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Things to know before moving to Spain

Rich culture, gastronomy, landscapes, weather, friendly people, high quality of life... for these and other reasons living in Spain is a good idea. At least for 143,000 Germans currently living there. Balearic Islands, Andalusia, Barcelona and Canary Islands are the preferred cities. But Iberian Peninsula is so diverse that you will find the right city for you.

Read on for frequently asked questions and tips for moving to Spain.

Why move to Spain?

We want to show you how to move to Spain and enjoying life as expat in one of the world's top tourist destinations. Did you know 12 million Germans visit this country on holidays? Spain has "something" that invites stay. That's why German population residing in Iberian country is the second-largest foreign population in Europe, with an increase in residents of 2.5% last year.

Quality of life in Spain

What makes these two countries so different? Firstly, climate. Spanish city of Alicante has the most sunshine hours in Europe. It averages 10 hours of sunshine a day, far more than the 4.5 hours enjoyed in Germany. Although south of the country is very different from north in terms of weather, Spain generally enjoys an average temperature 10°C higher than Germany.

Difference between living in Germany vs Spain

Only this aspect creates some cultural differences that shape everyday life differently. In Germany the day starts earlier and is shorter, in Spain the day flows slow and lasts into the evening. There are also more outdoor sports activities, and it’s very common to treat oneself to long meals on the terraces of restaurants, whereas in Germany, because the days without rain are not as safe, more leisure plans are made indoors.

And what about the food! It's not that in Germany you only eat sausages, but diet is not nearly as varied as Mediterranean. In terms of gastronomy, Spain offers a lot of variety, high quality and affordable prices. In any restaurant you will easily find a good "tapa" of local meals with fresh products, which is more difficult find in Germany.

Peoples: Germany vs Spain

Weather also affects personality. In Germany people tend to be colder, rougher, like their language. Spaniards are cheerful and welcoming. Spanish language sounds softer, while German sounds harder. In addition, Spaniards show their closeness with effusive body language. Did you know that Spanish is the second most learned language in Germany? 

Move to Spain: pros and cons

Now that we have outlined all the positive aspects of moving to Spain, we also have to warn that the main negative aspect of living in Southern Europe. If you're considering moving furniture and relocate to Spain, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Firstly, Spain is a low-cost destination for Germans, but the country has fewer job opportunities, lower productivity, and poorer work-life balance.
  2. Secondly, if you want to take your car to Spain, you'll need to deregister it for export and then re-register it at the General Traffic Direction (DGT), which can be long.
  3. And finally, as a German moving to Spain as an EU citizen, you don't need a visa to move to Spain, but after three months you must register as an official resident in the nearest foreigners' bureau.

Cost of living in Spain compared Germany

Iberian country is a low-cost destination for Germans. Moreover, at low prices, there is a high quality of life in Spain.

For example, a cup of coffee in Berlin cost €3.55, while in Madrid you have this drink for €2.76. Visit Städel Museum costs €16, a ticket for Guggenheim Museum costs €13. Price of a house in Múnich is 32% more expensive than in Barcelona, as is transport. While it is true that wages are much lower in Spain, so is the cost of living. Removals to Germany from Spain and from Berlin to Barcelona can be affordable idea because of the lower cost of living in Spain.

Tax implications

Tax structures differ somewhat, but in both countries taxes are high. In Spain is better in terms of income from work, capital and business profits. Germany, on the other hand, has better taxation in wealth, house purchase and VAT.

If you spend more than 183 days a year in Spain you become a tax resident and that means you will pay between 19% - 43% income tax and 19% - 23% capital gains. Check the Beckham Law.

Healthcare in two countries: what is the contrast

German and Spanish healthcare systems are totally different. In Spain doctors are public employees, there isn’t freedom of choice as patients must go to their general doctor who refers to the corresponding specialist, and waiting lists for operations are long. 

Health insurance in Spain

Spanish healthcare is universal and free, so whether you are a foreigner or a resident, you can go to a hospital if you have a health problem. This means that you don’t need a health card or be registered in Spain to benefit from this service.

Car re-registration

Want to take your car to Spain? Before transferring it, you must deregister it for export. Then you will have to start the re-registration process at the General Traffic Direction (DGT), for which you will be required to prove ownership of vehicle, pass a technical inspection, pay the corresponding taxes and the registration fee, which is €27.85 for motorbikes and €99.77 for other vehicles. 

The re-registration process can take a long time, so we recommend apply for a temporary registration card of your vehicle so that you can drive freely.

EU citizens: How hard is it to move to Spain?

As a German, for moving to Spain as an EU citizen you don’t need a visa to move to Spain. With your national identity card you have permission to reside for up to three months. After this time, you must register as an official resident in the closer foreigners' bureau.

It's very simple! And if you live more than five consecutive years, you will be entitled to permanent residence.

Moving to Spain as a pensioner

If you're a pensioner thinking about moving to Spain from Germany, it's important to know that the Spanish government will require certain documents for you to register as a resident. These documents may include a health certificate and proof of income to support you. It's a good idea to research the specific requirements for your situation and make sure you have all necessary documents before making the move.

Moving to Spain for work

A country to enjoy and to work in! In addition to the idyllic retirement, Spain has become a fashionable destination for nomadic workers, with many incentives for self-employment and remote working.

As requirements to move to Spain permanently you will have to present a work certificate and pay the corresponding taxes. On this point it is interesting to consult the Special Regime for workers posted to Spanish territory or Beckham Law.

Advices to move to Spain

Only a few steps separate you from your new life. Prepare your documents and think about where you would most like to live, keeping in mind the differences between each city. Do you want to live near the beach or a mountain place? Do you prefer to be close to other expats or immerse yourself in the culture of a traditional Spanish village? It might be a good idea to rent or share a flat while you make up your mind, before buying a property. What is clear, just pack your things and at Moovick will find the cheapest way to move your furniture to Spain.

Ready for your move to Spain?

Spain is a favorite destination country for those who want to enjoy beautiful landscapes, outdoor sports, gourmet food experiences, art, sun and beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan cities… In short, enjoy the good life!


If you are planning on shipping furniture to Spain, you may need to consider hiring moving company to Spain or removals to Germany from Spain. The cost of moving to Spain varies depending on the type and amount of items being transported, as well as the distance and mode of transport. We do not have fixed prices, so our movers can offer the most reasonable moving cost, or you can specify how much you are willing to pay for the service.



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