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Moovick is your go-to hub for furniture assembly services to spruce your place. We have top services to help you move seamlessly to a new place.  Juggling the myriad of other elements involved in moving house, do you need a professional hand with furniture assembly and disassembly? Your search is settled.


What is a home without furniture? Furniture provides us with comfort, making a space feel homely. Furniture is vital for sleep, relaxation, and storage, allowing us to express individuality. At Moovick, we emphasise the importance of keeping your furniture intact and extend top effort, ensuring it gets disassembled and assembled correctly.


Whether you’re taking a vital part of your home with you as you start a new chapter of life or looking to create exciting new furniture to add more flair to your domestic space, we understand you may be overwhelmed by the scale of the task; We simplify everything by bringing you furniture assembly and disassembly service providers for real-time solutions.

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Smooth IKEA assembly

On Moovick I found great professionals to assemble my IKEA furniture. The team completed a job in record time. Thanks!

IKEA Furniture Assembly


Service detail:

general IKEA products


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Relocation is easy

Carlos' team helped me disassemble and pack my furniture for the relocation. Nothing was damaged during the moving process. With Moovick my relocation was much easier. I'm satisfied with the service.

Furniture Disassembly for Relocation


Service detail:

residential move


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Time-saving solution

Our office expansion was seamless thanks to Moovick. The team efficiently assembled our modular office furniture, saving our time. My employees are happy with the new furniture.

Commercial Furniture Services


Service detail:

modular office furniture


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Hassle-free office move

Moovick made our office relocation smooth and efficient. The team disassembled and assembled the office furniture perfectly and quickly. Highly recommended!

Furniture Disassembly for Relocation


Service detail:

corporate Relocation


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High quality work

Anton assembled furniture for my son with high quality. In just a few hours the job was done. My child and I are happy. Thanks Moovick!

Residential Furniture Assembly


Service detail:

children's furniture



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Furniture assembly – when should you seek help?

IKEA furniture is famously designed so that you can piece it together in the comfort of your own home. But not all of us are DIY whizzes, and with the stress of moving house, it can soon become overwhelming to disassemble and reassemble all your furniture in one go.


Aside from that, you might not be prepared to assemble or disassemble your furniture for various reasons: perhaps you have a busy job and don’t have time. You may just want the help of an experienced and qualified professional who will get the job right the first time — let’s put it that way: You’re saying it is also not worth damaging yourself or your furniture while assembling or disassembling. But what is the actual cost of getting someone in to help you?


How much does it cost for an assembly Service? IKEA furniture

Despite IKEA’s philosophy of being able to assemble their furniture without any outside help, it can take some pressure off to get some outside help. It is perfectly okay to pay a handyperson to assemble or disassemble your furniture, but IKEA furniture assembly and disassembly can come at a price. 

Handymen in Germany usually charge between €37-€40 an hour for their assembly and furniture disassembly services, the cost of handling extra complicated pieces of furniture, and remuneration for the handyman’s journey to your home. While furniture assembly companies can provide these disassembly services, these companies can often be expensive. 

At Moovick, we make moving more accessible for the customer and the handyman. We match hundreds of freelance handypersons across Germany and the Netherlands to you, all at a much lower cost than traditional furniture assembly companies. Our handymen are so great in number that you’re bound to find someone so close to you, and you won’t have to cover the cost of reaching your home, unlike with conventional furniture assembly services. 

The more services you book from your handyman, furniture assembly or otherwise, the lower the rate they will continue to charge you. All our handymen are furniture assembly experts and would be more than willing to help you piece together your dream home and help your move go smoothly.

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Furniture Assembly and Disassembly Services During Your Move

Expert handymen at Moovick offer services as needed – even if you need help assembling your new bed. It can also be a turning idea to get help disassembling your old place and assembling your furniture in your new home as part of your move.


Moovick’s handymen can take control of the complete process, from furniture delivery to assembly. We offer a one-stop shop for all your needs – it is also technical to faff around and lose track of your move with various companies and handymen. Moovick will take care of every aspect of your move, offering you a stress-free and smooth transition to your new one.

Home Improvement Service – assembly and disassembly

Sometimes, you must disassemble your precious IKEA kitchen or install a children’s bedroom in a different circumstance. Our skilled handymen have the know-how and experience to take things apart or put them together quickly. They can help with various items, like sofas, kitchens, beds, and chests of drawers.


Choosing Moovick will save you money and precious time. Our handymen will be able to tackle whatever furniture services you require whenever you need them. Moovick is a revolutionary service that connects you with movers and handymen near you from the comfort of your living room. Our easy-to-navigate website lets you input your location and select the required services in just a few clicks on your smartphone or PC.

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Furniture Disassembly near you 


All our services are displayed under the Client menu of our website. If you need help assembling or taking apart your IKEA furniture, you can browse handymen near you. These handymen display their rates, allowing you to find your perfect fit. Once you’ve found someone you’d like to help with your furniture, you can contact them and book them immediately. Our handymen are flexible and can help you with your precise needs. Moovick’s furniture assembly services can be booked as part of a move or as an individual service, offering maximum flexibility.

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