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What to know before moving to Sweden

The Netherlands is frequently and simply equated to the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, with the four countries, reflecting characteristics of culture and nutrition and consistently claiming the top ranks in happiness, health, and wealth rankings. With so many similarities, it's easy to mistake the Netherlands and Sweden for one another. However, this is not the case. 

Sweden is a beautiful country to live because of its friendly people, outstanding social utilities, and business culture that promotes healthy job satisfaction. It's no wonder that many individuals choose to relocate to Scandinavia's biggest country to take advantage of everything Sweden has to offer. Still, there are several things you should know before relocating to Sweden that will make the transition easier.

Many people who relocate to Sweden do not realize how difficult and hard the first winter might be. It becomes dark quite early, and it is chilly and snowy. It may be gorgeous at first, but two weeks of -10 degrees and snow everywhere may be exhausting. Most significantly, because Swedes are adapted to the weather, public transportation normally works smoothly, and the roads are properly maintained.

Moving to Sweden with family is a major undertaking. It is practical and organizational. Moovick offers you a specialized moving services, that will do a well-organized relocation, allowing you to concentrate on the other matters that must be resolved before you depart.

Before considering moving to Sweden many people face the first question - “Is Sweden a good place to live or is it worth moving to Sweden?” Here we are going to answer all of your questions and understand what to know before moving to Sweden.

People: Netherlands vs Sweden

When relocation to Sweden for work from the Netherlands, it's critical to grasp the distinctions between these two corporate cultures to ensure you're following the traditions—and not making any mistakes, which is especially crucial in the first few weeks or months in a new role. Coffee breaks, known as fika, consist of more than just having a cup of coffee at your desk to refuel. In Sweden, vacation means socializing, relaxing, and having fun. Lunch in Sweden differs from lunch in the Netherlands. 

Lunch is a big deal in Sweden, with a hot meal like pea soup and pancakes on Thursdays, which is a tradition, and the company of coworkers or business partners. Lunch is largely seen as a requirement in Netherlands corporate culture—just a basic sandwich at your desk. 

The Dutch are more prone to speak with coworkers in the halls, but the Swedish worker is more inclined to get stuff done swiftly and leave the workplace at about 15:00. The average Dutch worker works 1,419 hours per year, compared to 1,612 in Sweden. The Dutch are more inclined to work in the evenings or agree to work extra; Swedish employees would prefer to go home. 

The Dutch are quite optimistic at first impressions but may soon become brash and in your face, if things are not in order. Swedes are always involved in fights, which may be exhausting, and it can be difficult to extract thoughts and views from them. Both the Dutch and the Scandinavians have crystal clear brains, and if you get some Swedes to talk, you can have interesting talks with them.

Cost of Living in Amsterdam Compared to Stockholm

It may come as no surprise that Sweden is an expensive place to live, especially living in Stockholm. House expenses are expensive, but food and clothes can also consume a significant portion of your monthly income. The public transportation system is large but very expensive; nevertheless, children, students, and older residents are available for discounts. Taxes are very high in Sweden, but this means that other services, such as health care and education, can be inexpensive or even free. If you're considering relocating to Stockholm, you may need the assistance of a moving company in Stockholm to help you with the logistics and transport of your belongings.

The cost of living in Amsterdam may appear fairly expensive at first sight. However, when compared to other Western European nations, it is pretty typical. The cost of food and utilities might vary widely depending on where you buy and who your suppliers are, but what really drives up the costs in this area are home prices and rent. The minimum wage in the Netherlands is reasonable, and wages are competitive, but income taxes are substantial, so expect to pay a considerable portion of your monthly salary.

Difference Between Living in the Netherlands vs Sweden


The Netherlands has a temperate climate, with warm winters and relatively chilly summers, as well as rain all year. There is no distinct dry or rainy season, so you never know what to anticipate.

Many people connect Sweden with cold and dreary weather, yet the climate in Sweden is likely to be far warmer than you anticipate. Winters in the south of the nation are typically shorter and warmer - snow is uncommon - and summer temperatures vary from 15 to 25 degrees. Temperatures do drop significantly as you go north towards Stockholm. Throughout the winter, snow is more usual, and the usual temperature in January is below zero.


The Netherlands government is a parliamentary democracy governed by a Council of Ministers. The Senate and House of Representatives comprise the Dutch Parliament.

Sweden, like the United Kingdom, is a parliamentary democracy led by a Prime Minister. The administration is comprised of the Prime Minister and his cabinet members, who carry out the decisions of the Swedish Parliament.

House Prices

Rental in the Netherlands is too costly, and costs are only rising. Rental rates in Amsterdam may range from 300 euros per month for a room to over 2.500 euros per month for an apartment, so it all matters where you rent.

Because the Swedish rental market is "pro-tenant," renting is a far more economical choice. Rents are relatively low since the market is tightly managed and regulated. Furthermore, rentals are often unaffected by location, so you will pay around the same price for the same property regardless of where you choose to reside.

How Difficult it is for an EU Citizen to Move to Sweden

Moving to Sweden as EU citizen can be pretty easy.  You have the right to work, study, and live in Sweden as an EU citizen without a residence visa. You can also create and run your own private business. The right of residency refers to EU citizens' ability to stay in Sweden without a residence permit. If you are working, self-employed, a student, or have adequate means to support yourself, you have the right to dwell. To be given residence cards for your family, you must be able to establish that you satisfy the conditions for the right of residence in Sweden through a job, study, or having adequate resources.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Sweden

Here are some pros of living in Sweden:

  • Towns that are clean and scenic
  • Excellent working conditions
  • Pollution-free environment
  • Excellent public transportation

Sweden is a beautiful country with a lot of natural beauty and modern amenities. However, this place has a some cons of living in Sweden. From the high cost of living to the long winters, there are some cons to consider before making the move. 


