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Things to Know Before Moving From Ireland To Greece

Are you looking to move from Ireland to Greece? It's a country many dream of living in, given its ancient history, rich Mediterranean tradition, vibrant culture, and many other attractions. 

However, moving from Ireland to Greece successfully requires you to know some things and plan carefully. Many individuals who relocate to European countries have difficulty settling in because they need to prepare correctly or be more informed about their moving country.

In this article, we'll review the tips on relocating to Greece and people's FAQs concerning moving from Ireland to Greece. 

If you're gearing up for a Grecian relocation, keep reading. 

Sort Out Your Visa & Permit

As an Irish citizen, you can enjoy visa-free travel as long as it is within the European Union. This also means you won't have immigration issues to settle when you arrive in Greece if your stay-time is less than 3 months.

However, if you plan on relocating permanently to Greece, you must register for residency and obtain a residence permit. And there are different types of permits available. 

They include:

Work Permit 

If you're moving from Ireland to Greece because you've secured a job opportunity, your boss or employer will assist you with your work permit application. Typically, the work permit remains valid for 2 years and can be renewed when it expires. 

Non-Wage Earner Permit 

This permit is specifically for those with the financial capacity to care for themselves in Greece without depending on local employment. 

However, to obtain this permit, you must provide proof of income (a pension or income from a rented property outside Greece). So, if you're relocating after retirement, this permit is perfect for you. 

Digital Nomad Visa 

This visa is perfect if you're moving from Ireland to Greece as a freelance/fully employed remote worker. With a location-independent income, you can live and work remotely in Greece for up to 1 year before renewal. 

Try as much as possible to begin processing your residency permit on time. Gather the necessary documents, such as passport copies, proof of income, health insurance, etc. 

Moving internationally from Ireland to Greece isn't something you undertake lightly, so it's ideal you consult an immigration lawyer or agency that's well-experienced in relocating to Greece. 

Have A Solid Financial Plan/Resources

Of course, this is an obvious tip, but many folks moving from Ireland to Greece need a viable financial plan. 

Generally speaking, the cost of living in Greece is lower than in Ireland, especially in terms of housing. However, it's ideal to factor in your salary/income differences between the 2 countries. 

Doing this will let you know whether you can live comfortably in Greece. 

Sort Your Healthcare

Like many other European countries, Greece has a public healthcare system, but many expats prefer private health insurance as this gives them quicker access to medical specialists. 

So, you have the option of choosing which suits your budget. However, private health insurance is better. It takes off the waiting time that characterizes using the public healthcare system.

Learn The Language

Of course, English is widely used in Greece's tourist areas, but learning the language will help you integrate quickly into the new social system. 

Enroll in an introductory Greek language course if you want to have a hitch-free move from Ireland to Greece.  

Is It Easy To Get A Job In Greece If I Don't Speak Greek?

You'll find job opportunities in tourist areas, but being fluent in Greek helps. It increases your chances of landing higher-paying jobs and makes blending in easier. 

Moving internationally from Ireland to Greece will be easier for you if you speak Greek. Excellent language apps such as Duolingo, Memrise, and the like can help you learn Greek. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Residency Permit In Greece?

There isn't a stipulated time for residency, as many people's processing time varies. However, it usually takes a few months. However, ensure you have all the required documents to avoid delays. 

What's The Internet Speed Like In Greece?

Internet speed varies from place to place. However, major Greek cities offer good internet services and options. So, if you're a remote worker, rest easy. You most likely won't experience internet connection issues working from Greece. 

How Are Open Greeks To Foreigners?

In general, Greeks are welcoming. However, blending in will be easier if you learn Greek, their basic greeting, and are interested in Greek culture. 

What's Public Transportation Like In Greece?

Regarding transportation, you won't experience issues moving around when you move from Ireland to Greece. However, public transportation alternatives vary based on different areas. 

In Greek cities, public transport options include buses, trams, and metro systems. But in Greek islands, ferries are primarily used to move around. 

However, if you have a car and you prefer moving around Greece with it, you could hire professional international movers to ship it down for you.

What are some cultural norms in Greece that you should be aware of?

Greeks are more relaxed than the Irish regarding punctuality. Plus, social greetings are essential, and understanding basic courtesies like offering handshakes with the phrase" Yi" sas" (meaning hello) is appreciated. 

How Can I Stay Connected To Irish Culture In Greece?

There are expat communities and online Greek forums you can join for Irish people residing in Greece. In many Greek cities, there are also local Irish pubs you can regularly visit to get a feel for Irish life. 

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