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Things to Know Before Moving from The UK to France

Both the UK and France offer unique life opportunities and experiences. Although both countries have distinct differences in cultural, social, economic, and socio-economical aspects of living, all of these contribute to the richness of lifestyle in each country. 

You must be informed about your new country when moving from the UK to France. The differences in the way of life of each country make it necessary to be adequately informed before moving from the UK to France. 

To aid your international moving knowledge, specifically when moving from the UK to France, we will discuss some applicable tips and updates to guarantee a hassle-free process during moving.

Moving From the UK To France

Moving from the UK to France can only become enjoyable when you experience little or no stress and a hassle-free journey. Having a hitch-free moving process when making an International move is quite possible with the correct information and relocation plan.

This information tells you the difference between your old and new country and helps you prepare accordingly.

Considerations for Moving from the UK to France

The first practical step you are expected to take when moving from the UK to France is proper research and planning.

1. Research and Planning

Before embarking on any relocation, you must conduct thorough research and applicable plans to lead you through your move.

A typical example is determining your visa requirements and residency regulations for moving from the UK to France. This process usually depends on your plan and activities in your new country. Depending on your plan and goal, you may need to apply for a long-stay visa or residency permit.

Other factors such as housing, health care system, and finances are also a plus to consider and plan carefully when moving from the UK to France.

After successfully making a structured plan and research, consider the differences in language and culture.

2. Identification of Language differences And cultural integration

One of the things you have to do to facilitate your integration into French society from the UK is to consider the differences in both countries' languages and cultures.

While the UK is known to be an English-speaking country, France is a country whose official language is French. Hence, when moving from the UK to France, brushing up your French language to an understandable level that can ease your communication in the French community is necessary.

Familiarising yourself with French customs, etiquette, and their social way of life will also go a long way in helping you build and access easy relationships with other members of the society.

Logistics and transportation planning should also be considered while preparing for your move from the UK to France.

3. Logistics And Transportation

Be sure to sort out your transportation procedures before the last hour. Ensure you have all forms of transportation involved in the moving process arranged with the right professionals, whether shipping your belongings, hiring a mover company, or renting a moving van—research transportation options for getting to France, such as flights or ferry crossings. 

While ensuring that you have the transportation sorted out, ensure that you have all the necessary documentation. This should include your passports, visas, residency permits, and medical records. Ensure all essential documents are kept and organised correctly for easy accessibility during your move.

4. Community support and networking

The importance of building a support network with other members of your country must be emphasised. Maintaining connection and communication with community members is a decisive factor that will ease your transition to life in France.

You can also Join the expatriate groups or online communities for support, advice, and networking opportunities. The influence of these organisations and social clubs can provide valuable resources and connections for newcomers In the country.

Moving from the UK to France internationally is a unique opportunity to embrace a new way of life, explore new experiences, and broaden your horizons.

With all these applicable top-tier tips, you are certain to make your move with ease and excitement while embracing the adventure and approach that comes with its transitions with an open mind and positive attitude.

However, only some have the full opportunity to carry out full detailed research or planning before embarking on the journey. However, a provided answer to some of the frequently asked questions will do some justice and complement your level of research. 

Is France an English-speaking country?

The official language of France is French, although English is said to be widely spoken in some places, such as urban areas and tourist centres.

Do I need to take special lessons to familiarise myself with French culture?

Coming from a multicultural society like the UK, you can sense the need to join lesson groups to increase your proficiency in familiarising yourself with French culture.

However, you might not go through the process of joining any lesson groups to learn more about France if you are very intentional with building your community support and networking. 

How do I maintain my work-life balance in France compared to the UK?

The work-life in the UK tends to be more time-consuming and stretchy with a few hours of taking a break, unlike the French working style.

If you are an effective, hard-working fellow in the UK, expect to get a double result of your work-life balance here in France. This is because the working system in France is relaxed.

French culture values leisure time and relaxation, with shorter workweeks, longer vacations, and a strong emphasis on enjoying meals and spending time with family and friends. 

Are there any major differences between the social etiquette for each country?

While both countries preach hospitality and a community spirit, you should know a slight difference in their social etiquette.

France is known for its expressive social interaction, which focuses on warmth, hospitality, and engaging conversation, unlike the UK, where there is an emphasis on personal space.

French greetings typically involve kissing on the cheeks, whereas handshakes are more common in the UK.

Is there a possible difficulty experienced with French transportation?

Like the UK's advanced means of transportation, France also possesses highly developed high-speed trains connecting to major cities and regions.

How well is the education system regarded in France?

Education and health care in France are highly regarded.

Education is free for residents up to 18 in the UK. France also offers free education and universal healthcare coverage through social security.

What does the cost of living look like in France?

If you are moving from the UK to France, you should not worry about the cost of living. This is because the cost of living in the UK is generally higher than that of French cities. Rural areas in France even offer more affordable options.

With well-informed and updated information regarding applicable tips that can contribute to a smooth international moving process, moving from the UK to France can be one of the best international moves you have ever embarked on.

This becomes even more realistic when considering hiring an International mover service like Moovick.


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