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Things to know before moving to Sweden

Are you planning to move to Sweden? Sweden is a charming country with friendly residents, first-rate public services and a business culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance. Not surprisingly, many people choose to move to the largest Scandinavian nation, Sweden, to enjoy all it has to offer. Before international moving to Sweden with removals, there are a few crucial things to know before you go. From the Accommodation and cost of living to the Swedish food, coffee drinking, and queue habit, as well as the women-friendly environment, these considerations are practical and beneficial, and they may make any relocation go more smoothly.

Difference between living in Germany Vs. Sweden

Comparing the practices and customs in Germany and Sweden would expose you to a few differences between the Germans and the Swedish people. International moving to Sweden from Germany would remind you there are still ten EU countries that do not use the Euro currency. Germany’s no-free water policy can also make you consider moving to Stockholm, Sweden. Other differences include the contrasting cost of living in the two countries, the alcoholic beverage control system in Sweden, unregulated taxi rates in Sweden, and the lack of credit card payment options in areas of Germany.

Peoples: Germany Vs. Sweden

Germany, like Sweden, has a significant proportion of blondes with blue eyes in the coastal districts. The proportion of people with darker hair and brown eyes rises as you move further inland, particularly close to the Czech Republic’s border. Germans keep track. The time you spend doing something is as important as the result or value. While in Sweden, there is a more relaxed way of looking at this. If you need to go to the dentist, just tell your manager, and that’s it!

Cost of living in Sweden compared to Germany

The cost of living in Germany is quite reasonable compared to Sweden’s high cost. With an average of 950 euros, you can cover your monthly living expenses. The pretty good life in Sweden comes at a price. The cost of living in Sweden is high and with high tax rates. In fact, the cost of living in Sweden is 1.95% greater than it is in the UK, so it could be worthwhile to put aside a few pennies before relocating.

Move to Sweden: Pros and Cons


  1. Social coffee break i.e. Fika

  2. The effective social welfare system

  3. Reliable public transportation system

  4. Food! So many tasty traditional treats

  5. Women friendly environment

  6. Work-life balance

  7. Internet speed


  1. High cost of living with taxes

  2. Expats finding it challenging to get a job

  3. High housing prices

  4. Difficulty in integrating into the Swedish society

  5. Long and dark winter months

  6. Government control of alcohol stores

Healthcare in 2 countries: what is the contrast

Germany and Sweden have excellent healthcare systems, but both have weaknesses.  


  1. As a resident, you’re not immediately covered. Uninsured individuals are entirely on their own if this occurs, and this happens mainly with the unemployed

  2. Doctors will most likely bill you for whatever they like if you have private insurance.


  1. The healthcare system prioritizes according to the severity of the condition. You might have to wait months before a doctor would see you if you are dealing with a minor ailment.

  2. Going through all sorts of digital loops and queue makes booking appointments with doctors hard. 

EU citizen: how difficult is it to move to Sweden

You are permitted to work, study, reside and start a business in Sweden as an EU citizen without a residence permit. The term “right of residence” refers to the ability of nationals of the EU/EEA to stay in Sweden without a visa. If you are working, self-employed, a student, or have enough money to sustain yourself, you can live where you choose.

You can get to Sweden from Germany by bus, car, rail, and air. Traveling by air takes an average of four hours, depending on the location, while the train takes about 19 hours. Traveling to Sweden from Germany by car and bus takes 14 & 20 hours, respectively.

Health insurance in Sweden

Private health insurance is rare in Sweden. Some private corporations do occasionally provide health insurance for senior-level staff and expats who are not EU citizens who want to avoid a waiting list and have immediate access to specific specialists. Expats from the EU can receive public healthcare services provided they are with their European Health Insurance Card, which they obtained in their home country.

Moving to Sweden for work

If you are an EU citizen, you can start working directly after arriving in Sweden. You are permitted to work, establish and run a private business in Sweden without a residence permit. But if you are moving to Sweden as a non-EU/EEA citizen, you must get your residence and work permit before you can work.

Tax implications: the difference between Germany and Sweden

The German tax system operates a progressive tax rate; most people will have their employer deduct income tax from their paychecks. In Sweden, most people pay only local taxes on their annual income; Sweden’s typical local tax rate is 32.34 percent. Sweden’s tax systems include a "basic deduction’’ which is a sum exempt from taxable income. Earners above a certain income threshold the tax agency sets also pay 20 percent state tax.

Why move to Sweden?

Sweden is an excellent country to move to with its friendly residents, first-rate public services, and business culture that supports a healthy work-life balance. The following are reasons why you may consider moving to Sweden;

  1. Freedom of speech and movement

  2. High quality of life

  3. An excellent work environment with good pay

  4. Almost all citizens are bilingual and speak English

  5. The low-income gap between genders

  6. Parental leave benefits

  7. Excellent healthcare system

Quality of life in Sweden

Sweden ranks highly on quality of life. This is due to the country’s high sustainable development, freedom, environmental performance, happiness levels, freedom of speech, and migrant acceptance. The life expectancy age was pegged at 82.4 years in 2017.

Moving to Sweden as a pensioner

Long-term residents of an EU country may relocate to Sweden to work, study, or live independently, such as on a pension from their home nation. Although, you must apply for a residence permit if you want to stay for more than three months.

Nuances of moving to Sweden: car re-registration

If you bring a car into Sweden, you can use it for one week, after which you must re-register the vehicle. You must report your car to Swedish Customs when entering Sweden from a non-EU nation. The first step in the registration process is verification of origin. Other steps are;

  1. Getting an appointment for a registration inspection and technical identity verification.
  2. The car is allocated a Swedish registration number
  3. Test the roadworthiness of the car
  4. Licensing the vehicle for use

How to move to Sweden

Having all the required documents makes your move to Sweden an easy one. If you are an EU citizen, there is very little you will have to do since citizens of EU countries have the right of residence in Sweden. In some instances, Non-EU/EEA nationals have to tender an offer of employment from a Swedish company before arrival. It is necessary for all foreign nationals and expats who plan to move to Sweden to obtain a residence permit before entering the country.

There is no quarantine requirement for pets that have had their required vaccinations, although pets from a country deemed “high risk” for rabies must be immunized for one month before arriving in Sweden.


Moving to Malmo, Sweden

Malmo remains the friendly and relaxed location for expats moving to Sweden. Malmö is one of Sweden’s foremost economic and education hubs, with a favorable environment for entrepreneurs. The moderate size of the city also makes it easier to navigate with a bicycle rather than a car. Expats moving company to Malmo Sweden, and intend to stay longer than 90 days must get a visa.

Ready for your move to Sweden?

No matter where you are coming from now, You surely want a stress-free trip to Sweden! Moovick like international removals to Sweden eases you off the stress of booking and packing. We would help you move from where you are to your destination as quickly and smoothly as possible.


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