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Things to Know Before Moving from Norway to Spain

Moving from Norway to Spain is an exciting adventure, but it's not all flamenco dancers and tapas. While numerous blogs offer generic tips on international moving from Norway to Spain, many leave you with a romanticised picture and a mountain of unexpected hurdles. The cost of the international move from Norway to Spain sure packs a punch, and it's riddled with many complexities that are easy if some steps are taken.

This guide dives deep into the realities of this sunshine swap. We'll explore the logistics of moving from Norway to Spain, the hidden costs most overlook, and the cultural nuances that will smooth your transition.

Whether you're planning a move from the lively city of Oslo to the beautiful city of Barcelona or Stavanger to Seville, this comprehensive guide will equip you with everything you need to know about moving from Norway to Spain. 

What Should You Consider?

Amidst the excitement, there are practicalities to consider. Moving to Spain can be stress-free if you follow the procedures. You will have many ways to ship your properties to Spain. Moovick provides the best international movers in the world. 

Whether you plan to ship your belongings by air freight, train, sea, or land, you should have many options.

Moving Costs

For international movers, shipping your life across Europe can be eye-watering. Here's a breakdown to help you budget:

  • Volume vs. Full Container: Consider shared container space if you have a smaller shipment. Full containers offer security but come at a premium. Prices vary between major Spanish cities.
  • Insurance: Prices vary based on size and destination. Remember to consider the importance of proper insurance—factor in funds for convenience and ease.

Logistics Lowdown: Packing and Paperwork

Embrace Minimalism

Sell or donate what you don't need. Remember, Spanish apartments are often smaller than their Norwegian counterparts as you prepare as an international mover to move from Norway to Spain as an international mover.

Packing Prowess 

Pack for the Spanish climate. Lightweight clothing and breathable linens are your new best friends. You must always pack light like "Professor" in the famous "Money Heist" series.

The Paper Chase 

Gather necessary documents like residence permits, translated birth certificates, and proof of health insurance; all these documents will help ease your moving stress and ensure you aren't stranded before, during, and after your international move from Norway to Spain.

Renting Realities

Price Points

Rents vary significantly by location. Barcelona and Madrid will be pricier than charming coastal towns. Expect to pay a one-month deposit and potentially an agency fee on top of your monthly rent. 

Unfurnished vs. Furnished

Some apartments in Spain need to be updated. Factor in furniture costs or hunt for pre-furnished options, or you can ship your belongings from Norway down to Spain at little or no cost, using Moovick, an expert in transporting and moving properties around countries. 

Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional cleaning service provider for your new place is common in Spain. Prices vary depending on the apartment size, but expect to pay per hour. This lets you focus on settling in and soaking up the Spanish sunshine.

Painting and Flooring Services

For international movers, your new home needs revamping in painting and flooring, even gardening to make it shine. Moovick is readily available to make that happen and meet your needs and demands.

Do I need a visa to move to Spain from Norway?

Being a fellow European citizen, you likely won't need a visa to stay for under three months. However, you'll need to register for residency in Spain for more extended stays. This process involves paperwork, so research it well in advance.

What are the costs involved in shipping my belongings?

Moving costs can vary greatly depending on the volume of your belongings and the chosen shipping method. Air freight is the fastest but most expensive, while sea freight offers a more budget-friendly option but takes longer. Consider whether selling and buying new furniture in Spain might be cost-effective or shipping some of your property through Moovick.

What's the housing market like in Spain?

While housing prices vary by region in both countries, Spain generally offers a lower cost of living than Norway. Renting might be an excellent initial option while you explore different areas and adjust to the lifestyle. 

How much does it cost to live in Spain?

Spain offers a more affordable lifestyle than Norway in most aspects. Groceries, utilities, and even dining out are less expensive—however, factor in any potential changes in your income when calculating your living expenses. 

What are some unexpected costs to consider?

Beyond shipping and housing, consider additional costs like registering your car in Spain, potential language courses, and any furniture purchases you might make after your move. Factor in these extras when budgeting for your move.

What resources can help me plan my move from Norway to Spain?

The Spanish embassy in Norway is a great starting point. Additionally, Moovick can offer valuable insights, and you can also get advice from people who have already made the move. 

Moving to Spain is an adventure, and with careful planning and Moovick beside you at every step of your journey, you can navigate the practicalities and technicalities. This guide is just the beginning.  “Buen viaje” (have a good trip).

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