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Cleaning is one of life's basic comforts. At Moovick, book exclusive house cleaning services for real-time, personalized, and top cleaning solutions. 


When you want a refreshing look at your space,  you start by seeking dependable experts whose cleaning work and skills will do for you. Hire the matching cleaning pro on Moovick for home and office cleaning services. Get your task elegantly done with ease while we process the hard work for you.


House cleaning makes a house warm and inviting. Additionally, it protects you and the people you care about from infections, viruses, and bacteria. When you hire a cleaning service, you desire to confirm that everything you expect is covered and all touches are made. A deep cleaning service will thoroughly tidy your property, and give back a sparkling, fresh look.

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Use Cases

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Desks were wiped down

Moovick transformed our office space! The team was efficient, professional, and thorough in their office cleaning services. Desks were wiped down, floors were spotless, and common areas were immaculate. It's made a significant difference in our work environment.

Commercial Cleaning


Service detail:

office cleaning


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My windows crystal clear

The windows of my house were covered with dirt, affecting the natural light. Daniel worked efficiently, leaving my windows crystal clear. I'm grateful to Moovick that they provide such services.

Mijn ramen kristalhelder


Service detail:

window cleaning


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Covered every corner

Getting ready for Christmas was easy with the help of Susanna's team! Their deep cleaning service covered every corner, from the guest rooms to the common areas. Now, we can welcome our loved ones to a clean and festive home.

Specialized Cleaning


Service detail:

christmas cleaning


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Oven and Stovetop

Our oven has never looked better thanks to Moovick! They tackled the grease and grime, leaving the oven spotless. The stovetop received the same level of care, making cooking a much more enjoyable experience. Moovick's oven and stovetop cleaning are second to none.

Specialized Cleaning


Service detail:

kitchen cleaning


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The results were simply exceptional

I recently enlisted Moovick for their dusting service, specifically targeting furniture, shelves, and various surfaces in my home. The results were nothing short of exceptional. I'm glad I found a professional cleaner like David here.

Household Cleaning


Service detail:

house cleaning


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Deep cleaning for guests

Moovick made our home guest-ready for the holidays! With family and friends coming over, we wanted everything to be spotless. Their deep cleaning service covered every corner, from the guest rooms to the common areas. Now, we can welcome our loved ones to a clean and festive home.

Deep Cleaning


Service detail:

house cleaning



House Cleaning Services

You can receive regular or thorough cleanings from a house cleaning service to keep your property gleaming. They will arrange the furniture as well as clean up the bedrooms. Toilets, mirrors, bathtubs, and flooring are a primary part of bathroom cleaning, and it extends to cleaning other special bath components. Cleaning the kitchen includes washing the surfaces of appliances, countertops, cabinets, sinks, and the inside of the microwave.

Experienced house cleaning services might differ depending on your requirements and the services provided by the firm. Consider asking a cleaning service to focus on the kitchen as to the living room. You can ask whether they will clean windows, wash dishes, take out the rubbish and recyclables.  Some services may concentrate primarily on floors or hard surfaces, subtly attending to the rest. Wherever you are, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Many general cleaning services will help you out at any time.

Local Cleaning Services

Although hiring a cleaning service in Berlin is customary, locating such help is a different story. There are no formal "Domestic Services" businesses or reference networks. Finding someone is as simple as word of mouth or going out and looking for them yourself.


With Moovick, be in the comfort of your couch and find local cleaners as in the usual advertisement in your local neighborhood newspaper or on community notice boards at supermarkets.


Costs can range from €7 to €15 per hour, depending on where you reside. Payment is made on an hourly basis; it is good to find out what the going rate is in your area. When payment is to be made at the end of the month, it must be based on individual agreement. On the other hand, local cleaning services in Munich are a bit above the range, prices are around €18 - €24. Local cleaning services in Frankfurt start at €17.


All three locations listed above are pretty same in terms of work and close in price. Here is a general cleaning service price list in Germany.


Basic cleaning - €15 - €25

Includes: 2 hours of cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, balcony, living room, dusting, and ironing.


