelling! Simply choose your current location and the place where you are travelling to on our site, and we only show you the required deliveries between those two points! If you have dreamed of longer vacations, you can now technically get paid to travel more with the help of crowdshipping!

4. Someone’s Moving Into Your Neighborhood? Help Them Shift Homes & Earn Money!

Shifting places can be a hassle. People end up contacting numerous agencies and end up getting a driver who quickly packs up things without caring about their fragile items, so that they can attend other bookings as soon as possible. To make things worse, shifting things can often cost more than the price of the products themselves!

So if you own a car, van or a delivery truck and are looking to earn some quick bucks, signup on moovick.com, set your prices, and help people shift their furniture and items. And the best part, you can meet some great people and make new friends!

Or are you the one shifting places?

Drum rolls… Once again, Moovick to your rescue!!!

With Moovick, you can literally book a friendly driver and shift places within hours, on the same day!


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5. Save an Art-form That’s About to Go Extinct by Promoting It!

There are several art forms that are on the brink of extinction. Some are kept alive due to family traditions but are not taught to outsiders. Naga handicraft is one such example. Although the Naga tribes participate in expos to sell their art, these events are pretty localised. 

Imagine if you could do something to save them and even promote these cottage industries? The only solution is to promote them to a larger, global audience. Fortunately in the era of digital marketing this could be done by creating an ecommerce store for them. And the deliveries can be easily managed by a crowdshipping platform like Moovick, which takes extra care of such priced items.

If you are looking for some volunteer work, guess what, you just got an unique idea! Go pitch this to NGOs promoting handicrafts and save a dying art with Moovick! :)

Have a move, project or a task in mind?

Contact Moovick team to sort it out
Contact Moovick team to sort it out

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