How to Make Extra Money While on Vacation

How to Make Extra Money While on Vacation


10 February 2021 5 min read
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How to Make Extra Money While on Vacation

Vacation: A word that may fill you up with joy (YAYY!!!) but at the same time make you worry about your upcoming expenses! (oops!!!)

What if we tell you that you won’t have to worry about your travel expenses from now on? Here are some tips on how to make extra money while on vacation:

1. Carry & deliver someone’s parcel in your luggage

Do not waste that empty space in your luggage. Instead use it to deliver a parcel for someone and not only offset your airfare, but also the carbon footprint by delivery vehicles! You only have to:

a. Sign up as a traveller on Moovick,
b. Post your travel dates and routes,
c. And get ready to receive requests (only for your routes) from senders who want to get their parcel delivered

Done with the delivery? Moovick will transfer you the delivery charges ASAP! ;)


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2. Be someone’s travel buddy

If you have travelled outside your country, you definitely know how terrifying it was the first time you went through the desks and counters at the airport. You can guide folks (as a travel buddy) who are moving to another country or travelling alone for the first time and earn some quick bucks. Since you asked us how to make extra money while on vacation, we recommend you to be someone’s travel buddy since it’s the most hassle-free way (no need to carry stuff for anyone and you get paid only for your guidance!). Here are detailed instructions on how to be someone’s travel companion on Moovick.

3. Travelling in your van? Deliver some heavy stuff for heavy profits!

If you are planning a road trip in that large van of yours, try delivering some furniture and goods on the way. If you have passenger insurance you can also offer a seat to the sender. Register as a driver on Moovick, and get ready to not only earn some easy money but make some friends on your vacation and have a road trip to remember forever!

4. Got a travel vlog? Invite folks to LP & earn credits!

If you are a popular vlogger on social media (even as a micro-influencer), you can consider posting your Moovick referral link and invite people. With each person joining, you both earn 5€ LP Bonus. Consider these credits as your future investments when you want to get something delivered or relocate using Moovick. Get your referral link here. Feel free to reach out to us for your valuable feedback and suggestions since the referral program is still in BETA and we are actively considering your advice to improve your experience! :)

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With these tips, you already know how to make extra money while on vacation. Thousands of people are already offsetting their travel expenses using Moovick. Who else wants to join the gang and make quick bucks on their vacation? Sign up now on Moovick.

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