Painting Services in the Netherlands

Painting improves a home's aesthetics and preserves the structure's exterior against environmental wear. The activities involved in house painting in the Netherlands may be unclear and demand a lot of questions answered. However, getting an excellent painting service is not a complex one at all. For a square meter space, an average expense of €10-€12 may be required without materials. Of course, this average cost covers the labor cost, painting equipment, and cost of permit as required by the painting project. 


The paint cost may be the main differentiator in the total price you pay. If you want fancy designer paint, you can expect to pay higher in procuring the paint materials needed than the labor cost. Regardless, some other important factors determine the cost of painting services.

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Exterior Painting Cost Factors

Dimensions of the painting project

The size of the project may be the major factor that determines the cost of painting. The rule of thumb says that you will pay higher if painting a larger surface area. The larger the area, the more paint will be required, and the higher the material costs. A larger surface area also means more time and effort spent on the project, which will contribute to the overall cost, particularly, if you are paying per hour.

Here is an estimated cost of painting based on the dimensions:

Surface area (sq. meters) Average cost (Eur)
93 €1,365 to €3,640
100 €2000-€5000
139.4 €2,044 to €5,460
185.8 €3,000 to €7,280
232.3 €3,402 to €9,100
278.7 €4,081 to €10,920

The variance in prices of the same dimensions may be slightly influenced by the number of rooms, sections, and partitions in the total square area.


Prep work


However, the cost of preparation work can be completely avoided with the extra benefits of DIY effort, but it can also significantly increase exterior house painting costs. Preparation work (prep work) may include activities like patching holes, repairing cracks, removing old paints, sanding, etc. There are no fixed prices for prep work, but its cost determinant is dependent on the nature of the surface to be painted, and the degree of prep work required.

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Type of surface

Exterior surfaces are of different materials and conditioning. Each type requires different methods of painting and prepping which affect costs.

Wood siding: wood siding is common in many structures and the cost of exterior painting services of wood siding may be around  €640  - €2730. Wooden surfaces do require a ton of preparatory work to make the final outlook surreal.  Cracks and gaps must be filled to prevent moisture, and it may require sanding to smooth out rough spots. 

Stucco: The cost of painting an exterior of stucco siding lies between €1270 and €5460.  Stucco surfaces often have textured or uneven surfaces, which might require multiple coats of paint to perfect.

Brick: Brick painting sustains quality for a long time, so it requires cleaning and possibly pressure washing to remove dirt and mold. Homeowners can expect to pay €3190 to €9100 for an exterior of brick siding. 

Metal: The smoothness of metal surfaces makes painting straightforward, and involves less prep work, if any. Exterior house painting of metal siding is expected between €364 to €3185. 

Vinyl: Specialized vinyl paint is recommended for adhesion on vinyl surfaces because of its smoothness. It will cost €550 to €3200 to complete home painting services for this siding.

Composite: Composite materials, like concrete or engineered wood siding, have the advantage of less painting stress. An average cost of €450 to €2730 will do for the exterior with composite siding.

Labor cost


Labor cost is a significant factor that determines exterior house painting cost. The wages paid per square meter or hour can vary based on project complexity and particularly with different exterior painting companies. Many times, the labor cost is already embedded in the overall quotes you get, and the number of days required for completion is also outlined. In the Netherlands, you should plan about €10 to €40 per square meter for labor costs, while also considering cases of working at extreme heights. It is highly encouraged to get quotes from different contractors to understand what reasonable labor price is required for your project, and to make sure you are not over bidded as a function of skill and expertise.

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Painting Project type

Painting doors and windows within a house painting project also drives the price a great deal. Doors are a critical part of a home and they require detailed painting to bring its beauty to life. For instance, you may be quoted €3,300 for a whole-house exterior painting project that has 3 doors and 7 windows. That may be a €500 increase from a similar project with 2 doors and 5 windows. On the other hand, a partial exterior painting project focuses on selected building parts such as trims, decks, selected siding, fences, etc., hence, the cost of a partial painting project type is expected to be lesser. 