Deep cleaning - €42

Includes: 2 hours of cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, balcony, living room, dusting, ironing, mold removal, after-builder cleaning services, oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, laundry, carpet cleaning service, window cleaning, steam cleaning, cleaning solvents, vacuum cleaner, and mop.

Business and Office Cleaning Services

As activities are growing busier, businesses have less time to spare. It is paticular in the workplace, where no one has time to clean or maintain the office. Offices are to be clean and tidy at all times so that your staff may focus on tasks without being distracted. Prompt office cleaning regularly removes dirt piles and keeps your workspace looking professional.


Discover how an office cleaning service may help your company guarantee that every employee feels at ease everytime and as you welcome them back to back. Here are the main tasks a commercial cleaning service should do in an office.

  • Wiping desks and surfaces
  • Emptying bins
  • Moping
  • Vacuuming
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After Builders House Cleaning Service

Every building or restoration site requires a builders' clean after the final touches are completed, and before the owners arrive. A clean master ensures that the building is in good condition and that all debris has been cleared during a builders' cleaning. Cleanup professionals who specialize in commercial cleaning and building sites might find projects in industrial and residential environments. Before providing a pricing estimate or proposal, cleaning masters will normally consider a number of factors.

  • The complexity of the job
  • The size of the building
  • The place where needs to be cleaned

When hiring a professional, seek many quotations from various companies to find the best pricing for your needs. A thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the cleaning professional is licensed, bonded, and insured.


Carpet Cleaning Service

As an owner, you want your carpets cleaned for health, cosmetics, or both reasons! Because there are numerous reasons it is critical to keep your carpets clean in your house, still, the actual question is whether it is worthwhile to get your carpets professionally cleaned. 


The truly harmful material is to be concealed deep inside the pile, closer to the backing; this is especially true with high piles and high-density carpets. Besides, let's look at the necessity of cleaning your carpets and why simply vacuuming them isn't enough for a good deep clean.


 What you will get after a deep carpet cleaning:

  • Healthier Environment
  • Removed Stubborn Stains
  • Long Lasting Carpet
  • New Look 
  • NO Bad smell

The average cost of carpet cleaning starts from $75 to $160, depending on whether it is cotton, wool, Berber, cut, or level loop.

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Patio Cleaning Services Near Me

Patio cleaning is hands-down the most efficient and successful method of cleaning all sorts of patios composed of natural and artificial stone. When cleaning a patio, using too much pressure might easily create unwanted harm. High-pressure jet cleaning commonly causes indentations or surrounding points to be broken or knocked out of position. Patio steam cleaning employs a careful balance of super-heated water and pretty low pressure.

Depending on the size of the patio, small, medium, or large, the price of cleaning starts from $180 to $480. After cleaning, you will get a fresh look, safer (underfoot slippery), removed weeds, and better condition. When searching patio cleaning services near me in Berlin, Munich, or Frankfurt, make sure to streamline high-quality clean masters.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

When we think of business, we think of a step up from residential. A business refrigerator can hold more than a home refrigerator, while a commercial range can cook more efficiently than a household one. When it comes to the distinctions between commercial and residential, the phrases have various meanings.

A commercial cleaning service is more for the items you'll come across in business. Commercial cleaning might include commercial garbage removal, hazardous waste cleanup, or heavy cleaning. Those who require a domestic service should use one rather than assuming that a commercial one would provide deeper or better cleanliness.

Plumbing is one of the most critical areas of maintenance for a business property owner to handle. Drains can clog, overflow, or leak if commercial drains and plumbing are not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, generating devastating plumbing problems for your business property. To address this, you should employ commercial cleaning on a frequent and thorough basis. Cleaning out drains around twice a year is the best way to guarantee that a business property's plumbing and drain systems are adequately sustained.

Residential cleaning focuses on objects around the house, such as floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. A house cleaning service will be far more meticulous and thorough. Similarly, the quality of cleaning can vary greatly from one house cleaner to the next. Obsolete technology and a lack of training have a significant impact on the level of cleaning that a domestic cleaner will perform.

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