  • High taxation
  • Unusual weather patterns 
  • There are no major cities
  • Making friends can be difficult
Swedish Health Insurance

Sweden boasts arguably of the world's most accessible and comprehensive healthcare systems. It attempts to deliver the greatest medical services to its citizens at no cost to the individual. Individuals enjoy a longer lifespan and fewer health difficulties as a result of the quantity of high-quality health care at low or no cost. Dental treatment is not covered by the government's healthcare system, although it is subsidized. So, when moving to Sweden health insurance is pretty satisfying.

Moving to Sweden to Study

If you are not an EU citizen and will be studying in Sweden for longer than three months, you will require a residence visa. If you wish to study for less than three months, you may need to obtain a visa instead. If you are moving to Sweden to study at a university, university college, higher vocational education, or folk high school in Sweden for more than three months, you can apply for a residence visa for higher education. This also applies to you if you are enrolled in an EU mobility program and will begin your studies in Sweden. Permission must be obtained before traveling to Sweden.  

Moving to Sweden to Work

If you are a citizen of a country other than the EU and you are moving to Sweden without a job, you will almost always require a work permit. Applying for a work permit online is the quickest and smoothest approach. Internet applications are routed directly to the Swedish Migration Agency and are given priority. This makes it easy for you to apply appropriate and enhances the likelihood of a prompt decision. 

In Sweden, your employer begins the work permit application by giving information about the job. Your firm will need your name, date of birth, citizenship, and email address. You will receive an email with instructions on how to apply for a work permit after your company has submitted information about the job. In most circumstances, you will be charged a fee. You can pay with either a Visa or a Mastercard. For the Swedish Migration Agency to make a decision on your application, all data must be filled out and all required papers must be attached. If your permission is valid for more than three months, you will be issued a residency permit card. The resident permit card will be issued at the time of the decision, but no sooner than three months before the residence permit becomes effective.

Tax Implications: Difference Between the Netherlands and Sweden

The Personal Income Tax Rate in Sweden is a tax collected from people and is levied on several sources of income such as labor, pensions, interest, and dividends. The benchmark we utilize is the Individual Top Marginal Tax Rate. Revenues from the Personal Income Tax Rate are a significant source of revenue for the Swedish government. The effective tax rate is currently 52%.

If you earn money while residing in the Netherlands, whether you are a Dutch citizen or an expat, you must pay taxes. The Dutch tax office collects taxes in a number of ways. Here are the most common sorts of taxes you may face in the Netherlands. If you make money or work in the Netherlands, you must pay taxes on your earnings. You report your income tax through your yearly tax return, which you may complete online or with the assistance of a Dutch tax expert. In the Netherlands, the yearly tax rate is 49.5%.

Quality of Life in Sweden

Sweden rates well in terms of quality of life for a variety of reasons. This is because Sweden rates "extremely high" in terms of sustainable development, freedom, environmental performance, happiness levels, and migrant acceptance. The only component in which Sweden received a bad rating was its "extremely high" cost of living. However, it is worth noting that Sweden has very high wages for its people, which, unsurprisingly, raises the cost of living.

  • Sweden has greater health-care quality than the United States (76%).
  • Sweden has a greater birth-age life expectancy than the United States.
  • Sweden has a lower infant mortality rate than the United States.
  • Sweden has a maternal mortality rate that is one-quarter that of the US

This data compares life expectancy of the United States to that of other equally large and rich countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Why Move to Sweden from Netherlands or vice versa?

Moving to Sweden from the Netherlands is easy as long as you have all the necessary documentation. If you are an EU citizen, you will have to do very little, as with most elements of migrating to Sweden. EU nationals traveling from within the EU to Sweden, for example, are not required to declare their goods at the Swedish border. This refers to moving from to the Netherlands to Sweden as well.

Moving to Sweden as a Retiree

If you want to retire comfortably in Sweden, you'll need a small financial cushion. Remember, though, that what you pay for in certain locations is offset by good health care, educational subsidies, and adequate public transportation alternatives. A $1000 monthly budget will allow you to live comfortably. You'll be able to pursue leisure activities and enjoy the occasional vacation on this budget.

Advice to Move to Sweden

  • Obtain a residency permit
  • Register with the Tax Administration
  • Find a place to live
  • Obtain an ID card
  • Create a bank account

Is Moving to Sweden a Good Idea

Moving to Sweden might be the finest decision you've ever made. The pristine landscape, excellent work-life balance, and ability of the inhabitants to communicate in English make it simple for newcomers to fall in love with this Scandinavian country. However, like with any place else, you should be conscious of the local culture and way of life, which may differ significantly from what you're used to. If you're planning to move, it's essential to find a reliable moving company in Sweden that can assist you in the relocation process smoothly. Sweden is a lovely place to live due to its nice people, excellent public services, and corporate culture that encourages a healthy work-life balance.

Ready For Your Move to Sweden?

It goes without saying that if you want to go to Sweden, you must be fluent in the language. Although the Swedish language is not simple to master, it is best to begin language classes as soon as possible. A basic grasp of the language will ease your transition to Sweden and help you blend in. 

If you are a citizen of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you do not require a visa. Visas are not required for citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or Japan. Foreign nationals who wish to relocate to Sweden must apply for a residence permit. 

If you are moving from neighbouring countries, don’t hesitate and call Moovick. Our professional movers will help you to get a smooth move and help you out with everything.


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