Below is an outline of the expected percentage increase in cost due to project type:

  • Whole House Painting: 20% - 40% increase
  • Partial Exterior Painting: 10% - 20% increase
  • Repainting and Maintenance: 5% - 15% increase
  • Restoration and Historic Preservation: 30% - 60% increase
  • Stucco or Masonry Painting: 15% - 30% increase
  • Exterior Door or Window Painting: 10% - 20% increase

Paint material

When looking to make an intricate design, pattern, and decoration, the material required for such a project may significantly raise the overall cost of it. It may involve the use of substances such as gold leaf, Swarovski crystals, or metallic pigments, which are very expensive Items. The average cost of materials commonly used for intricate paint designs is outlined below.

  • Silver Leaf: €50 - €100 per sheet.
  • Copper Foil: €30 - €60 per roll.
  • Mother of Pearl: €5 - €20 per piece.
  • Embossed Stencils: €10 - €30 per stencil.
  • Crushed Glass: €15 - €30 per container.
  • Metallic Paints: €15 - €40 per container.
  • Pearlescent Pigments: €10 - €25 per container.
  • Acrylic Gems and Rhinestones: €5 - €15 per pack.
  • Specialty Brushes: Brushes €10 - €25 per brush.
  • Gold Leaf: €60 - €100 per sheet (varying by size and karat).
  • Swarovski Crystals: €0.50 - €2 per crystal (varying by size and quality).

Geographic location


Locations with high demand for painting services often attract higher costs because of the unavailability of contractors. The exterior painting companies are very busy, and they adjust prices to balance the many demands for their services. You may wonder why the quote you get is insanely high for such a small project you have, this is because the time to spend on yours may not be worth it when they have other higher gigs with higher profit returns. Therefore, they resort to pricing you up to scale. The cost of transporting painting companies from a location of lesser demand can also become significant.



Many commercial painting projects and certain residential projects require specific permits and licenses. The cost of licensing also amounts to the total quote you get from a contractor. You are encouraged to communicate with your contractor and ask questions for a full understanding of the permit position applicable to your project.

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Paint Finishes and Additional Services


As the common saying goes, painting is extensive, applying the paint is only a part of the job.  If you request additional services such as furniture clearing and moving of objects, you may have to pay extra. Special paint finishes also attract extra purchases which all sum up to the total cost.

Types of services from painting experts on Moovick

Exterior painting

Involves applying paint to the outer surfaces of a building, which can be seen by the public and passersby. A house exterior is often exposed to environmental wear, weather element, grafting, impact, and abrasion. Because of this exposure, exterior surfaces need to be painted and repainted over time when they are no longer serving and their appearance begins to fade. Painting experts on Moovick specialized in exterior house painting, and are professionals who are passionate about giving an exterior the look that serves its purpose. 

Interior painting

The inside and the sheltered portion of a building is the interior. The Interior is less exposed to weathering as it is shielded by the building’s roof and by the exterior. Interior paintings are primarily for enhancing the look and for the display of personal emotions. Painting of ceilings, interior walls, doors, cabinets, and shelving, are common examples of interior painting projects. 

Commercial painting 

A commercial painting focuses on enhancing the appearance of structures intended for business purposes. It entails painting spaces used for business and other non-residential functions. Commercial painting often necessitates obtaining permits and is best done by a professional house painter. You will receive tailored services that address the necessary permits and licensing required for your project from the painters on Moovick.

Materials for house painting

A variety of painting materials evolve daily as demands for succinct, and unique result keeps increasing. Science and art also give birth to new materials over time. Below is a list of presently used paint products:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Oil Paint
  • Watercolor Paint
  • Tempera Paint
  • Gouache Paint
  • Spray Paint
  • Enamel Paint
  • Latex Paint
  • Chalk Paint
  • Acrylic Gouache
  • Canvas
  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Fabric
  • Plastic
  • Masonite
  • Cardboard
  • Stone
  • Clay
  • Gesso
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Yupo Paper
  • Canvas Panel
  • Hardboard
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Acetate Sheet
  • Plexiglass

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