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Things to know before moving to Hungary

What do we know about Hungary? Once a majestic state in the center of Europe: in the Middle Ages it was called the "Kingdom of the Huns", and at the beginning of the 20th century - the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was in its composition that Hungary unleashed the First World War. In recent history - an ally of Nazi Germany, then - a member of the communist bloc, and - now a member of the European Union and NATO.

In recent years, small Hungary has somehow been lost among the many countries of Central Europe. Little is said about her in the media, little is written on the Internet. It does not solve global world issues in the United Nations and the North Atlantic Alliance, and does not play a key role in European politics.

At the same time, Hungary is a very interesting and original state, with a special flavor inherent only to it. Budapest, the capital of the state, is called "Paris on the Danube" - this city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Hungary has given the world many scientific inventions, this country is home to the largest number of Nobel Prize winners per capita.

Peoples: Netherlands vs Hungary

Hungarians are known for being friendly and hospitable, they are a bit shy when it comes to speaking English but very helpful when you get along. Hungarians are perceived as introverts and quiet people. They are mostly friendly, polite and generally open-minded, but not easily approachable.

Cost of living in Amsterdam compared to Budapest

Moving to Budapest can be a great idea. Prices are generally considered to be lower than overall usage in Budapest. The average salary is also high - 250,000-400,000 forints or about 700-1100 euros per month. But this is quite enough for quality food, utility bills, entertainment and other expenses.

Amsterdam ranks as the ninth most expensive city in Europe according to the 2022 index. 

Difference between living in the Netherlands vs Hungary

Hungary and the Netherlands cannot be compared in terms of culture or traditions, both of them offer excellent standards of living, a healthy environment. The only difference that can be fatal is the average cost of living in Hungary ($860), which is 52% cheaper than in the Netherlands ($1,780). Hungary was ranked 96th against the 19th by the Netherlands in the list of the most expensive countries in the world.

How difficult is it for an EU Citizen to move to Hungary?

Citizens of EU countries do not need a visa to live and work in Hungary. Instead, you must apply for a registration card. From July 1, 2007, instead of a residence permit in Hungary, EU citizens receive a registration card for an unlimited period. You do not need to renew this residence permit while you are working or studying in Hungary.

Pros and Cons of moving to Hungary

Pros of moving to Hungary:

  • High standard of living of the population.
  • Diversity of nature.
  • Tourist attraction.
  • Comfortable climate for living.
  • Highly developed infrastructure.

Cons of moving to Hungary:

  • High taxes.
  • Geographical position.
  • High unemployment.
Hungary’s health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory for all workers and entrepreneurs in Hungary and is funded by contributions deducted from gross wages. Families and children are entitled to social security if they have proof of a permanent residence card in Hungary.

Moving to Hungary for study

The only difficulty of studying in Hungary is the language barrier. Before entering a national university, you will have to master Hungarian at least at a conversational level, and this is not so easy.

In general, education in Hungary is quite affordable. The average price tag for a year of study is 2-3 thousand euros. In different educational institutions, this amount includes a different set of services: from mastering the program to full board.

Education in Hungary is not only education in the oldest European universities, whose graduates are famous Nobel laureates. But even ordinary language courses may well become the basis for obtaining a national Hungarian visa D and a residence permit.

Moving to Hungary for work

Only those specialists who are really in demand on the labor market at the present time can get a job in Hungary. And of course, if an employer chooses a foreigner from outside the EU, then only if it is a really high-class specialist who has not only basic knowledge, but also certain skills and work experience.

Definitely, you should not count on illegal work, temporary earnings, as well as vacancies that do not require special knowledge and professional skills.

Tax implications: difference between the Netherlands and Hungary

Hungary is among the countries with the highest interest rates on taxes and fees. Thus, the value added tax here - 27% - the first figure in the world.

Among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (established in 1948 and includes 35 of the most developed countries in the world), Hungary ranks third in terms of the average level of taxation - 48.2% of the tax on the income of one citizen.

Quality of life in Hungary

Hungary is a beautiful country with a very rich culture and warm people who are willing to show you all their customs and traditions. Their economic growth makes their largest city a source of opportunity for expats, and the low cost of living makes it ideal for traveling abroad while working in Hungary.

Why move to Hungary from the Netherlands?

Most expats choose to move to Europe to live a more relaxed lifestyle and enjoy better health care, a higher standard of living, cheaper real estate and more security. It is a peaceful continent that many people are looking for. Both Hungary and the Netherlands are worth moving to as they offer a high quality of life, high standards, and a relaxed and peaceful environment. Whether you're moving within the city or from abroad, professional Budapest movers can help with packing, transportation, and unpacking your belongings, ensuring a seamless transition to your new home. 

Moving to Hungary as a retiree

A pension in Hungary is accrued to all citizens who officially worked in the country and regularly paid taxes. Upon reaching the age of 62 and a total length of service of 20 years, everyone can count on decent payments. However, now the government is developing a new bill, according to which the pension in Hungary will be calculated differently: it will consist of the main and funded parts. Currently, the average pension amount is about 400 euros.

Advices to move to Hungary

Preparing for moving to Hungary will take weeks, even months, which can be spent in favor. You can:

  • Research the city
  • Look for job opportunities
  • Learn the local language
  • Find expats with experience, become friends with them and collect useful information
Is moving to Hungary a good idea?

Hungary is a prosperous and idyllic country with a lot to explore. Delicious food with lots of national dishes to satisfy your appetite. Affordable cost of living so you can make the most of your time in the country. There are lots of English speaking people, which can be a great advantage for expats.


Are you ready to move to Hungary?

If you think you are ready to move, here is a kind reminder to find good door to door moving services providing a company that will take care of your stuff while moving from the Netherlands to Belgium. Moovick is one of the experienced companies to help you securely and safely pack and ship your belongings to your new home. The company provides high quality relocation services to both individuals and families in Europe.


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