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Things to Know Before Moving From the Netherlands To Greece

The best way to enhance the feelings of relocation and adventure is by familiarising yourself with your destination's country. Relocation is an entire process of evolving into a new part of the world where you experience the totality of a new lifestyle. The special tips for relocation are also applicable when moving from the Netherlands to Greece.

Being aware is vital to foreign moving and should always be intentional. Knowing about the country's traditions, climate features, weather conditions, state of infrastructure, and many other details is crucial. Understanding important considerations will explain how best to adjust and settle into your new environment. 

What You Should Consider When Moving to Greece

When moving from the Netherlands to Greece, you must know that there are some necessary adjustments you will have to make to settle appropriately. Understanding the weather difference between the two countries is a perfect way to start learning.


The differences in the weather conditions for both countries are quite distinct. For instance, unlike in the Netherlands, where you experience very mild weather with evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year, Greece is known for its hot, dry summer, blessed with plenty of sunshine. So, moving from the Netherlands to Greece must align with your preparation for more sunny days.

Another exciting difference you should consider when planning your move is the official spoken language. 


The official spoken language in both countries is another essential factor to consider when preparing for your move. Every country has its official language. While English remains official in some countries, some reckon their native language as their official language, just like the Netherlands and Greece. Although English is usually widely spoken, especially among the younger ones and urban areas,  the official language of the Netherlands is Dutch, while Greece's is Greek.

This information only shows one thing: when moving from the Netherlands to Greece, language is another crucial part of your knowledge you must be eager to learn more about.

Shedding more light on the necessary information you need to know for your move from the Netherlands to Greece, here are more differences you should note.

  1. Culture and Lifestyle differences
  2. Work and business environment
  3. Education system
  4. Differences in cuisine

Culture and Lifestyle differences

You must be ready to adjust from your Netherlands way of life to the Greeks, whose culture emphasizes history, hospitality, and traditions more. This is unlike the Dutch culture, which is known to preach tolerance, liberalism, direct communication style, and work-life balance.

The Greeks also have a strong sense of community, which fosters their strong family connection. Being kind to others is the perfect key you can use well in Greece.

Work and Business Environment

Moving internationally from the Netherlands to Greece is an activity that requires you to be well knowledgeable about both the country's work and business environment.

While you come from an environment where their economy focuses on trade, finance, technology, and innovation, you should know that Greece has a diverse economy with different sectors. Therefore, you should be ready to make adjustments in your new working environment to be able to work effectively and efficiently.

Another plus of your move is that Greece is super affordable, unlike other European countries. This makes it possible for you to have more savings.

Education system

The differences between the education systems of both countries must also be considered, especially if you are moving with your children.

While preparing for your move, you must learn about school options, enrollment procedures, and any language requirements for international students. This prevents you from looking confused or not catching up with the education system when you finally move from the Netherlands to Greece.

Differences in Cuisines

Food is an integral part of life that is very diverse, depending on the origin of their culture. 

Suppose you are moving from the Netherlands to Greece. In that case, you will be very familiar with Dutch cuisine, unlike Greek cuisine, which differs from the others.

While Dutch cuisine features mashed potatoes, vegetables, and cheese, Greek cuisine is known for its fresh ingredients, olive oil, herbs, and Mediterranean flavors. 

Moving from the Netherlands to Greece is indeed an adventure-filled activity. There is much to learn and discover in Greece, the golden sand city whose days are mostly brightened with the sun. However, not everyone can satisfy most of their curiosity before they move from the Netherlands to Greece. However, you will find some of the answers to your questions here.

Do I need to obtain a Visa or Residency Requirements?

Yes, you would have to obtain a Visa or Residency Requirement to move to Greece from the Netherlands.

It would help if you went through professionals who made proper inquiries and guided you through the process. Depending on your nationality and circumstances, you may need to obtain a visa or residence permit before you can live and work in Greece legally. 

Is The transportation system in the Netherlands the same as in Greece?

The Netherlands and Greece have distinct differences in their transportation system.

The Dutch are mostly known for cycling, driving, and car ownership, which are common with the Greeks. The Greeks have less extensive public transportation compared to the Netherlands.

What are the Greek social and welfare services like?

While you are familiar with a comprehensive social welfare system with universal healthcare, generous parental leave policies, and extensive social services in the Netherlands, Greece also provides social welfare benefits. Some of Greece's social welfare benefits include healthcare coverage and social assistance programs.

Apart from getting yourself familiar and informed with all the necessary information before making your move, hiring the services of an international mover like Moovick will be a perfect plus to your journey. 

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