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What to know before moving to UK

The United Kingdom has always been a popular choice for expats seeking new starts. If you want are moving to Uk from Netherlands, there are a few things you should be aware of before you depart. 

  • Make your visa arrangements
  • Search moving companies from Netherlands to UK
  • Manage your money
  • Do your research
  • Find a place to live in
  • Determine your health insurance needs
What changed for Dutch people after January 1,2021 when they move to the UK

If you lived in the United Kingdom before January 1, 2021, you could keep living and work there in 2021. However, if you are planning on moving to the Netherlands from UK, there are certain steps you need to follow. Firstly, you must apply for settled or pre-settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme on the UK government site. This applies to both you and any family members who do not have British or Irish nationality.

When you submit your application, you must have a valid passport or identity card. As a result, the Dutch embassy in London is urging Dutch citizens to file for a passport or ID card as soon as possible. The embassy also recommends you save any paperwork proving your time in the UK as proof when applying for established status.

As an EU citizen, can I visit or work in the United Kingdom without additional visas?

EU citizens who want to work, reside, or study in the UK after Brexit must apply for a visa. Those holding EU pre-settled or settled status, on the other hand, can continue to live, work, and study freely in the UK. Furthermore, even after Brexit, EU, EEA, or Swiss nationals who intend to travel to the UK for a short temporary stay to study, do business, or visit are not inquired a visa for a stay up to 6 months.

What changed for UK citizens after Brexit when they move to the Netherlands?

If you moved to the Netherlands after December 31, 2020, the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement does not apply to you. In that situation, you must apply for a residency permit for a specific reason. The reason you desire to live in the Netherlands is referred to as your residency purpose. Brexit has no bearing on your residency in the Netherlands if you are privileged. Moving to Netherlands from UK after Brexit you can apply for temporary residence based on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement if you choose. Discuss this with your human resources manager. After all, if you seek a Brexit residency certificate, you may lose your privileged status.

Comparison of Amsterdam and London: What are the main differences for living?
  • Cost of Living in London vs Amsterdam

In 2022, the usual costs of living in London for a single individual will be more than £3000 per month. This is more than £1000 monthly than the UK average. A single person's annual cost of living in London is more than £36,000. The monthly expense for a family of four climbs to £5000, or £60,000 per year. By far the costliest city in the UK in terms of living costs is London. It is also the most expensive city in Western Europe.

Amsterdam is a popular city in the Netherlands, and it is also recognized for its culture, customs, and work prospects, which welcome expats and students seeking higher education. However, the average cost of living in Amsterdam for a family is $3910, while it is $2400 for students. According to data from our users on the cost of living website calculator, monthly rental expenditures for a family of three and a couple are $2000, $1160 for foreign students, and $800 for a single person. The cost of living in Amsterdam varies widely depending on where you reside, with an average monthly rent for a flat/house in a regular location being $1500-$2000.

  • Weather

In general, Amsterdam gets colder temperatures than London. The usual mean temperature in Amsterdam is 10.7 °C, whereas the temperature in London is 12.17 °C, a difference of 1.47 °C. July is the mildest in London on average, with a maximum daytime temperature of 19.93°C , while Amsterdam averages a minimum night-time temperature of 18°C.  January is the coldest month in Amsterdam, with an average low temperature of 3,9°C, whereas January is the coldest month in London, with nighttime temperatures frequently falling below 2.34°C.

  • Free Time

Pubs are an enormously essential aspect of British society, and they are even classified as a leisure activity for slightly more than half of all Britons. Pubs are authentically British establishments that sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as "pub cuisine." Brits spend their free time simply watching TV, shopping, reading. Days out are likewise quite common in the United Kingdom. The majority of the days out take place in London, with popular attractions including Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, and Etihad Stadium. Even indoor activities such as bowling or going to the movies may leave a dent in your budget on a day out in the UK.

Based on the most recent Statistics Netherlands data, Dutch families spend €6.000 per year on leisure activities, accounting for 18% of total household consumption. Households spend €2,200 on vacation, which includes travel fees, meals and beverages at their destination, and souvenirs. € 1300 are spent on hotels, taverns, and restaurants. Furthermore, households spend €1,500 on games, toys, plants, dogs, television sets, cameras, and books. The remainder is spent on services and activities such as music lessons and amusement park excursions.

  • People/Culture

One distinction is that the Dutch are required to learn three languages in school: English, French, and German, as well as Spanish and Chinese in select institutions. The elderly speaks no foreign languages, whereas the young speak just one. The British are more traditional and sentimental than the Dutch. They are devoted to their traditions and beliefs. The Dutch are more preoccupied with money and only about the future. Except for the Second World War, which is a major shock for the elderly, their past does not play a significant part in their lives. The English are more interested in their language and culture. They maintain historical spelling hangovers and are endangered by the usage of American terminology. They are sentimental and wish to preserve their customs and way of life. They make a deliberate decision to learn a language. And they anticipate that most individuals, particularly in the Netherlands, will speak English.

