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The complete process of shifting one or more employees from one location to another is referred to as employee relocation. This could be done inside the same city, to another city, or even to another nation.


Employee relocation just like personal relocation may occur voluntarily or involuntarily. The move is requested by the employee in a voluntary relocation, and the company may choose to support it. When a move is forced upon a worker, it is usually the employer that makes the first move, and the worker must typically consent to the move in order to keep their job with the company.


Moovick is a high-end variety of relocation services, created to manage the complete process of relocating one or more employees.


Finding a new place to live, physically packing and moving the employee's things, intercultural training, and language courses for the employee and their family are just a few of the services that we offer - so that you get all the services you can, with as little stress as possible. 

What does an employee relocation package include?

Some employers opt to pay the relocation expenses outright, while others might give the employee a stipend or lump payment and let them make their own arrangements. Examples of employee relocation packages for staff members include the following:

  • A relocation payment to help with the cost of moving the employee's possessions;
  • A housing grant to assist with the expense of locating a new home;
  • A stipend to help with travel expenses to the new location;
  • An allowance for family support to assist with the price of child care, education, and counseling;
  • A one-time payment to assist with moving expenses;
  • A stipend for job searching to assist families with the cost of locating employment in the new area.

Employee relocation services cost

Depending on the distance of the relocation, the kind of accommodation required, and the level of assistance the employee needs along the way, the costs of employee relocation services can be substantial and can vary greatly. Some of the most typical expenses an employer may incur include the following:

Housing expenses

The employee will need to acquire housing if they are relocating to a new city or nation. It may be necessary for the employer to assist with this by paying for temporary accommodation or offering a housing allowance. The location, the kind of housing required, and the duration of the employee's housing need will all affect the cost of housing.

Family assistance

The company might also need to help the family members if the employee is moving with them if they have children. Childcare, education, and counseling might all be included in this. The price will vary according to the size, age, and type of help required for the family.

Shifting costs

Moving an employee's possessions from one place to another is the relocation's most noticeable expense. This can involve paying for storage, renting a vehicle, or engaging the services of a reputable moving company. The distance of the transfer and the amount of belongings the employee has will both affect the price.

Traveling costs

To start working or looking for accommodation in the new place, the employee may have to travel. Travel expenses, such as those for lodging, a rental car, and airfare, may be covered by the company.

The biggest challenges of an employee relocation

Relocations of employees can be difficult and emotionally taxing, and they frequently don't go according to schedule. The following are some of the most typical difficulties employers run into while moving employees, described by the companies themselves as well as employee relocation companies:


Economic variables

Relocation services may also be complicated by economic concerns. Depending on the distance of the transfer, the kind of housing required, and the level of assistance the person needs, the cost of relocating an employee may be substantial and can vary greatly.



The relocation's justifications and the employee's expectations must be made known by the employer. Additionally, they must explain the relocation policy to the employee and ensure that they are aware of it.


Legal problems

Relocation of employees may potentially present legal difficulties. Employers must be aware of any laws or rules that might be relevant to the relocation and ensure that it conforms with them. They must also be aware of any contracts or other agreements that the relocation might affect.  

How we help to deal with them

Customized Relocation Plans

Moovick creates relocation policies that best meet the objectives of your firm once you have a basic understanding of the mechanics of the employee relocation process. The "tiered" and "a la carte" techniques are the most widely used tactics for this element of the process.


Local hiring and recruitment networks

Our relocation programs offer excellent incentives to employees while adhering to local employment rules and regulations that are crucial for businesses looking to attract and retain the best individuals available. Companies now need to have a worldwide relocation program that follows current best practices and keeps up with changing tax and legal regulations in order to attract the finest individuals for the position.


Utilizing technology

Moovick relies on incorporated technology to make their jobs easier. Utilizing technology to streamline your relocation method is something worth investigating, whether it be a temporary solution developed by the firm itself or a purchased product incorporated into the organization's platform.

Navigating the Employee Relocation Process

Navigating the intricate process of relocating employees demands close collaboration between the HR department, the employees themselves, and the moving and logistics partner. At Moovick, we understand the pivotal role that clear communication plays in ensuring a successful relocation experience. In this section, we'll delve deeper into the importance of effective interaction with the HR department throughout the employee relocation process.


1. Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

Effective communication begins at the very start of the relocation process:


Information Gathering: Collaborate in open conversations with the relocating employee to understand their needs, preferences, and any potential challenges they might face during the move.


Policy Explanation: Clearly convey the company's relocation policy, benefits, and resources available to the employee. Address any questions or concerns they might have.


2. Collaborative Planning

A successful relocation hinges on careful planning and coordination:


Budget Alignment: Work closely with the employee to align the relocation budget with their requirements and the company's policy. This ensures a smooth process without unexpected financial hurdles.


Timeline Coordination: Regularly update the employee about the relocation timeline, keeping them informed about important milestones and deadlines.

3. Seamless Execution

Throughout the actual relocation, maintain a strong line of communication:


Vendor Coordination: Collaborate with the chosen moving and logistics partner (such as Moovick) to ensure that every aspect of the move aligns with the employee's needs and the company's standards.


Addressing Concerns: Should any issues arise during the relocation, act as a bridge between the employee and the moving company, promptly addressing concerns and finding solutions.


4. Continuous Support

Even after the employee has settled into their new location, communication remains vital:


Onboarding Assistance: Facilitate the employee's integration into the new work environment, helping them become familiar with colleagues, policies, and expectations.


Feedback Channels: Establish channels for the employee to provide feedback about their relocation experience, which can help improve the process for future relocations.

5. Handling Unique Situations

Every relocation is unique, and effective communication helps address special circumstances:


Family Considerations: Work closely with employees who are relocating with their families, offering resources and assistance tailored to their specific needs.


Cultural Transition: For international relocations, aid in cultural transition, helping the employee understand and adjust to the new country's customs and practices.


6. Post-Relocation Follow-Up

Your role extends beyond the move itself:


Check-Ins: Regularly check in with the employee during their initial months in the new location, ensuring that they are settling in well and addressing any challenges they might face.


Long-Term Integration: Continue to support the employee's integration into the new location, assisting them with any ongoing needs that arise.

We are always ready to help you every step of the way

Searching for “relocation services near me” is a usual topic for so many. We are glad to say that Moovick - a personal relocation services company that specializes in mobility services that offer your company a complete answer to your international immigration and relocation needs with assured transparent pricing. We provide a personal agent who will be in touch and facilitate assistance throughout the whole lifetime of your expansion to enable a quick and legal transition to your new market. To find out more, feel free to reach out. 

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