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Things To Know Before Moving To Switzerland

Relocation can come from career opportunities, personal reasons, or a desire for new experiences. Regardless, the good news is that relocating opens a new world of possibilities to explore while living. 

Moving from Norway to Switzerland is a typical example of an international move that is described for so many reasons. The best way to foster positive feelings and enjoy this new world of possibilities lies in having an in-depth knowledge of where you are moving to.

The first thing usually considered when making an international move from Norway to Switzerland is the country's spoken language. It would interest you that Switzerland has four official languages: French, Roman, Italian, and German. Another interesting fact about the languages is that Swiss German differs slightly from Deutsch in Germany. 

There are usually specific life changes that we tend to experience at different phases of life that bring about diverse emotional feelings of joy, anxiousness, excitement, anticipation, and a hint of apprehension, depending on the situation and conditions attached. Relocating from one country to another country is a type of change that can bring about these feelings.

Moving from Norway to Switzerland is an international move that will leave you with many questions you want answered.

What are the differences in cost of living between Norway and Switzerland?

Switzerland is known for its high cost of living compared to Norway, particularly in cities like Zurich and Geneva. Housing, healthcare, and groceries are among the most significant expenses. One of the outstanding expensive commodities is medicine. Many people moving from Norway to Switzerland permanently settle for health insurance to cover the high medication cost. Make-up and cosmetics are also included when considering expensive commodities in Switzerland.

However, salaries in Switzerland are often higher to compensate for the higher living costs.

How easy is it to secure a job when one moves to Switzerland?

If you are making an international move from Norway to Switzerland, it is always advisable to settle your job opportunities before settling in Switzerland. Employment is very competitive in Switzerland, and the recruiting process is usually accompanied by a lengthy process that can get you tired or frustrated. It is believed that landing a job in Switzerland can be very difficult because of the high salaries accompanying the high standard of living. So, prepare your mind for the maximum possibility of about six months' delay before you finally land a good job if you wait until you settle before looking into job opportunities. 

How does the healthcare system in Switzerland work compared to Norway's?

One thing you will enjoy when you move from Norway to Switzerland is its universal healthcare system based on compulsory health insurance.

Residents are required to purchase health insurance from private insurers, which covers essential medical services and treatments. The Swiss healthcare system is renowned for its high quality and expensive service. Including a budget for health insurance premiums in your budget list is necessary if you are considering an international move from Norway to Switzerland.

How Does Tax Work in Switzerland?

Unlike Norway, you should know that Switzerland is broken down into Cantons,   each operating technically as a sovereign state. Each of these catons has its tax and regulations, which differ from other Catons. With cantons imposing varying tax rates and rules, Switzerland operates a decentralised tax system.

An appealing information about their tax system is that taxation in Switzerland is generally lower than in Norway. Still, you must understand the specific tax laws of the canton you're moving to. Seeking a tax advisor to optimise your tax situation and ensure compliance with Swiss tax laws is always the best option to consider when moving internationally from Norway to Switzerland.

How does the education system in Switzerland differ from Norway's?

If you are a parent moving from Norway to Switzerland, you have nothing to worry about regarding their education system. Switzerland offers an excellent education system, which includes public, private, and international schools. The Swiss education system is known for its high standards and emphasis on vocational training. 

You can choose between local Swiss or international schools offering curricula such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) or American, British, or French systems.

Is There A Unique Difference In Switzerland's Season?

There is not much of an observable variation in the different seasons of the year. However, the winter season can get chilly, depending on your location in the country. Areas with more mountains experience a drop-down of about -10°C (14°F) in December, while if you are close to sea level, your temperature will be about -1 to -4°C (30-25°F). Summer periods in Swiss are usually calm, with an average of 18 to 28°C (65-82° F).

Money Transfer in Switzerland

International Moving from Norway to Switzerland requires international currency for easy spending. Attempting to convert your money into Swiss francs cash in a central street bank is economically not advisable. This is because of the cost of the exchange rate in comparison to the high cost of commodities in the country. A trusted money transfer service is best recommended to ensure you are not a victim of an extremely high exchange rate.

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