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Things to know before moving to Poland

Moving to another country is a big challenge in terms of figuring out how to live in an unknown place: what documentation is needed, residence permit, renting a flat or buying a house, opening a bank account, taking out an insurance policy.

Whether you are moving to Poland because you have found a new job or because you feel like spending some time discovering this beautiful European country, at Moovick, as a moving company to Poland, we want to help you with some practical advices. Read on!

Difference between living in Germany vs Poland

This is not to say that one country is better than the other, in fact they share many similarities and borders, but each has its own particularities. In general, Germany is a more orderly, strict and established country. Poland is an emerging country in full growth, every day is an adventure!

Poland is a country with an ancient heritage and strong ties to tradition, which has kept its cultural heritage intact despite having been heavily punished by Europe's wartime history. Its contemporary culture is based on the values of honesty, faith (they are a very religious nation), respect and a focus on family.

Traditional Polish cuisine is a calorie bomb, but once you try it, it's hard to resist! It shares common ingredients with German cuisine, such as sausages, bread and pickles. But as opposed to the famous German beer, there is the unrivaled Polish vodka.

The climate in both countries is also similar and, despite what you might think, it is not always cold. In the spring and summer months the average temperature is 17°C, reaching 30°C in July, the hottest month. So in Poland you can also enjoy the sun and outdoor activities.

Peoples: Germany vs Poland

Poland is a progressive and hard-working nation, which pays special attention to hospitality, as the Polish saying "A guest in the house, God in the house" indicates. Therefore, although they may seem stern, Poles are very friendly towards foreigners. However, it can be difficult to have a conversation with them in their language because Polish is considered one of the most difficult languages to speak.

In the opinion of Poles, Germany may seem less religious and less familiar. What is true is that they are very quiet, they do not speak loudly. Even in big cities like Berlin or Frankfurt you can feel the calm atmosphere.

Cost of living in Poland compared to Germany

The real question is, is Poland cheaper than Germany? The answer is yes, definitely. In fact it is considered one of the 50 cheapest countries in the world to live in. Poland has a 44% cheaper cost of living than Germany, comparing food, housing, transport, clothing and entertainment.

Quality of live in Poland

Poland's lifestyle is similar to that of most European countries; however, Poland is significantly cheaper, which makes the standard of living for expatriates in the country quite good. So, if you're planning to relocate to Poland, you might want to consider hiring a reputable moving company in Poland to help you with the logistics.

Why move to Poland?

Money can be one of the causes - or the main reason! If you live in Germany and decide moving to Krakow for example, you will get a better quality of life by spending less money. You will enjoy many cultural events (music, sports, markets, food and craft fairs...) and a very busy nightlife - there are bars open 24 hours a day!

Poland is a country rich in heritage, both cultural and natural, some of its monuments will blow your mind! And its lakes are the perfect place for a weekend trip.

Finally, most Polish cities are multicultural. It is easy to mix with people of many nationalities and this will give you a truly global experience.

EU citizen: How difficult is it to move to the Poland

All European tourists have a 90-day residence permit, all you need is a valid travel document: passport or other document confirming your identity and citizenship. After this time you need to apply for:

  • Residence certificate (you must go to the district or city registry office with an ID and a rental contract)
  • Residence permit (you must submit the application to the competent Voivodeship, proving a valid reason for stay such as a work contract or university studies. The temporary permit takes a few days and lasts for 5 years, at the end of which the final residence permit will be issued)
  • Pesel (this is an 11-digit tax code. Once you have obtained the residence permit, you must go to the registration office to get it).

Moving to Poland for work

All EU citizens can freely visit and work in Poland, no visa is required. Skilled workers with a university education will find it easier to find a job opportunity, especially in up-and-coming sectors such as the chemical industry, construction, food and beverage processing or textile manufacturing.

Generally, as in most European countries, the working day does not exceed eight hours a day, 40 hours a week. And they have a lot of holidays, 13 national holidays a year, not counting world holidays such as Christmas, New Year's Day and Saints' Day.

But moving from Germany to Poland for the salary is a bad idea. It is quite low compared to other European countries. On the other hand, the cost of living in Poland is also quite low, which means that the purchasing power an expatriate can have in Poland is higher.

Move to Poland: pros and cons

Living in Poland can be a great adventure, but it poses certain challenges for those who do not have Polish roots.

Best things:

  • Finding a house is easier and cheaper than in Germany
  • Some aspects of daily life such as food and entertainment are cheaper compared to other European countries. Private medical care is also cheaper and excellent!
  • Language will not be a problem. Despite not being the official language, Poland is in the top ten countries with the most German speakers.

On the other hand:

  • The most common housing is in small flats
  • Many Poles complain that new clothes are more expensive than in Germany.
  • Also petrol and other transport-related costs
  • Slow and inefficient bureaucracy. Getting a residence permit could be a nightmare if you don't know how to do it!
Moving to Poland as a pensioner

Poland is the perfect country for retirees on a pension because the cost of living is very affordable and the quality of life is excellent. Of all the Polish cities, choose Warsaw for modern city living with an urban flair in a countryside setting. Krakow is another exciting city for expats, with some of the best museums and socio-cultural programmes in the world.

Advices to move to Poland

Before you move in, keep an eye on the property market. Whether you are buying a house or renting, it is best to start looking several months in advance. And watch out for the description! A 2-bedroom flat is not a 2-bedroom flat, it refers to a bedroom and a living room. It is best to sign a preliminary agreement in which all the details are worked out, such as the duration of the lease, the tenant's duties and other important details. According to Polish law, a lease signed for a definite period of time cannot be terminated earlier. Some landlords allow their tenants to terminate the lease earlier, but be sure to ask about this before signing the agreement.

Once you are a resident you can open a bank account very easily. All you need is an identity card, proof of address and a telephone number.

It would be very useful to check out the social media groups of German expats in Poland. They are usually very active and friendly, solve questions and make plans together.

Healthcare in two countries: what is the contrast

In both countries the predominant source of financing is through social insurance contributions, although in Germany there is a co-payment for hospital care.

Another difference is that in Poland outpatient care is organised in outpatient clinics of hospitals or specialised centres, whereas in Germany it is organised through private clinics.

Health insurance in the Poland

In Poland, the public health service is guaranteed for all residents, even unemployed people are included in the health system and can receive medical treatment. If you are an EU citizen, don't forget to apply for a European Health Insurance Card before you move.

There are also many private doctors and hospitals in Poland that guarantee good treatment. In fact, large companies often offer employees private health insurance as a benefit.

Tax implications: different between Germany and Poland

Taxes in Poland are somewhat high, representing more than 30% of GDP. VAT for example is 23% and, unlike in other European countries where it is added at the end, in Poland it is already included in the price. This means that the price you see on the label is the price you pay at the end of the purchase.

Nuances of moving to Poland: car re-registration

One of the biggest advantages of registering your car in Poland is that it can be done online! Through the "citizen services" on the Polish government website you only need to attach a proof of ownership. Also, if you have a German driving licence, you will be able to use it in Poland.

Ready for your move to Poland

Settling in Poland is always a good idea if you want to enjoy the friendliness of its people and the diversity of its places, beautiful mountains, forests and lakes, but also great beaches in the North.

The fact that it is such a cheap country allows you to live large at very low prices. Enjoy the best experiences in restaurants, museums, music festivals, sports competitions... the hustle and bustle won't stop!


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