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Occasionally, things can go a little wrong in the home – maybe the kettle isn’t boiling properly, or you accidentally yanked a drawer out of your cupboard. Unfortunately, often we do not have the required expertise to fix these problems around the home. That’s where repair services come in. Returning your furniture or appliances to their original working condition has never been easier thanks to the help of commercial repair services. Not only can getting professional help save you precious time and energy which you’d rather devote elsewhere, but they can often save you money further down the line.


By investing in getting commercial repair services, be it furnace repair services, house roof repair or oven repair services, you can extend the life of your furniture and appliances. This means that you’ll be able to save money by not having to replace them as frequently. It is also often not running the risk of fixing things yourself, because you could accidentally end up further damaging the item or equipment you’re trying to repair. Getting professional help also means that you can be confident the job has been done properly. Let’s get into some of the types of repairs you might need help with – remember, Moovick is always on hand to help, with thousands of handymen and home repair men and women ready to offer you their services.

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Repair services for faulty home appliances

One of the most common things to go wrong in your home are electrical appliances. Perhaps your oven isn’t working properly and you can’t find the reason why, or your dishwasher isn’t doing a great job at washing up your dirty crockery. Since we depend on these kinds of domestic appliances every day, it can be a real pain when they go wrong. If the hotplates on your hob are faulty, it can often be a matter for which you need immediate help, otherwise you’ll be left unable to cook. Luckily, Moovick makes it super easy to find home appliance repair services in your local area in a matter of minutes, putting you in touch with home repair men or women near to you who will be able to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Washer and dryer repair services

Equally urgent is when the washing machine or dryer is on the blink. There’s nothing more annoying than when you can’t dry your clothes, especially in the winter. What’s more, it’s hard to go without clean clothes, towels and bedsheets, so it’s likely you’d want to get your faulty washing machine or dryer seen to at the first available opportunity. Once again, Moovick makes it easy for you to get in touch with handymen who are experienced and qualified in home repairs and maintenance. They’ll be happy to come around straight away and get your washing machine or dryer up and running again in no time.


Bathroom repair services

The bathroom is another vital room in your home, so we at Moovick understand how important it is to get any necessary repairs seen to as quickly as possible. Bathrooms can experience all kinds of problems, including small leaks, broken shower doors or caulking that needs replacing. But luckily help is at hand. There’s no need to wait for the plumber’s next free slot in five days – Moovick’s handymen have diverse professional qualifications, and many of them will be able to carry out plumbing services but for a much more competitive rate. You’ll be able to have a handyman over in no time at all to get your bathroom looking spin and span again. 

House roof repair

The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home – it’s what we rely on to keep the elements out and to keep us warm and dry. So if there’s a ghastly draft whipping through your house, or there’s a hole in the roof and water is getting in, then you’ll want to get a handyman in straight away to make sure your roof is impermeable and properly sealed. Our handymen at Moovick can easily carry out roof leak repair services, and they’ll be able to look at the health of your roof and insulation at the same time to nip any other potential problems in the bud. 


Furnace repair service

There’s no need to get in a chimney sweep – Moovick’s handymen are able to provide furnace repair services for all sorts of wood burners or open fires. There’s nothing worse than having your hopes of a cosy winter’s night in dashed by a faulty furnace. If your furnace is broken or not working properly, or if there is a problem with your chimney, our handymen will make sure that you’re all set for the winter in no time.


Generator repair services

Most homes don’t have a generator, but if you live in a remote location or you perform critical services from your property, then it’s always good to make sure your generator is in good working condition. It is especially important to ascertain regularly whether your generator has any faults. If so, then Moovick’s handymen are always on standby to come out and make sure your generator is functioning properly in order to avoid any critical developments.

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Repair services in Germany and the Netherlands

Repairs can come in all shapes and sizes – whether it’s simply repair services for your microwave oven that you’re looking for, or even swimming pool repair services for your summer house in Bavaria, Moovick are on hand to help you. Our handymen operate across the length and breadth of Germany and the Netherlands. We have thousands of handymen able to carry out quick, efficient and cost-effective repairs right across these two countries, so you’re guaranteed to find those essential repair services in your local area. It’s never been so easy to get repair services near you!

Our services

If you’re looking for home or house repair services near you, then look no further – Moovick is the one-stop shop for all your house repair needs. You can use our super-accessible website to find local handymen who have the skills and qualifications to carry out reliable and cheap repairs on all manner of appliances or furniture. Because Moovick helps you find handymen in your local area, you can avoid expensive call-out fees normally associated with getting outside help in. Our handymen are also able to carry out diverse home repairs and maintenance all at once, so you can kill many birds with one stone. Just get in touch with a handyman near you using our website to get started. Or you can simply post the task that needs doing on Moovick, and wait for handymen to come to you with their quotes!

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