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Things to Know Before Moving to Monaco

We bet you didn't know that Monaco is approximately the same size as New York City, a size so small for a country, making it the second smallest country after Vatican City.

Because of these activities, the population of any tiny country is usually small, although this is different in Monaco. Monaco is a vibrant nation with a population of over 65,000 people. Like other densely populated places, Monaco is known for its super-blooming rental services.

There are other exciting things you should know before moving to Monaco. Experience hones skills and sharpens judgment, right? The good news is that this article explains what you should know before migrating to Monaco and explains the intricacies behind how to move to Monaco, including the edge you will need.

People: Monaco vs Germany

Before moving to Monaco, the linguistic and cultural changes are a significant thing to consider. Contrary to popular belief that Monaco is an English-speaking country, Monaco is a French-speaking country, sharing sides with France and banked by the Mediterranean Sea. If you are moving to Monaco from Germany, you may need to acquire some basic phrases to manage daily encounters and display cultural respect.

Cost of Living in Monaco Compared to Germany

The cost of living in Monaco is almost 30% higher than in Germany. The reason is not far-fetched — Monaco is more densely populated, and an apartment in it may cost more than a spaceship to Mars. The cost of utilities is high, and of course, the cost of commuting and rent significantly raises the living bar. This one for Germany — It costs, on average, 100% less to access public healthcare in Germany than in Monaco. 

Here's a tabular representation of the difference in the cost of living in Monaco compared to Germany.


Category  Monaco Germany
Housing (Monthly) €7157 €1282.00
Grocery (Monthly) €36.00 €45.95
Transportation (Monthly) €36.00 €45.95
Dining out(Per meal) €25.00 €17.00
Salary €3671.00 €4671.00
Rent for a 1-bedroom Apartment €2,500 - €5,000 per month €600 - €1,200 per month
Buy apartment price €80285 €6416
Utilities (Monthly) €300 €250
Fitness (Monthly) €600.00 €36.7
Difference between living in Germany vs. Monaco

Quality of life

The quality of life in Monaco is measurably high, adding up scores in the major indexes for living. Germany consistently ranked top in the list and secured the third position below Luxembourg and the Netherlands a number of times. In Germany, the quality of life is pretty affordable for individuals, while it is high in Monaco. Monaco has a GDP per capita of 234 315. 46(USD), while the GDP per capita in Germany is 51,203.55(USD).


On average, across the year, Germany is colder than Monaco. Monaco experiences the Mediterranean climate and has a relatively stable stretch of it — The average daytime temperatures during winter range from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F) for Monaco, while it can surge below -2°C coldness in Germany. 

Hotness and dryness prevail in summer for both. The average daytime temperatures in summer for Monaco and Germany is 27C (77°F to 86°F) but can occasionally surpass 30°C (86°F). There is limited rainfall during the summer months, which makes it a perfect period for sunbathing and chances for catching up with friends.

How Difficult is it For an EU Citizen to Move to Monaco?

Monaco, just like any French territory, doesn't have stringent rules on people visiting and staying for less than three months, particularly for EU citizens who face fewer restrictions. 

For someone moving to Monaco, there is a unique procedure for you. But first, you need to apply for a long-term visa in a French Consulate - the emphasis on a French Consulate is because they can handle visa applications more efficiently. 

The Pros and Cons of Moving to Monaco


  • The weather is good, and it is stable.
  • Social security is top-notch.
  • Unpolluted clean air.
  • Organized traffic.
  • High-quality healthcare system.


  • Living expenses are on the high side.
  • It can also be frigid in winter.
  • Rent is on the high side.
  • Does not differ in the manifestation of democracy.
Monaco Health Insurance

Anyone working in Monaco is under the Monegasque Social Security system unless they are on secondment from their employer. Generally, Monaco health insurance is available at affordable rates to the citizens except in cases of accidents or diseases where private international insurance bodies are responsible for their catering. 

Moving to Monaco to Study

Monaco does not have its own universities, so students typically consider nearby universities in France. It is paramount to meet the requirements of the chosen institution for assured admission.

Moving to Monaco for work

Because of Monaco’s small size, available work option is limited, and competition is high. On the contrary, there are many unexplored ventures, which means that new businesses will easily thrive as long as they proffer solutions to a problem. The work-life structure is suitable for expats, and Monaco offers a great working environment. EU citizens generally do not need a specific work visa. However, a residence permit is required for those planning to work and reside in Monaco for an extended period.

Tax Implication: The Difference Between Monaco and Germany

Tax in Monaco is entirely different from tax in Germany. As previously stated, tax in Monaco is at its lowest, with the country having no taxes on its citizens. Monaco attaches no tax to companies that make 75% of profits, but this is not the case in Germany. 

The government charges a 29.9% tax on its citizens in Germany, including a 5.5% surtax. Its tariff is the highest in the OECD, with 47.8 % on a single worker. 

Why Move to Monaco from Germany or Vice versa?

While it looks like Monaco is more expensive to live in than Germany, moving to Monaco from Germany has several other benefits. One benefit is paying less for transportation and education, provided you use public transport. You always pay less for healthcare and have exposure to several other opportunities. 

Moving to Monaco as a Retiree

Moving to Monaco as a retiree is common mainly because of its low taxes and high standard of living. There are lots of recreational activities to keep a healthy body and excellent practices suitable for aged living. Retirees are to prove their pension as a sustainable source of income before being granted a retirement residence permit. It can cater to health insurance and, most importantly, the cost of living.

Advice to Move to Monaco

The cost of living in Monaco is the central area where people face challenges. Generally, the cost of housing in Monaco is high, but by putting in for a shared apartment, you can easily afford where to place your head while you figure the country out. Determine how much money you need to move to Monaco with our online calculator, and make a budget-friendly relocation.

Personal means of transportation are more of a hassle than you think because of the limited parking spaces in the country. Your best bet? Use public transport.

If you wish to own a private transport, there are processes you must follow, the most important being registering your car. As a citizen of the country or an individual with a residence permit, you can register your car with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office. Of course, you need to provide the necessary papers, too. We should mention that you must renew this registration yearly; the same goes for the driver's license.

Is Moving to Monaco a Good idea?

Moving to Monaco is undoubtedly a good idea, seeing its economic bloom. It is an excellent place to establish a business and watch it grow. As a general rule of thumb, you should briefly visit Monaco, interact with the locals, and learn something from them.

Ready for your move to Monaco?

Housing and transportation services are critical influences on a person's cost of living in Monaco. But above all, proper planning is crucial to people moving to Monaco from Germany. You need to plan for your insurance, work, and resident permits. Most importantly, you need to prepare for your movement to the country.

Several moving companies can handle your movement to Monaco, some of which will pack and unpack your belongings in Monaco. Do you need help determining what moving services to use to move to Monaco? We have a list of professional moving services to provide a seamless transition to your new site.


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