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Things to know before moving from Germany to Turkey

Moving to a permanent residence or choosing a country for doing business are not easy tasks that require familiarity with the local way of life and the legal framework. Today, Turkey is very popular, both among expats and entrepreneurs.

The society of this country is actively moving from agrarian to industrial, progressing in all spheres of life, and due to friendly relations with many EU countries, the influx of immigrants is growing daily. 

Despite the economics-related problems that have arisen in the last years, Turkey is currently ranked 18th in terms of economic development in the world due to its strong economy with a GDP of about 819 billion dollars (2021 update). Also, the Turkish government seeks to improve performance and by 2023 take 10th place in the ranking of countries in the world.

Such prospects are possible, including due to the immigration flow of foreigners who are looking for safe countries to live and build a business. At the same time, the government provides all the opportunities to attract investors to its state, including tax incentives in the Turkish FEZ, a stable banking sector, and much more.

Differences between living in Germany vs Turkey

Living in Turkey offers a wide range of alternatives for expats, mainly due to the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Expats moving from Germany to Turkey can enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle while relaxing on sun-drenched beaches or exploring colorful ancient cities with Middle Eastern markets. Life in Turkey.

For both young and experienced expats, relocate to Turkey is an amazing experience. However, many immigrants should be aware of the difficulties of adjusting to life in Turkey as it is a country with significant cultural differences.

No matter what stage of life you are in, or whether you are moving to Turkey as a potential retirement destination, a digital nomad hub, or as a new home base, this complete guide will help you understand the potential benefits of living in Turkey, the level of healthcare, tax system, the best places for most expats to live, and the way you can calculate a reasonable cost of living there. 

Peoples: Germany vs Turkey

Friendly, open people are another plus of life in Turkey. They show care and respect for elders, respect family values. Turks are open and always try to help. They are tolerant towards people of other nationalities. About 15 million people live in the same Istanbul, among them people of different nationalities, races, religions. Turkey is in the top 30 most hospitable countries, ranking 26th out of 199 states. Such a diverse society obliges to get along with each other and create a multicultural environment.

Cost of living in Turkey compared to Germany

Before moving to Turkey, expats should collect data about the cost of living there. If we talk about the cities of the state, Ankara and Istanbul remain the most expensive. The most accessible are Bursa and Adana.

On average, a family of two in Turkey should expect a minimum budget of 20.000 – 25.000 liras, which is 1000-1500 euros per month. 

EU Citizen: How difficult is it to move to Turkey

As of today, all EU citizens, except for Cypriots and Latvians, do not need to obtain a tourist visa to enter Turkey. In other words, EU residents are allowed to enter Turkey by showing an identity card - not necessarily a passport - and be able to stay there for 90 days every 180 days.

Moving to Turkey: Pros and Cons

Pros of living in Turkey:

  • The acquisition of real estate allows you to obtain a residence permit. After a certain time, you can still apply for citizenship.
  • Life in Turkey with the right approach is quite cheap. In addition, the level of living in many apartments pleases with amazing comfort.
  • A pleasant climate and a large number of sunny days mean that many people can enjoy clean air, sun and sea. 
  • Turks have access to quality food, fresh vegetables and fruits. Turkish cuisine is famous for its wide variety of dishes.
  • Good ecology.

Cons of living in Turkey:

  • Difficulties in finding employment in a formal job. Foreigners should understand that it is not so easy to find a job in Turkey.
  • The language barrier. It is not so easy to master the Turkish language well, so you need to be prepared for possible problems.
  • In 2022, the threshold for the cost of housing has increased, including under the residence permit program (from $50,000) and citizenship (from $450,000).
Healthcare in Germany and Turkey: The contrast

The level of medical care in the Turkish state is similar to the European one in terms of quality and level. In 2022, treatment prices are lower than in other developed countries in Europe, which is reflected in the widespread popularity of medical tourism.

You can undergo an examination and receive treatment under insurance, the cost of which is determined by the list of services and the level of service. Also, private medicine is actively developed in the country, where the client will be met in a cozy atmosphere and will be provided with a full range of services at the highest level.

In Turkey, the patient has the right to choose which doctor to contact or call an ambulance. The system of pharmacies is also developed in the southern state, and pharmacists are empowered not only to sell drugs, but also to write prescriptions.

Moving to Turkey for work

It will be difficult for migrants to find work, especially if you do not know Turkish, as priority is given to local residents.

At the same time, a residence permit in Turkey does not give the right to official work. Someone works unofficially, someone is looking for companies that can provide employment.

Although if you work in the field of tourism, beauty and real estate sales, then there are more chances of finding a job. You can apply for a work visa. Here are some job search sites:

For those who work online, it is not at all a problem to combine life in a comfortable and warm country with making money.

Tax system: Difference between Germany and Turkey

Tax rates in Turkey do not depend on the country of tax residence of individuals and companies. Individuals pay income tax on a progressive scale - from 15 to 40%. Companies pay corporate tax at a flat rate of 23%.

Why move to Turkey?

Living in Turkey means being surrounded by many natural beauties and unique places. This is a cultural center, where everything is different from EU countries, people, traditions, weather, atmosphere, mentality of people, food. So, if you need a fresh Middle Eastern breath of air, don’t cancel your relocation to Turkey.

Quality of life in Turkey

Turkey is not only a country of traditions. Infrastructure is actively developing in many resort towns. There are industrial areas and agricultural complexes. Medicine in the Republic is recognized as one of the most advanced. In megacities, there are modern universities, which give the latest knowledge of popular areas.

Moving to Turkey as a pensioner

While there does not seem to be a retirement visa in Turkey, foreigners who stay in Turkey for up to two years can use the short term "e-Ikamet" residence permit, which can be extended. This Turkish residence permit can be used as a retirement visa by foreigners who intend to settle in Turkey for a long period of time. When the residence permit expires after eight years, foreigners can apply for permanent residence and retirement in Turkey.

Although you must provide proof of sufficient income to support yourself, the income requirements for a residence permit are the same as the minimum wage in Turkey. As of 2022, Turkey's gross minimum is around 5,000 liras per month, which is equivalent to about $250 at current exchange rates. There are no restrictions on starting a business or even buying government bonds or real estate.

You can start the process of applying for a retirement visa on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs. To complete the clearance process and pay the visa fees, you will need to make an appointment with your local provincial immigration office (DGMM).

Nuances of moving to Turkey: car re-registration

Foreigners must obtain a residence permit in order to apply for their car permanent import and registration, which means you must first set aside a large down payment at the bank while you go through the process. To re-register a vehicle, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Passport and visa
  • Residence permit and work permit 
  • Bank deposit confirmation
  • Name and registration 
  • Driver's license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Entry carnet
Advice to expats

Life in Turkey is not only about the opportunity to see the sea more often and get sunbathing. The resort country attracts the attention of investors and businessmen, job seekers in tourism and medicine. 

As in any foreign country, the first stage of emigrants in Turkey is adaptation. Its development depends on the choice of area of residence or the ability to communicate with the German-speaking population, the presence of relatives. Try to discover Turkish culture, learn the language – Turks will definitely evaluate it.

Are you ready to move to Turkey?

If you think you're ready to move to Turkey, here's a nice reminder to find a good moving company to take care of your belongings during your relocation from Turkey to Germany or from Germany to Turkey. Moovick is one of the experienced companies in the EU that will help you safely move your belongings to your new address. The company provides high quality relocation services to both individuals and families in Europe.


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