Pros and Cons of Moving to the UK

If you wish to relocate to another nation, the first step is to analyze all of the advantages and disadvantages in order to make the best decision. Moving to the UK, like relocating somewhere else, has advantages and disadvantages that potential expats should consider before relocating.


  • The National Health Service provides healthcare that is initially free.
  • In the UK, you can obtain a Visa to work in a range of vocations, such as chief executive officer or production manager. Construction management, marketing, sales, advertisement, and media relations supervisor or manager jobs are also possible.
  • Students as early as three years old and up to the age of 18 can obtain an education in five phases.
  • Winter days in the United Kingdom feel rather like autumn than winter.
  • Regardless of the sort of work they undertake, it appears that most individuals would get up to 5.6 weeks of paid vacation.


  • You might be waiting weeks to visit a doctor, surgeon, or other professional. 
  • You should begin applying for a work permit at least six weeks before you intend to reach the UK.
  • You may occasionally have a route canceled on you, which might be inconvenient if you are in an emergency or on your way to work.
  • Parties in the United Kingdom have a proclivity towards binge-drinking at times.
  • Even though most full-time professionals get at least four weeks off every year, it appears that they do not have much time to rest in between vacations.
Health Insurance in England

Healthcare insurance, often known as private medical insurance, is a form of insurance coverage that pays for private medical care if you become ill or injured. While we are tremendously fortunate in the UK to have the NHS, private health insurance can assist consumers receive quicker access to experts and treatments. According to ActiveQuote the average annual cost of an individual private health insurance coverage is £1,115, however, there are other factors that might cause the price to fluctuate.

Register your child for school/kindergarten

Once the school year has begun, contact your local council to learn more about applying for a school place. They will be able to inform you whether colleges still have openings and how to apply. Once your kid has been accepted, they will typically join school at the beginning of the next term.

Advice to move to United Kingdom

Because of economic development, job possibilities, and social advantages, the United Kingdom has become a top destination place for most people throughout the world. However, if you intend to relocate to the United Kingdom, there are several important aspects to consider.

  • Obtain employment
  • Determine the appropriate visa type
  • Fill out the visa application
  • Move to the United Kingdom
  • Obtain an Indefinite Leave of Absence
Moving to UK as a Retiree

Retiring in London is nearly twice as expensive as retiring in the country's cheapest cities, with retirees able to save £200,000 by shifting to a less expensive region. According to Salisbury House Wealth, a financial planner, living in the capital demands an 82 percent greater pension than living in Nottingham, the cheapest major city.

A nice lifestyle in London costs £25,500 per year. A 67-year-old would have to pay £458,500 to earn this income through a fixed-term annuity that would run until age 86. Meanwhile, people in Nottingham require £16,790 each year, which costs £251,800.

Nuances of moving to England: car re-registration

When you import a car into the UK permanently, you must follow specific procedures. You can have them done for you by an importer or shipping business.

  • Inform HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that the car will arrive in the UK within 14 days.
  • If HMRC requests it, you must pay VAT and duty.
  • Obtain vehicle certification to demonstrate that your car satisfies safety and environmental criteria.
  • Register and tax the car with the DVLA; they will issue you a registration number so you can obtain number plates.
Ready for your move to the UK?

There are several reasons why individuals want to migrate to the United Kingdom, but virtually all of them may be categorized into four categories: study, work, family, and asylum. The United Kingdom has a fairly solid economy with several well-established businesses where individuals may find work. Along with existing businesses, there is a high demand for certain talents that can assist progress and sustain the economy. Many people travel to the UK in search of better employment possibilities or greater compensation since the demand for their profession is higher in the UK.

  • You must determine whether or not you require a visa.
  • You'll need to decide the type of visa you'll require because you'll almost certainly need one.
  • You must submit an online visa application and pay the price.
  • You must obtain the necessary paperwork in order to relocate to the United Kingdom.
  • You will then make an appointment. 
  • You will be interviewed for a UK visa.

If you are traveling from the southern region of the United Kingdom, the transit period for a part load is 48 hours. We can be highly efficient in large removals and deliver your stuff in less than 24 hours. Here is the cost of moving from UK to Netherlands:

London to Amsterdam: 5m3 – £679, 10m3 – £849, 15m3 – £1289, 30m3 – £2399

London to Rotterdam: 5m3 – £789, 10m3 – £959, 15m3 – £1429, 30m3 – £2549


💰Min moving price - 819 EUR 🛠Additional services - cleaning, handyman, (dis-) assembly of furniture
💰Max moving price - 2002 EUR 📲App - for Android, IOS
🚚Other moving - Sweden, Norway, Belgium 💳Payment systems - debit and credit cards, online banking Sofort, Ideal, cash

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