Are You Ordering From IKEA? Know the Changed Scenario For Delivery

Are You Ordering From IKEA? Know the Changed Scenario For Delivery


05 August 2021 5 min read
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The pandemic has been a tough time for everyone. Market participants have changed their working style and policies, and office workers have transitioned to working from home, increasing the number of home offices. In the earlier luxurious homes, it was rare to have a home office, but now people are investing in a home office to have a dedicated space for office work and to separate office time from home/family time.


As more and more companies are giving subsidies for office furniture like tables, chairs, modems, stools and so on, the demand for these items has increased. So, major stores have changed their shipping policies to meet growing demand and ensure the virus doesn't spread further.


To learn more about the changed delivery scenario, read this article. We extensively discuss the changed scenario for IKEA delivery. 

Changes to IKEA's Shipping And Delivery Policies


IKEA, the furniture giant covering more than 95% of office supplies, has significantly changed its sales and shipping policies. The fundamental changes that have been made include:

  • The usual same day deliveries have been postponed and due to the high demand for the products there is no promise of delivery date. This means the deliveries on the same day have been delayed. The delay is because many people are requesting these products, so we can't guarantee the delivery when they will arrive.

  • Decreased deliveries. Due to decreased deliveries, tables or beds previously brought directly to your room are no longer being left in front of your house. This means that getting these items into your home now requires more effort and may inconvenience customers who rely on the convenience of doorstep delivery.

  • Returns and exchanges have been paused due to the current Covid situation and to comply with government guidelines. This means that customers may be unable to return or exchange their products during this time. It's important to consider this when making purchases, as it may affect your ability to exchange or return items if they don't meet your expectations or needs.

  • Shipping costs have been standardised at a flat rate in several regions. This means that regardless of the quantity or value of your purchase, you'll be charged the same shipping fee for your delivery. While this might initially seem convenient, it can have consequences for customers. For instance, those buying smaller items may pay more for shipping than the product's value. On the other hand, customers purchasing larger or bulkier items might benefit from this flat-rate system. Additionally, it can create uncertainty for shoppers accustomed to variable shipping fees based on their purchase size or distance. While flat-rate shipping simplifies the process, customers must consider how it impacts their shopping experience and costs.

  • Unfortunately, the assembly services previously provided through our partnership with TaskRabbit are no longer available. As a result, customers will need to seek out local service providers to assist with assembling their items. While this change may be inconvenient, we recommend exploring local options to ensure your products are constructed to your satisfaction.

  • If you plan to visit IKEA for shopping, it's important to note that many IKEA stores may still be closed for in-person shopping and only offer a click-and-collect service. Therefore, before you head out, check if the IKEA store near you is open for sale. This ensures you don't make a wasted trip and can efficiently plan your shopping experience.

Moovick As An Alternative Delivery Option


We have registered drivers on our website who have their vans. They are ready to help you transport the products from one place to another and, most of the time, deliver the products you purchase to your home.


All you have to do is find a driver available in your area, and when you need him, Contact them and have your IKEA purchases delivered to your home the same day. With Moovick, you no longer have to wait for IKEA deliveries, which have already been delayed due to the coronavirus.

With the services of loading and unloading, door delivery, assembly, and so on, Moovick is the best option for getting your purchases quickly, cheaply, and safely!


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1. I placed an IKEA order before the delivery changed. Will my old delivery options still apply?

This depends on when you placed the order. IKEA might have a cut-off date to honor previous delivery options. Check with IKEA's customer service or your order confirmation for details.


2. The new delivery options need to be fixed for me. Can I still pick up my IKEA order myself?

Yes, in most cases, you should still be able to choose in-store pickup for your order. This might be a good option if the new delivery options don't fit your schedule or needs.


3. With the new delivery structure, can I still have someone assemble my IKEA furniture for me?

IKEA's assembly services might be offered separately from delivery now. Check during checkout or with IKEA's customer service to see if assembly can be added to your order.


4. I live in a remote area. Will the new delivery changes affect me more than people in cities?

Delivery fees or availability might be more impacted in remote areas than in urban locations. Check IKEA's delivery information for your specific area to see if there are any changes or limitations.

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