Shower Door Repair and Installation Service in the Netherlands

Repairing old shower doors and installing new ones is essential to remove the rusty look of a shower and create an elegant appearance. Shower doors largely suffer wear and tear that causes leaks and water damage, leaving a messy and untidy look in the bathroom. Bathrooms are vital in improving a home’s resale value, hence, they are often made good by including a glass shower screen installation and making its shower door repair.


Considering that there are different shower screens and doors, understanding that repairs will depend on the various types and the specific issues they encounter helps to make an informed decision. Here are the common types of shower doors and repairs.

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Types of Shower Door Repairs

Shower doors are categorized based on size and the mode of opening. How they open will mostly determine the space needed for use, thus, homeowners are limited to certain options because of the space they have. The top ones are:

Fixed shower door repair

A fixed shower door is a good option for the I-have-no-door-opening-space people. It is designed with a walk-in fixed opening, so it is ideal for tight corners. Users can walk in, use the bath, and step out in the same manner. Classic and sleek for its simple modern design.


  • It is suitable for a small bathroom.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 
  • It is available in various sizes.


  • The opening might be too small for visitors who are bigger than the user.
  • Water spill is not fully prevented and splashes can soil the extended bathroom.
  • Not efficient for a steam shower.

Hinged shower door repair

A hinged shower door is a typical swing door supported by pivots to open inward or outward. It takes more space to allow for opening to the outside, so it is not suitable for compact bathrooms. An inward swing hinged door can however make up for the opening space demands as it is rather opened to the inside of the shower but an inside clearance space is also needed. 


  • A good option to maximally use the big bathroom space.
  • A wider opening for easier access.
  • Cleanable in minutes, and it's easy to maintain.


  • If not properly sealed, a hinged shower door can let water escape through the hinged area.
  • Wet doors drip onto the bathroom floor when opened outward.

Pivot shower door repair

A pivot shower door advances by opening both inward and outward. Not particularly, but it is designed to minimize the shortcomings of a hinged door for a more improved space management and performance.  It is also supported by pivots on either side, but a more new-fashion concept is to place the pivot at the top. 


  • It looks surreal and brilliant when properly installed.
  • Great for steam showers as it can contain water and prevent escapes.


  • Difficult to install with DIY effort.
  • Can be relatively expensive to install and maintain.

Sliding shower door repair

A sliding shower door is installed to be moved on track by drawing sideways. It is fixed on its rails and neither open to the outside or inside of the shower. It is a model for a spa-inspired retreat, a luxurious and tranquil space to unwind after long workdays.



  • It has a long useful life if properly maintained.
  • It does not take up a wide area to open.


  • It takes up an extra space where the door will slide into when it is opened.
  • It can be a nuisance to clean the rails and tracks.
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Folding Shower door repair

A modified sliding door that folds into a corner instead of normally extending out. It slides on its rails and it is also supported by several pivots at one end to enable it to pack to a little space as it opens. Homeowners who want the sliding effect of a shower door but not practicable can opt for the folding super provision. It would allow more room for the intended freestanding bathtub and a seating area where it was earlier impossible.



  • The wide entry space when fully open makes folding doors accessible for persons with mobility challenges.
  • There are vibrant designs for a classy matchup of the bathroom.


  • Folding shower doors are quite expensive.
  • It is also difficult to clean the trails.

Curved Shower Doors

Curved shower doors are curvy-designed shower enclosures that feature a semi-circular or quadrant shape. They are great for rounded showers or where two existing walls meet at a right angle. The airtight closure of its frameless glass type makes it an efficient choice for steam bathe.



  • It makes for proper space management
  • The curved shape adds a unique and eye-catching design element to the bathroom.


  • It can be expensive to install.


Shower tray crack repair

A shower tray is the bottom surface of a shower enclosure where you stand while showering. Cracks can occur on a shower tray due to reasons, such as heavy impacts, shifting in the foundation, or wear and tear over time. Repairing these cracks is essential to prevent water leakage and further damage to the bathroom structure.

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DIY vs. Professional Repairs

DIY approaches have become a rousing prospect for various home improvement tasks. It gives a sense of accomplishment and a satisfactory feeling of a job well done, together with other benefits of doing it yourself. Expert repairs make for tasks and repairs professionally done with perfect skill sets and knowledge. Both are rewarding options but here is the comparison to decide what to employ for your shower repair.

