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Things to Note Before Moving from Finland to Switzerland

People preparing to move from Finland to Switzerland believe it will open a new chapter filled with personal growth and sweet adventures. Hence, things must be considered for a smooth transition between the two countries.

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It offers people many opportunities for personal and professional growth, with an excellent quality of life. 

When it is clear that a country has much to offer, only a few know the details of what they are expected of before relocating. That is why we have compiled all the details you need to know before and after moving from Finland to Switzerland. At the end of this article, you will have gotten answers to many of your questions and cleared your doubts relating to moving to Switzerland. So, read on!

Here’s some information you should arm yourself with when considering moving from Finland to Switzerland. Below are frequently asked questions about moving from Finland to Switzerland that will give the necessary details for your relocation.

What Are the Things to Note When Moving to Switzerland?

Anyone who wants to move from Finland to Switzerland must be sure they are eligible. The country is strict on the type of people that can come and live in their country. People from the European Union can look for work if they have the financial capacity to do so. Finland is part of the EU. Therefore, eligibility is OK if you want to relocate from the country to Switzerland. Hence, you can stay in the country for about 90 days visa-free before you apply for a residence permit.

The next thing is to get the documents needed upon entry into the country. Since you are coming from Finland, you are eligible to stay. Hence, you need to have the proper paperwork to register yourself and be permitted to apply for things like health insurance, residence permit, banking, and rental accommodation.

Some documents needed upon entry into the country include your birth certificate, passports, medical records, work contract, university that you are admitted into, and other educational certificates. You are to present the original of these documents and have them certified.

How Many Official Languages are Spoken in Switzerland?

Four official languages are spoken in Switzerland, namely Italian, French, German, and Romansh, with German having the highest number of speakers. Interestingly, Swiss German differs from the German spoken in Germany, which means that knowing how to speak regular German is not an advantage. Some Swiss folks also speak English, especially in large cities.

How Do I Get a Swiss Driving License?

Expats who want to start or continue driving in Switzerland can use Finland's driving license since they come from the country. However, they should know that it is only valid for one year, and they must obtain a Swiss license. Also, it is essential to note that you must take a driving test if you do not apply for your license within a year.

How Do Expats Get Employment Permits in Switzerland?

First, you must ensure that your Finland work permit allows you to work legally in Switzerland. If so, you do not need a work permit in Switzerland. You can find work, change jobs, and move freely in the country without restrictions.

How Do I Get Health Insurance in Switzerland?

You should have health insurance as long as you live or work in Switzerland. If you are new to the country, you should get the insurance within three months according to their policy. The cost of insurance to be paid by an individual depends on their circumstances and the canton in which they are.

How Do I Open a Swiss Bank Account?

Opening a Swiss bank account is easy once you have gotten your residence permit. It is no new news that banks in Switzerland are known for their excellent customer service and how they cater to their customer's financial needs.  To open a Swiss account, you need to apply first. The application includes providing documents such as proof of address, residence permit, passport, and if required, work contract. Once all these documents are approved, the new bank cards will be sent to your address through post, and you will need to notify your employer of which IBAN to use to pay your salary.

How Do I Move My Belongings to Switzerland?

You will need a moving company to do international Moving from Finland to Switzerland. International movers are highly beneficial if you are considering moving from Finland to Switzerland. They can help you move your belongings, and you will get them safely.

Suppose medicine is part of your belongings. You must prove it is for personal use while accompanying your statement with evidence, such as a medication passport or a note from your pharmacist or a general practitioner.

Also, if you want to bring a pet, follow the guidelines for bringing animals into the country. Switzerland is pet-friendly, so you should not have any problems. Ensure you give your pets the necessary vaccines to avoid problems.

Advice on Moving to Switzerland

Switzerland is a popular destination for people looking to change their country. It has one of the best living standards, good health, transport services, and beautiful scenery. Before you consider moving internationally from Finland to Switzerland, be sure you have everything ready to make your relocation blissful. With the information above, we are sure you have the necessary details to help your transition. 

At Moovick, we connect you with international movers to solve your moving worries and help you transfer your home from Finland to Switzerland smoothly. Let Moovick swiftly handle your relocation needs while you focus on the second important aspect of your move.


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