IKEA Kitchen Assembly and Disassembly Service

If you need kitchen assembly or disassembly services, then look no further – Moovick is here to help you every step of the way. Moovick can put you straight in touch with thousands of handymen who are on hand to help you assemble or disassemble your kitchen right away, and at competitive prices. 


Our handymen are extremely well-qualified and have years of professional experience under their belt. They’ll be able to oversee the whole process of assembly or disassembly and help you to either realize your dream kitchen or prepare you for a big move. 

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How do you Book Kitchen Assembly and Disassembly Services?

Moovick streamlines the process of finding a local handyman who is able to provide you quick, cost-effective and professional kitchen installation services. If you go to the client section of our website, simply click on ‘service provider’. Here, you can choose from our indoor assembly options, including kitchen installation.


Simply input your location to find handymen offering kitchen installation services in your local area.


Then, you can toggle the radius to narrow down the search. 


Scroll through the results – you can compare our handymen’s rates, as well as their ratings from previous customers. 


It’s also easy to get in touch with any of our handymen before committing yourself to hiring their services. Let them know what you need done in your kitchen, and they’ll be able to give you a quote. Remember, the more information you’re able to give them about your kitchen needs, the more reliable their quote will be. 

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How IKEA Kitchen Installation Services Work

IKEA have made it easier than ever for you to realize your dream kitchen. While IKEA is famous for selling furniture that you can in theory assemble yourself, it’s always good to get a professional helping hand to make sure that the job is done properly and efficiently. And though it is possible to purchase a pre-assembled kitchen, IKEA allows you to combine elements and add a personal touch to your kitchen space. This is roughly how your IKEA kitchen installation will go:

  • Firstly, make sure you’ve measured your kitchen and bought your IKEA furniture to fit your space. Make sure your new kitchen has been delivered to your home before you want it to be installed!
  • Then you’ll want to get in touch with a handyman through Moovick’s easy-to-use online platform and arrange a time for your kitchen installation
  • Make sure the space is ready before the appointed time – you’ll want to clear everything out of your current kitchen except for the new items that you want installed

It’s as simple as that! Our handymen will take care of the rest of the installation for you.

Kitchen cabinets from IKEA are straightforward to assemble if you want to follow an IKEA guide, but it can be advantageous to get someone in to help you piece them together:

  • Our handymen will be able to install them more efficiently, saving you precious time and energy
  • Our handymen will be able to assemble cabinets to a professional standard, meaning that it is also less likely there will be problems later down the line

With the help of Moovick’s handymen, you’ll have your cabinets assembled in no time. While IKEA usually charges around €120 per cabinet, our handymen will be able to assemble your cabinets at a much more competitive price.

Kitchen Assembly Prices

The price of kitchen assembly and disassembly naturally differs greatly from one kitchen to another. The clearer an idea you have as to what needs to be done, the more easily you can communicate your needs to our handymen. They’ll then be able to give you a reliable quote for your IKEA kitchen installation cost, as well as other kitchen types. Factors that will affect the price of your kitchen assembly or disassembly include:

  • Your location – if you live in a premium location such as Munich or Amsterdam, then prices will most likely be a little higher accordingly
  • The size of your kitchen – this will have a direct bearing on the amount of work to be done in your assembly or disassembly
  • The types of surfaces and appliances you want installing – kitchen units or cabinets are of course easier to install than more complicated procedures such as installation of an extractor fan.

In general, it usually costs around €2,000-3,000 to assemble or disassemble your kitchen. But here at Moovick, we are able to offer my competitive prices. Through our site, you will have access to hundreds of local handymen. It’s easy to choose someone who is both in your area, saving you any associated transport costs, and offers extremely reasonable rates compared to traditional installation services offered by companies or even by IKEA. 

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Why choose Moovick?

Moovick makes it easier than ever before to find handymen in your local area, whether you live in Leipzig or Leiden, Ulm or Utrecht. Thousands of handymen use our platform to offer their freelance kitchen assembly and disassembly services to customers and clients across Germany and the Netherlands.

The key benefits of using Moovick for your urgent kitchen assembly or disassembly services are:

  • Our prices are more competitive than conventional kitchen installation companies
  • The fact that thousands of handymen offer their services through the platform means that it is always easy to find handymen in your local area
  • Often handymen are so local that they will not have to charge you transport costs
  • This also means that you waste no time in getting to work on your kitchen assembly – you’ll most likely be able to have one of our handymen over on the same day!
  • The Moovick platform also gives you guarantees that take care of cancellations, giving you financial protection and full coverage should anything go awry in the kitchen installation process

So, what are you waiting for? If you need IKEA kitchen assembly and disassembly services, or any kind of kitchen services, then look no further – Moovick is here to help you every step of the way!


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