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Things to know before moving to Italy

Moving to Italy and witnessing the heights of world fashion? It is a good idea to be aware of the key changes you should expect in adapting to the amusing Italian pasta lifestyle. 

The first thing to experience as an ex-pat from Belgium to Italy is a sharp change in language. Unlike Belgium, Italy is an Italian-speaking country with a small percentage of its residents communicating in English. To connect with people and make them like you, it's important to speak their language fluently. While you can manage your daily life with good English communication, enjoying your time requires just more.  Learning enough to exchange greetings, and shop confidently will enhance your journey beyond takes.

Peoples: Belgium vs Italy

Italy is a top cultural region. Its culture goes as far as the unique characteristics of its residents you might find offensive, which is just a usual way of life. Essential cultural elements are the mode of talking, choice of food, music, tipping culture, partying culture, festivals, and its protective sense of region. People living in Naples appreciate being called Neapolitans rather than Italians. Belgium is otherwise flexible.  You will also have to sharpen your Flemish skills to mix with its locals.

Cost of living in Brussels compared to Rome

Generally, there are not many differences in the cost of living between the two capitals, but a significant rise is seen in some. An individual will need between €1,480 to €2,600 per month to live on average in Rome and €1,380 to €2,400 per month in Brussels. Expect a 4% increase in costs in Brussels for Rome, but the prices of restaurants and transportation are 17% higher in Rome compared to in Brussels. Below is an average estimate of cost in both cities.


Aspect of Living Brussels  Rome
Rent (1-bedroom apt) €800 - €1,200 €800 - €1,300
Groceries (monthly) €250 - €350 €250 - €400
Dining Out (meal) €12 - €20 €12 - €25
Public Transport €50 - €60 (monthly) €35 - €50 (monthly)
Utilities (monthly) €100 - €150 €100 - €200
Healthcare (public) Covered by taxes Covered by taxes
Entertainment €30 - €60 (monthly) €30 - €60 (monthly)
Differences between living in Brussels compared to Rome

Another difference is a change in tongue taste and food preference. The Romans ate healthily, given that they could eat a lot. They protect their indigenous diet, but you will also find many foreign foods best made in the city. Brussels is adaptable and has a wide range of domestic and international eating options. A good thing in Belgium is that you will discover a new delicacy every 50km of your journey.

Pay is better in Rome and taxes are high. In terms of work, there are more opportunities to explore in Brussels than in Rome. The work-life structure in Brussels is also well-balanced. In Italy, only Sunday is a free day for families. 

How difficult is it for EU citizens to move to Italy?

As a citizen of the European Union, you are free to live, work, and retire in Italy without a visa. That is because Italy and your country are beneficial for making agreements that support easy migration between countries of the European Union. 

After the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020, there were shifts in regulations and termination of relative agreements on her part. The implication is that UK citizens can not stay free longer than three months in countries of the European Union and vice versa… To stay longer, you must apply for a residency permit from the local foreign authorities. 

Pros and cons of moving to Italy


  • Italy is one of the world's safest places to live. The country enjoys low counts of homicide, rape, and assault in many areas.
  • Free healthcare for all residents no matter where you’re from. The Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN)  provides free or low-cost healthcare to all.
  • The pub life serves as a great home outside the fence. It is easy to make friends over a coffee drink.
  • Italy attracts a high number of international students due to its renowned universities and diverse academic programs.
  • Public transport can take you to all places.
  • The weather in Italy is a wish for Canadian residents.


Traffic in major cities like Rome and Naples can get very hectic. It is important to factor that into meeting up for appointments.

Cites are crowded and you are encouraged to protect what’s yours, especially your wallet.

The job market is competitive and you need to invest hard work to find a perfect fit.

Italy's health insurance

The NHS (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale or SSN) is the primary healthcare system in Italy. Here is where the heavy tax paid off. The NHS is free and open for both citizens and expats.

Assicurazioni Generali, Allianz, and  Cigna are also top private health insurance that residents use to supplement the public health provision. Users can pursue private options for faster service delivery and personalized treatment.

Moving to Italy to study

International students are trooping to Italy to take advantage of free high-quality education. Rome, Milan, Bologna, and Florence are popular university cities and the interaction of students and the locals produces interesting scenes all the time.

Moving to Italy to work

Italy keeps a diverse economic structure which makes it a central hub for many industries of the world to thrive.

You can work in finance, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, travel, advertisement, healthcare, and particularly, fashion. It is normal for Italians to work from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday. Sunday is a free day from work, and to prepare for the next work week.

Getting a desired job is also not a hard nut. All you need to do is to make the internet your friend and have good networking knowledge. 

Tax implications: Differences between Belgium and Italy

Belgium's income tax rates are generally higher than Italy's for higher income levels, up to 50%. As an ex-pat moving from Belgium to Italy, it is best to adopt personalized strategies to avoid double-taxing your income to Belgium. However, both countries have tax treaties to prevent double taxation and provide tax relief for residents and non-residents. If certain expectations are met, ex-pat workers will enjoy a reduction of 70% in employment income earned in Italy. You can check in with your tax advisor for a full understanding of the tax obligation associated with your move.

Quality of Life in Italy

Major Italian cities have a higher standard of living and Italy is positioned high in the quality of life ranking. Bologna is the best city in Italy with so many fun things that strengthen the quality of living. Join spontaneous gatherings in charming piazzas where locals come together for live music, dancing, and parties that don't stop.

Why move to Italy from Belgium and vice versa

Belgium and Italy are top tourist destinations and excellent picks to enjoy one's holiday. Moving from Belgium to Italy is a shift from mussels and fries to pasta and gelato. Many Italians will also pack their bags to pursue Job opportunities and for a taste of Belgium chocolate.

Moving to Italy as a retiree

Moving to Italy as a retiree involves a few considerations. Retirees will need to meet certain visa requirements to live in Italy. It is compulsory to demonstrate that their pension serves as a sustainable source of income, not only to cover living expenses but also for private health insurance and retirement tax obligations. Retirees with business in Italy can also use that as proof of financial capacity.

Is moving to Italy a good idea

Italy offers an interesting stay for all the reasons for moving. However, personal fear based on past experiences may put one in doubt. If you are afraid of what to come with moving to Italy, taking a short tourist visit to your intended relocation area can prove helpful. During the cruise tour, live or interact with the locals and get answers to what troubles you. Doing this will raise your spirit on whether to go pack your bags or unpack them if you already have them packed.

Advice to move to Italy

Like everywhere, adapting to a sudden change in lifestyle can be thorny, but time beats it and makes it look as if the change never happened. To make living in Italy more interesting, here are a few tips you could use:

  • Make friends and be the social type.
  • Gain influence with the locals over time.
  • Do not act hostile to what is generally accepted
  • Accept that Italians make the best pasta.
  • Engage in good fitness living.
Ready for your move to Italy?

We are optimistic that with what you have learned so far, you’ll be more than ready to pack your bags and prepare for the move. To make the transition easy, Moovick connects you with excellent movers for stress-free and real-time moving. 

Based on projects, we have a range of services to suit customers of all kinds. We give space for option picks of the service to optimize cost. Connect now, and feel free to explore all elements of Moovick to your advantage.

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