Aspect  DIY Repairs Professional Repairs 
Costs are generally lower because you don't pay for labor The cost of labor makes you pay higher
Time expended Can be time-consuming It is faster due to experience
Quality of Work Quality varies depending on the DIYer's skill level High-quality work with professional expertise
Warranty and Guarantees Usually no formal warranty on DIY work Often comes with warranties and guarantees on workmanship
Possibility of Mistakes Higher risk Lower risk
Complexity of Repairs Suitable minor fixes and simple tasks Suitable for complex repairs and installation
Safety High consideration for safety Professionals are trained to play safe


Finding Reliable Shower Door Repair Services

Finding and selecting shower door repair experts involves a few considerations of reliability assessment. Experience and expertise are top reflectance of competency, so both are watched out for in choosing. Registered and licensed repair service providers bring the peace of a job to safe hands and ensure a flawless service received. Moovick connects you with the top glass shower door repair services for a satisfactory experience.


Cost Estimation and Budgeting

Cost estimation and budgeting for shower door repair and installation involves assessing various factors to determine the overall cost and cut back expenses. The considerations are:

  • Labor Costs: Labor is a significant component of shower door repair and installation, and can range from €40 to €70 per hour.
  • Materials: Understand that the type of shower door you choose will impact the material costs. For example, handles, hinges, and seals. These can cost €20 to €100.
  • Transportation: The service provider may charge differently to transport from a far place to your location. 
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  • Disposal:  If you're replacing an old shower door, disposing of it yourself can help stay on budget and avoid disposal costs. Disposal fees can range from €20 to €50.
  • Define the scope of work and avoid redundant charges.
  • Get multiple quotes to ensure you’re getting a fair price.
  • Consider contingencies and make reservations for unexpected expenses or changes in the project scope.

Professional Shower Door Repair Process

Various shower doors attract personalized repair processes but the general steps involve:

1. Initial Inspection

At the beginning of the repair process, professionals will assess the condition of the shower door. This inspection will be to check for visible damage, such as cracks, chips, or loose parts.

2. Problem Diagnosis

After the inspection, the technician will diagnose the reasons for the physical damage, leaks, and other malfunctions that may not be glaringly visible. 

3. Repair Plan

Once the issues are identified, a repair plan is developed on what needs changing and removal. The repair costs are often outlined at this stage.

4. Disassembly

In most cases, the technician will need to disassemble the shower door to access and repair components. 

5. Replacement of Parts

If the repair plan involves replacing the culprit components, they will be replaced with new, suitable ones. 

6. Adjustment and Alignment

The technician will ensure that all parts of the shower door are properly aligned and adjusted. 

7. Reassembly

If the shower door is disassembled, it will be carefully reassembled, ensuring that all elements are correctly placed and secured.

8. Testing

The repaired shower door is tested to ensure that it functions correctly as intended. The door may be opened and closed many times to check for smooth operation. 

9. Cleaning and Finishing

It’s important to clean up and return the shower to its tidy state for a polished and finished look. The technician will clean the shower door and remove dirt left during the repair process.

10. Final Inspection

A final inspection is conducted to verify the job is well done.

11.  Client Consultation

The technician will consult with the client, explaining the repairs made and giving instructions to ensure the longevity of the repaired shower door.

Shower Door Repair Near Me

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With Moovick, you will receive multiple quotes from top service providers and book your preferred shower door repair service in just a few clicks.  Moovick's platform offers an innovative and efficient solution for home improvement projects by connecting individuals with a network of professionals and freelance handymen. 

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1. What are the most common shower door problems? 

Shower doors often become sturdy and get hard to open. Many times, users report issues of displacement and doors not completely shutting. Other common shower door problems are leaks, seepage, glass scratches, and breakage

2. How can I tell if my shower door needs repair?

If your shower door is aging and not performing its function efficiently, it certainly needs a repair.

3. Is it possible to prevent shower door issues? 

Adequate cleaning, care, and proper management can greatly extend the useful life of a shower door. If handled carelessly, they can develop faults in no time.

4. What should I look for in a professional shower door repair service?

A professional service with a solid reputation for quality work. Look for a repair service with a good fit, transparent pricing, and reliability.

5. Are there any maintenance tips to prolong the life of my shower door?

  • Keep the shower door clean regularly.
  • Avoid hitting it with hard objects.
  • Tighten loosen screws as soon as you notice them.
  • Allow for ventilation into the shower to help reduce moisture stay.
  • Seek repair for technical issues.

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