Easy Tasks to Fill Your Wallet in Germany

Easy Tasks to Fill Your Wallet in Germany


23 January 2024 5 min read
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With today’s hectic pace of life, there is nothing consumers want more than a streamlined, stress-free and quick way to find the right tradesperson for their needs. Likewise, every tradesman wants quick, easy and stress-free ways to increase their customer base and boost their earnings. Moovick makes that dream a reality, because in this digital age, your next customer is just a click away.


If this income boosting revolution is something you’d like to get in on, take a look at this handy guide to find out how you can start making money in Germany by completing quick and easy tasks as a Moovick service provider.


Moovick’s Detailed Guide for Money Making in Germany


Moovick lets customers and service providers connect and work together on a variety of tasks from moving to roof repairs and everything in between in one place. And all it takes to be a part of this matchmaking, money-making dream is a quick online registration form (Get access to hundreds of jobs like a mover (moovick.com)).


And that’s it! Now you’re registered on our online portal you’re ready to receive and accept job requests from clients and make offers on existing jobs. 

At Moovick, we have one simple platform which allows you to make money anywhere in Germany, by completing the tasks you do every day, no matter whether your skills lie in removals, DIY or carrying out repairs. Read on to see how we can help you make money easily by becoming a Moovick service provider. 

Quick Tasks to Fill Your Wallet in Germany

  • Repairs- A Quick Fix for Your Earnings

Machines breaking down, pipes leaking, tiles cracking; it happens to us all, and when it does the last thing anyone wants to do is to waste valuable time researching and contacting prospective repair companies, many of whom won’t have the skills or availability for the job. Moovick takes this stress away by offering a one-stop platform for all types of repairs right across Germany (Home repairs and maintenance service | House repair man (moovick.com))


When something goes wrong, which it inevitably always does, clients simply enter their problem and location on our easy-to-use online from and within no time they’ll be receiving offers from service providers in their city.


By registering as a service provider with us, you’ll instantly have access to all these jobs and will quickly be making money by helping customers fix-up their broken items and get back on track.


We see demand across every German city, so wherever you’re based, you can boost your earnings by completing everyday repair tasks with Moovick and because we cover all types of repairs, there’s sure to be a customer needing your help. Whether you know your way around an oven on the blink or how to repair a leaky roof, you’ll soon be finding extra tasks and making extra money. 

  • Handyman- Quick Money-Making Ideas

Moovick’s hassle-free one-stop-platform for handyman needs means that no matter what your skill, we have tasks right across Germany which will make you money fast. 


Our clients are in need of all kinds of Handyman services (Find local English speaking handyman services in Germany (moovick.com)) so no matter what you do, we’re certain you’ll be in demand and be able to boost your earnings quickly through the tasks you do every day, without the hassle of long phone calls about jobs you have no interest in taking.

Whether your skills lie in painting, flooring, gardening, kitchen assembly, roofing, installing solar panel or junk hauling, you can be sure that you’ll be in demand when you register as a Handyman service provider with Moovick. 

  • Moving- A Money Making Task Guide

When planning a move, clients love the ease and simplicity of entering their requirements on an easy-to-use app or simple webform. After all, there’s so much to plan and organise, so removing the added hassle of trawling through adverts and classified listings is a welcome relief! That’s where Moovick comes in; with just a few clicks of a mouse, they have access to the best service providers in their area, and you have access to the jobs you want to increase your earning potential.

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Moovick covers every type of move from short domestic moves across town to international office relocations, so whether you provide services for all kinds of move specialise in one area, with Moovick it really doesn’t matter. It’s entirely up to you which jobs you accept and make offers for, and we’ll only send you the ones which suit your skills, so you spend less time filtering out the jobs you don’t want and more time earning from the ones you do. 

  • Become a Service Provider in Germany Today

By registering as a service provider with Moovick, you can be sure that you’ll find the opportunity to boost your earnings. There are hundreds of tasks waiting for you, giving you the chance to make some quick cash through carrying out the tasks you’re an expert at. 


When you find a job that interests you, all you need to do is send a quick no-obligation offer and if you’re the right match, you can start earning quick money straight away. 


You’ll have access to numerous jobs across your area which will help you to increase your client base and make money from the tasks you were missing out on. 

With the choice to choose which jobs you want to make offers for and accept, you can take on as much or little work as you want to fit around your existing demands, but the more you accept, the more money you make and the quicker you make it!


Registering today is as simple as entering your details and getting started, and with no registration fee, it’s 100% free of charge. Start finding the tasks that suit you, send offers to your future customers and that extra money you were looking for will soon be rolling in- register now at Get access to hundreds of jobs like a mover (moovick.com).


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