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Things to Know Before Moving to Estonia

Estonia is home to high mountains and extremely cold weather. Experts claim the country was formed as a result of glacial activities, considering the 1500 mountains in its boundaries. Not only are the mountains an attraction, but the country's digital landscape is attractive too.

Moreover, there is a challenge with moving to Estonia - The language barrier. Estonian, their local language, is complex and difficult to learn. Even people from nearby countries struggle to communicate. And for visitors, it's a problem because it makes it hard to communicate with the locals properly.

Before we get carried away by the charms of the Estonia "shrine," we must quickly survey the corridors of the country — an aspect travelers are more interested in. In this guide, we'll discuss things to know before you move to Estonia and how to move to Estonia.

Peoples: Germany vs. Estonia

Estonian culture is a blend of previously interacted cultures, and it is characterized by a unique language, folk traditions, and a strong sense of national identity. 

Estonians have a nudge for the natural environment, and they reflect it in their outdoor aesthetics. For example, you can find tinctures of nature's colorfulness in their hiking, fishing, and camping activities. 

On the other hand, Germans are indifferent to nature's wonders but are more tilted towards music and literature. Little wonder it is home to most of the world's famous museums and galleries.

The Cost of Living in Berlin Compared to Estonia

The cost of living in Berlin is higher than the cost of living in Estonia. The cost of living in Berlin is 10% higher than it is in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. More specifically, the rent, groceries, and transportation are 50%, 20%, and 30% higher in Berlin than in Tallinn respectively.

We must mention that a major factor that affects the cost of living in Estonia is rent. For instance, you'll pay less if you stay in a smaller apartment than when you stay in a larger apartment. 


Category  Estonia Germany
Housing (Monthly Rent €545.21 €827.75
Meal pee Restaurant  €10.00 €12.00
Transportation (Monthly) €30.00 €60.00
Fitness/Gym (Monthly) €45.30 €38.89
Entertainment (Cinema) €9.00 €12.00
Salary €1417.02 €2777.41
Utilities (Monthly) €234.49 €272.78
Internet (Monthly) €25.24 €43.24
How Difficult Is It For an EU Citizen to Move to Estonia

Moving to Tallinn, Estonia, is a straightforward process for EU citizens. It includes the fact that EU citizens do not require a special residence or work visa to Estonia- relatively the same as all EU states. However, there is a need to register your presence in Estonia, and the registration process is straightforward:

  • Submit proof of accommodation or a letter of consent of property.
  • Submit a bank statement to prove you can support yourself in Estonia.
  • Present a valid health insurance or buy one in Estonia.
Pros and cons of Moving to Estonia


  • Relatively low cost of living in Estonia as compared to other EU states
  • It is the most digitally advanced country in the world.
  • Estonia has a stronger economy and a more dynamic society.
  • The crime rate is low, and the streets are safe for biking and walking.


  • Estonia has a cold climate and may not be suitable for people who dislike extreme weather conditions.
  • Less diversity and fewer opportunities. 
  • Language is tough to understand, which makes it difficult for the visitors to blend in.
  • Limited job opportunities, and worse for people who don't speak their native language. 
Estonia Health Insurance

Estonia's health insurance system is managed by the Estonia Health Insurance Funds (EHIF), and it is based on a social insurance model. It means that it receives its funds from contributions from employers and employees. Plus, the health insurance system doesn't discriminate as most people who live in the country enjoy the health insurance scheme. 

Moving to Estonia to Study

Estonia Universities are recognized for their commitment to innovation and academic rigor. Plus, they have a great entrepreneurial spirit.

The Estonian government has made its stance supporting its education system by actively providing modern facilities, top-notch facilities, and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology in its study. Of course, you'd expect that, seeing that Estonia is a highly digitalized country.

The life of a student in Estonia is a blend of tedious lifestyle and urban excitement. For example, you can find trendy cafes, thriving startup scenes, and cultural attractions in major cities like Tallinn. Do you still want to relocate to Estonia for study? Don't kill that idea.

Moving to Estonia for Work

Estonian's economy is attractive, particularly in technology, and offers lots of tech roles to students and members of the working class alike. It is not difficult to see why the number of people trooping into the country from Russia and Latvia has increased - it is expected to happen. And Estonia makes its visa application straightforward.

As regards working in Estonia, you don't need a worker's permit specifically from Estonia if you're from an EU state. Plus, you may not need to worry much about public transport and health care in the country as a worker because you're covered by the country's government.

Tax Implication: Difference Between Estonia and Germany

Why move to Estonia? The tax system in Estonia is relatively more modest for businesses and individuals than it is for Germany. The corporate tax rate in Estonia is 20% as compared to the 30% tax rate in Germany. However, we strongly advise that you consult a tax advisor for specific advice due to the complex tax rules and regulations in Estonia. The bottom line, however, is the tax difference between Estonia and Germany is enough "why" to move to Estonia. 

Quality of Life in Estonia

Estonia consistently ranks among the top countries in the world for quality of life. According to the 2023 OECD Better Life Index, Estonia ranks 12th overall, outperforming the OECD average in education, environmental quality, safety, and social connections. Estonia is an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family. The country offers a high quality of life in a safe and welcoming environment. Do you want a visa to Estonia? Yes, you can - if you are not in the EU state.

Why Move to Estonia from Germany or Vice versa?

The low cost of living in Estonia is the reason people move from Germany to Estonia, particularly in Tartu and Tallinn. Of course, this cost of living is attributed to the extensive transportation system in the country and the free yet effective educational system.

Moving to Estonia as a Retiree

Estonia is the perfect place for retirees who wish to retire in an advanced environment. Retirees from Russia, Latvia, and other parts of the world can retire in Estonia without worries about a bad health care system. 

Advice to Move to Estonia (Briefly)

  • Understand the culture, language, and cost of living.
  • Focus on accommodation, especially in major cities.
  • Arrange transportation: Consider owning a car for rural exploration.
  • Ensure that you register your residency and have the necessary documents. 
  • Join local communities and attend social gatherings to engage expats.

Is Moving to Estonia a Good Idea?

Asking, "Can I move to Estonia?" It is a good idea to move to Estonia. Estonia has one of the most bearable costs of living, and you can live comfortably in the country without living tricks. Its quality of life as a country is high compared to the cost of living — for retirees, you might want to take on the next flight.

Ready for Your Move to Estonia?

There you have it — how to immigrate to Estonia and things to consider when moving to Estonia. We've highlighted factors like quality of life, education, and health in Estonia to help you make the best decisions. But most importantly, we strongly advise that you choose a reliable moving service to make your move to Estonia seamless.

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